Big loot! Komugi, Moetan, Strike Witches, Baccano! and more!Big loot! Komugi, Moetan, Strike Witches, Baccano! and more!Loot

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Hello MFC! It is time for another big group order! This time it's mostly my own goods, but the order was sparked by a discussion I had with a local anime forum member. We got talking about manga book covers and how they seem like nice items when you tend to take your manga with you in public transport or other traveling. A proxy I know pointed us to some good items and we checked them out together. I ended up buying one and he ended up buying five. And well, once you got an order going and have to ship something from Japan, why not go on a shopping spree for yourself and add more to it, huh? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This loot was received in the before times, in September 2019. As it's a very varied loot, not everything might be up to everyone's tastes so the below chart can make it easy for you to skip to the subject you want by ctrl+f'ing. To be sure I marked the whole blog NSFW as there is ecchi material (dakimakura and figures with some nude) and the full nude is in spoilers.

This package included:
- Book covers
- Busou Shinki
- Strike Witches
- Baccano!
- Moetan
- Nurse Witch Komugi

The Box


A pretty big box this time! The name DeAgostini sounded familiar so I googled it and they are a subscription-based model kit publisher www.deagostini.... . Hrmm, it looks very familiar, I think I saw TV commercials for this at some point?


And the first sneak peek at the items that will be in this loot!

Book covers


The first book cover was from Rackam ITEM #851814 from Granblue Fantasy. I only know about this character because of a certain doujinshi *cough* ITEM #612501 *cough*

It is made of very high quality fabric! According to the website description it is also water resistant!

I was very surprised at it looking...kinda small in comparison to the promised size on the website...but more on that later.


The next book cover is from the same manufacturer and uses the same material. It has Nayuki Tooru from High School Star Musical ITEM #851951 on it.


This brightly colored cover shows Yogi from Karneval ITEM #180148 . This one is a vinyl type.


Next up is a plastic type one from Jojo ITEM #851816 and comes with two additional bookmarks ITEM #851817 & ITEM #851819 .


This one is made of a softer fabric and from Tachibanakan To Lie Angle ITEM #851941 . I actually had never heard of this franchise before, but seems like it is a pretty graphic yuri anime?


The last one I ordered for myself, I actually wanted the Rackam one, but as I wasn't the one with first pick, I went for one having the same high quality looking fabric. It has Maki Honoka from Kiznaiver ITEM #450318 on it. This series has been on my "I want to watch" list for a while.


Opening it up, I could see that the fabric quality and stiching was indeed very nice! I did unfortunately...directly see that it would not fit any of my English language manga.



Not even sideways, LOL. I expected a risk of this considering the mentioned sizes, but as I previously had seen quite a lot of stretchy book covers as well, I wanted to try... View spoilerHide spoilerPssh and it doesn't even fit my omnibus either!


I'm joking of course.

Currently I can't reach every part of my collection yet until later in summer, then I want to try it out with some Japanese language manga I have, because to be honest...it looks even small for Japanese releases!


The cover itself looks great, though! So I hope to really find an use for it. Otherwise I guess I'll put it up for sale.

Busou Shinki

I'm always on the lookout for cool items with Shimada Humikane's ENTRY #21456 art. So when I saw this microfiber towel with Strarf ITEM #852107 for cheap, I picked it up!


And I was not ready for this items' size!!! 40cm x 60cm!!! I thought this was going to be a small handtowel to carry in your purse!

I'm not sure yet what I am going to do with it, but maybe I can find a nice spot for it on my wall, the print looks fantastic on this fabric!

Strike Witches


When you went to the Strike Witches Movie in Japan, there were bonus items to be received together with your movie ticket. I am not certain if you needed to buy 5 tickets for 5 straps or that 1 big ticket (with maybe additional pay looking at the release price?) was enough, but anyway I managed to find a secondhand 'A' set with the ticket(s) still attached!


The quality of the straps is very nice! From left to right, these straps in the database:
Miyafuji Yoshika: ITEM #101039
Lynette Bishop: ITEM #101040
Perrine H Clostermann: ITEM #101041
Sanya V Litvyak: ITEM #101042
Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen: ITEM #101043

When I bought this set, I thought I was very lucky as I also found the 'B' set for sale! But when I opened my package...


...there was a second 'A' set instead!! I rushed back to my order confirmation e-mail and...I accidentally bought two different listings from 'A' that I had saved (one with ticket and one without ticket) instead of buyig the 'B' set...*sigh* I guess once I'm able to do sales again, I'll put these doubles up for sale and can hopefully find a 'B' set for sale one day again...


And now for a figure set I've had on my wishlist for a while, but somehow never crossed my path: Phat Company's Sanya ITEM #99259 and Eila ITEM #99260 ! This one was discounted because of the damaged box.


The art style is so cute! I want to review these once I'm able to unbox them!


As I have only one half-pillow (this one from Sanya ITEM #42774 ), I've been wanting a second one for a while so I have a cover while the other is in the laundry~


This pillow ITEM #105989 is another one from Sanya, but it shows her in a very different state than my previous one!


The print and fabric quality is very good! Especially because it is 'just' a magazine bonus.


The more NSFW backside.


As I was on a pillow-cover-research/shopping-spree anyway...I couldn't help myself to also get this fullbody ITEM #37342 from Sanya!


I thought this information card looked a bit weird and low quality, I wonder if it's a reprint of the original card it was supposed to come with it? I bought it with 25% off from Suruga-Ya and the description was quite lacking. It's near impossible to get bootlegs from Suruga-Ya and the item itself also has all the right copyright markings, material etc., but still this feels a bit strange.




Such a pretty and calm face~


Of course there is also a Baccano! item in there, you must know me by now!


The item this time was one I never saw for sale before and was very stoked to have gotten! It's a DVD Storage Case ITEM #852105 that you could get from Aniplex if you send them proof of purchase of volume 5-8 of the DVD's. I actually had no idea this kind of item was made and I assume there must also be one out there for volume 1-4.



The artwork on all sides in printed in very high quality and I love how it overlaps on all sides. As with a lot of Baccano! artwork it's amazing how it includes so much characters!



I have been interested in anime themed telephone cards for a while now, but never picked one up. When I saw this one from Moetan ITEM #852118 with an artwork I never saw before...well, it was time!

Suruga-Ya put it in a thin CD cover for extra protection.


After opening the CD case...I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed. The print was not as high quality as I hoped and the card itself was of a 'floppy' material. Where I grew up telephone cards were from hard plastic and felt similar to a credit card. So I was expecting the same for this item.


What I did find interesting to read is that instead of working with a chip, apparently these cards have units and a hole gets punched, showing you the remainder of units.

Also, when I looked up the JAN code, it seems like the same JAN code is used for every card with 50 units, so it's not an unique code to the Moetan card.

I guess instead of getting excited, this purchase rather steered me away from buying other telephone cards, unless I find really cheap ones with unique artwork (I did see some interesting ones from Strike Witches come by every now and then).


Next up was an Ink scaled figure I actually surprised myself a bit with that I did not pick it up anytime sooner! It's her scaled offering from Kotobukiya!


She shows her age, but still looks very cute! I want to write a full review of her another time.

Nurse Witch Komugi


I managed to snag some special Komugi items this time and the first one up is this very cute Pencil Board ITEM #789307 , an older release from The SoulTaker. I never saw this item for sale before, so I picked it up without much thought!


The backside is very cute as well, I don't think I ever saw this artwork before.

And now for the main 'WOW WHAT IS HAPPENING?!'-part from this loot! Apparently a big Komugi collector decided to put 5 unpainted Griffon Garage Kits from her up for sale! I couldn't believe it when I saw such a bulk added at once and tried my best to get them all. I ended up obtaining 4, the one I missed out on (and will maybe see one day again) was her Ribbon Nurse Ver. ITEM #8267 . Considering there is also a prepainted one of that figure out there, I'm sure I'll cross paths with this figure again!

Now the ones I did get...!


Casual version: ITEM #5892
Neko Costume version: ITEM #5261
Nurse version: ITEM #8242
Rabbit seal version: ITEM #561830

Looking at this picture...I can't even believe I managed to get all of these! And in one purchase! Especially the Nurse version outfit was one I never thought I would own...am I still dreaming?


First up! Unboxing the Rabbit seal version ITEM #561830 ! Sculpted by Ippach ENTRY #10700 , who is mostly known for his prepainted figure of Komugi's rival: Koyori ITEM #5890 .


There was some glue-damage on the side of the box, maybe a previous price sticker?



I was surprised to find a numbered card inside! Seems like I got #138, but I have no clue how much of these were made. I guess more than from your average Garage Kit circle, as this one was produced by a larger scale manufacturer.


The set comes with two high quality pictures of the finished kit and with a decal sheet. Oof, using band-aids instead of those rabbits is very tempting as well, but I also like the idea of giving her a couple of random band-aids on her body too! Of course she needs at least one on her knee.

The next couple of pictures are very NSFW as they show her fully nude, so I have put them in spoiler: View spoilerHide spoiler


That is a manageable amount of parts compared to some other kits I have seen and build!


Cast looks very good, barely any leftovers!


She is pretty big!

And only at this point it hit me how nude this figure is and it got me thinking I might also rather cover her up a bit more before displaying. I couldn't really make a choice myself, so I put some options at the poll below! Feel free to also add your own ideas!


Her face is very cute as well, such big eyes!


Next up, the Neko Costume version ITEM #5261 , also sculpted by Ippach!



Wow, I got #16 this time!!!


Ooh, I love the photography on these attached pictures, especially the second one!

The figure comes with 4 tiny band-aid decals, it seems like only one of them is actually needed on the kit (on her left knee), so I think there are 3 extra. There is also a metal rod to shape for her necklace.


These tiny band-aids will be very hard to cut!



Most of the pictures of this kit turned out blurry, sorry for that! I will have better pictures later when I get to working on this kit!


I was surprised at how revealing this kit actually was! I did not realize her shirt was riding up so much from the main picture!


Very cute~


Next up, the most innocent of the bunch: the Casual version ITEM #5892 ! The sculptor is Kohata Takahiro ENTRY #9625 , who is also the sculptor of the Ribbon Nurse version I missed out on.



When I opened up the box, there was a fancy-looking mystery envelope inside! I was so excited, what could it be?


A crumpled flyer of a rhythm game...?


Oh! It seems like a note from the seller or previous owner? It is basically a 'thank you for your purchase!' text. It feels so random for this to be in such a fancy envelope. I'm going to keep it together with the box. I know that in multiple years time I will have forgotten about this and I'll get surprised again!


Two pretty pictures and a wire for her necklace were included, this kit was missing the Griffon card with numbering though.

The decals are two mugi texts with wings and 8 hearts. Actually...I have no clue where these should go? I guess the Mugi text with the two wings would be cute on her back, on the place where her wings normally would be in her magical girl version.


Oh! Now I see where the hearts should go! On the sides of her shoes. And the mugi text and wings are apparenly for on her sweater collar. I would think the decals are too big for the size of the collar, but let's see.



And now for the kit...she is huge! She will definitely tower over the other Komugi GK's, even though all of them are supposed to be 1/7's!


Such a big smile!


And now for the last one in this set, the kit I was looking forward to most: The Nurse version ITEM #8242 , sculpted by Ushiwo Satoshi ENTRY #13610 .

I really love love love the outfit design on this one!



This time I got #85! And I guess they made a mistake by accidentally using a low resolution image of this kit for the card.


Such a pretty design and pose...sorry for the camera failure


...and oh my, does this look intimidating!!!



Uh, this is definitely the last one of the 4 I'm going to tackle!

What a super cool and extensive design, though! I can't imagine being so good at sculpting to create something like this~


She is big as well!


And this one's face is in a very different style from the other three.


The fuzzy bunny tail looked at first like some clump of leftover resin, haha!


I love how the details on her socks are super neatly sculpted! No doubt about it, this is definitely one of the coolest kits I've bought so far. I hope that one day my painting is good enough to do it justice!

The complete loot

In every picture I talk about the items from top to bottom, left to right.

Book covers:
ITEM #851951 High School Star Musical - Nayuki Tooru
ITEM #180148 Karneval - Nyanperona & Yogi
ITEM #450318 Kiznaiver - Maki Honoka
ITEM #851814 Granblue Fantasy The Animation - Rackam
ITEM #851941 Tachibanakan To Lie Angle - Fujiwara Konomi & Natsuno Hanabi & Takamura Iori
ITEM #851816 Diamond wa Kudakenai - Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - book cover
ITEM #851817 Diamond wa Kudakenai - Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - bonus bookmark "Post"
ITEM #851819 Diamond wa Kudakenai - Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - bonus bookmark Kira Yoshihiro

The lone Busou Shinki item:
ITEM #852107 Busou Shinki - Strarf - Microfiber Towel

Strike Witches:
ITEM #37342 Sanya V Litvyak - Dakimakura Cover
ITEM #105989 Sanya V Litvyak - Pillow Case
ITEM #99259 Sanya V Litvyak - SD figure by Phat Company
ITEM #99260 Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen - SD figure by Phat Company
ITEM #101039 2x Miyafuji Yoshika - Strap (AIC)
ITEM #101040 2x Lynette Bishop - Strap (AIC)
ITEM #101041 2x Perrine H Clostermann - Strap (AIC)
ITEM #101042 2x Sanya V Litvyak - Strap (AIC)
ITEM #101043 2x Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen - Strap (AIC)

Loose Baccano! item:
ITEM #852105 Baccano! DVD Storage Case (Aniplex)

ITEM #852118 Nijihara Ink & Ah-kun Telephone Card
ITEM #738 Nijihara Ink 1/8 figure - TV Color Ver. made by Kotobukiya

Nurse Witch Komugi:
ITEM #789307 The SoulTaker - Nakahara Komugi - Pencil Board
ITEM #5892 Nakahara Komugi - 1/7 Casual outfit garage kit by Griffon Enterprises
ITEM #5261 Nakahara Komugi - 1/7 Neko Costume ver. garage kit by Griffon Enterprises
ITEM #8242 Nakahara Komugi - 1/7 - Nurse Ver. garage kit by Griffon Enterprises
ITEM #561830 Nakahara Komugi - 1/7 - Rabbit seal ver. garage kit by Griffon Enterprises

I hope you enjoyed this loot blog, and as promised, for every new blog, I will fix an earlier one. I decided to fix up an earlier big loot blog!
Random buys and gifts loot! December 2018 - January 2019: BLOG #42278

All pictures in higher resolution are uploaded here: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this blog!

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See you at my next blog, which will probably be another one of my backlogged GK progress works!
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What should I do with my Rabbit seal ver. Komugi Garage Kit?

39%Keep her as the original design
11%Make an additional bikini top that also falls off
4%Make a bikini bottom that fits, keep top nude
0%Make a bikini bottom that fits, have a top that falls off
11%Make a full bikini that fits
4%Make a t-shirt, keep bikini bottom that falls off
0%Make a t-shirt, have fitting bikini bottom
4%Make a t-shirt and shorts
7%Make an airy sundress and have her nopan
11%Make an airy sundress and keep the bikini bottom
4%Make a towel that covers her shouldes (or can be put separately on the base)
7%Make a full micro bikini that fits
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darkfader3 måneder siden#79321617Nice haul again!
I also got those Sanya covers. Kawaii!

Thank you!

And ooh! Do you have some more recommendations for half pillows? It's very hard for me to find them if I don't know the specific one I want!
3 måneder siden
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
Nice haul again!
I also got those Sanya covers. Kawaii!
3 måneder siden
solluxcaptor3 måneder siden#79319568Amazing, especially that Nurse Witch Komugi haul! I always wanted some figure from that series, so elusive...

Especially in the last ~3 years I've seen a lot of Komugi merchandise skyrocket in price!

Your cheapest/easiest find nowadays is trying to get any of these three: ITEM #13709 , ITEM #134511 or ITEM #5891 .
3 måneder siden
Amazing, especially that Nurse Witch Komugi haul! I always wanted some figure from that series, so elusive...
3 måneder siden
victorviper3 måneder siden#79267301That's quite a haul, and all those Komugi GK's will keep you busy for quite some time :).
ITEM #5261 is quite interesting, and it seems like it might be the easiest one to finish as well (the paint scheme seems relatively simple)?
ITEM #105989 caught my eye when you uploaded these photos the other day. Given how her expression and body language is very atypical for Sanya, I thought at first that had to be some sort of dojin goods, so I was surprised to see it was an official product by a big manufacturer.
It's too bad that ITEM #738 doesn't come with a flip phone, as the box art shows. That would be a perfect accessory for a mid-2000's figure :).

For sure! This has been my most expensive haul since...maybe ever? But I just knew that if I didn't grab onto those Komugi GK's I might never see them again!

Yeah I think either her Neko or Rabbit Seal will be the easiest to do first. As I'm still doing some other kits first, this gives me some more time to think.

Yes, she is very tempting there, isn't she? I agree on it being a bit out of character. I just really wanted a second half pillow (there aren't much out there!) and the price and quality is good. If I ever find a good third one, I might start using this one less.

Hehe, that would have been super cool! But something with so much small detail on an older figure...it might not have looked that great if it was included.

konakona713 måneder siden#79271539Nice haul and excellent taste all around -- those Komugi kits were quite the find!
I'm partial to keeping the original design on the Rabbit Seal Ver. Hope you'll share your progress as you build these.

Thank you! :) I still can't believe my luck with those Komugi kits!

And yes! I will share progress when I get to making these. :) I'm still having a bit doubts about what to do with the kit, seems like most votes are going to 'make her as she is supposed to be'. I just got another random thought, maybe make a miniature beach towel for her. I can have it as decoration on her base and if some visitors come over, cover it over her shoulders/breasts haha.

Toshki3 måneder siden#79273262Huh those book covers are interesting! I've never seen anime style ones before (I saw them while I was visiting Japan, some commuters used them on the train!) I don't quite get the purpose. The only reason I think to use them would be to hide a lewd book but plastering it with a Yuri character is an interesting way to go about it xD
The only English manga I have that matches Japanese size is called The Girl From the Other Side published by seven seas...

There are quite a lot out there! But most book covers seem to be in limited runs, so if you missed the original release, chances of finding it are quite small. That's why we just grabbed what was available instead of waiting to see which ones come up from franchises we like/know better.

My own reason for buying them is to protect the books I am reading better! I like it if the binding stays neater, no bend corners etc. Normally I have the book I read with me in a fabric bag hold in my regular bag. I was hoping that buying cover(s) would make it so that this is not needed anymore. At this point I'm thinking I might just have to make my own.

I can't check it myself right now, but I've got the feeling that the Japanese manga I own have too many pages/are too thick to even fit in these covers...let's see. :P
3 måneder siden
Huh those book covers are interesting! I've never seen anime style ones before (I saw them while I was visiting Japan, some commuters used them on the train!) I don't quite get the purpose. The only reason I think to use them would be to hide a lewd book but plastering it with a Yuri character is an interesting way to go about it xD

The only English manga I have that matches Japanese size is called The Girl From the Other Side published by seven seas...
3 måneder siden
Nice haul and excellent taste all around -- those Komugi kits were quite the find!
I'm partial to keeping the original design on the Rabbit Seal Ver. Hope you'll share your progress as you build these.
3 måneder siden
That's quite a haul, and all those Komugi GK's will keep you busy for quite some time :).

ITEM #5261 is quite interesting, and it seems like it might be the easiest one to finish as well (the paint scheme seems relatively simple)?

ITEM #105989 caught my eye when you uploaded these photos the other day. Given how her expression and body language is very atypical for Sanya, I thought at first that had to be some sort of dojin goods, so I was surprised to see it was an official product by a big manufacturer.

It's too bad that ITEM #738 doesn't come with a flip phone, as the box art shows. That would be a perfect accessory for a mid-2000's figure :).
3 måneder siden
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