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After quarantine happened, I suddenly had lots of time on my hands. Thus, started my plans of creating my first custom nendoroid. I wanted to start off with someone that I would absolutely love to have as a nendoroid to power me through getting it done and not drop it like I have done to many artworks in the past.

So I chose Violet from one of my top anime series: Violet Evergarden. I absolutely adore this show and I absolutely believe it deserves a nendoroid. But after a few years, the show getting a nendoroid looked slim. So I decided to make one. :)

After doing a ton of research and waiting for years the supplies finally got delivered. I drew up my blueprint.


I used the following nendoroid parts:

Body:ITEM #604580 (I wanted to use a simple body to building on top of)

Hair Piece:ITEM #166487 (I used Saber's hair piece because she looks a lot like Violet Evergarden)

Arms:ITEM #464729 (It was a mistake to choose his arms because it didn't fit properly to the body so I had to improvise with it lol)

Making of the nendoroid

It was nerve racking but I jumped right in, starting with the upper-half of the body. The arms didn't fit properly and if I did manage to jam it right in, it looks funny. So I had to angle the arms down a bit towards the body to make it look more natural. This was the result:


Then came the hair. I wanted to make it as accurate as possible so I shaved some parts of the hair off and took the bun on the back off. I must tell you, Goodsmile makes their nendoroids well, it was pretty stuck on there. I then use putty clay to mold the hair on the front and back to suit Violet more and here are the result:


Next was the dress. The most dreaded dress. I couldn't find any nendoroid with her dress that I could have used, so I had to make my own from scratch. I started to build the dress bit by bit by attaching the clay to the belly section of the cowgirl body. It was a long tedious process because I had to add parts bit by bit and sand it like no tomorrow after every part added to get a smooth finish. Here is a progress picture (she looked so funny):


After that all that was left is sanding, smoothing, and touch ups. I didn't want to stress to much on how smooth I can get her considering this is my first time doing this, so I held myself back from my perfectionist nature and just tried my best.

I finally got to paint her and this was the results:


Honestly, the result was pretty good and it held up on it's own. The process gave me many joys and sorrows and I have learned lots. I am definitely going to make more customs!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Edit: Thank you everyone for the amazing support! There will be more works to come!

Instagram for art: @nimetails
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Wow, really nicely done!!
29 dager siden
This is insane. I love it so much! It's so good!
2 måneder siden
Oh my god! She looks absolutely perfect! I'm very impressed!!! Excellent work!!
2 måneder siden
You did amazingly !! So clean, she looks like an official nendo !!
2 måneder siden
Oh my gosh, I absolutely love her! She looks so amazing. I wish I could do this too TvT You did an amazing job!!!
2 måneder siden
She looks incredible! ^^
2 måneder siden
LittlePisces2 måneder siden#79692322I never knew that! Thank you for sharing that interesting fact.

You might enjoy the interview with him (Evan Call) at atmafunomena.wo...
2 måneder siden
dtindcarea2 måneder siden#79692312Great job on the figure! I agree that she deserves a figure or two. In addition to the series being great, the soundtrack to that series is just amazing work by a young American composer. I never knew that! Thank you for sharing that interesting fact.

As to the OP, your custom is beautiful and I like the faceplate you've chosen, and the sculpted braids. The watercolor blueprint is pretty too!
2 måneder siden
Great job on the figure! I agree that she deserves a figure or two. In addition to the series being great, the soundtrack to that series is just amazing work by a young American composer.
2 måneder siden
OMG she's gorgeous!!! (✪‸✪)˚∘˚*・
2 måneder siden