Kommentarer July 2020: What got you into collecting Anime?

  • I had huge crush on Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening, bought ITEM #144366 and it all went downhill from there. Anime, Doujinshi, Eroge, and JRPGs were a big factor in my buying habits until recently.
    2 måneder siden
    I grew up watching Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Digimon, as well as Rurouni Kenshin on Toonami. I also started playing video games at a young age, so when I consciously got into anime when I was about 11 years old, I also discovered the wonderful world of otaku culture. I always loved the idea of figures but I didn't really have the means of financing a collection of them and other merchandise until high school. Even then, I usually spent what little money I had on video games.

    Eventually I decided I needed to get a figure and from that point on it was an obsession. There are so many different figures out there from badass mechs to sexy bishoujo figures that it's hard not to feel like you need more and more. This is, of course, on top of all the other merch that's out there, but figures are by far my favorite.
    2 måneder siden
    Disappointment of reality got me into anime lol. Pokemon / Yugioh was literally life back in the day (end 90s / early 2000s, both the games and shows), then along came Bleach and Freezing which got me into some of the more serious and ecchi anime stuff.
    2 måneder siden
    I grew up with so-called "mainstream Western anime" I guess (Pokemon, Yugioh, Naruto, Bleach, etc.) and a lot of my friends were really into manga at the time. So I think it's safe to say I always had an idea as to what anime was. To be completely honest though, I didn't care for anime until about the start of high school, but even then I only watched a few series and never bothered diving deeper until a while later. I actually even started to collect a few Gundam kits before anime figures, despite never watching the series or playing the games.

    It wasn't until one day I was visitng my home country overseas 3 years ago and stumbled upon ITEM #484572 in a store, that something clicked in me and I just had to buy it. Mind you, this was just a crappy open-box secondhand prize figure, but for some reason I wanted it. My parents were shocked. I think I was shocked as well. Never bought something like this before in my life, and never thought I would.

    Well, clearly, it has been a downwards spiral from there. I got my first scale from the same store shortly after ITEM #427732. At the time I had no idea what the difference was between prize and scale figures, so I just bought whatever interested me from series I was familiar with. This led to an excess of prize figures I'd rather do away with now, haha. But yeah, that's pretty much how I started collecting anime figures.
    2 måneder siden
    I started watching animes in 2006 when Kanon by Kyoto Animation was on air. I was getting interested in Visual novel before then and was very fond of Key’s titles (Among others), so I just couldn’t resist. After Kanon I continued to watch many other animes based on other visual novel games (There are plenty of those at that time) and eventually started to watch other animes too… In the mean time I started to be aware about figures and other stuff.

    But it was until 2009 when I started figure collecting. At that time my financial looked far much better than before. I was still in to games and animes and stuff, and got to knew many blogs and sites about games, animes and figures. (like Dannychoo.com, figure.fm and mfc). I learned a lot of stuff, especially from the blog posts about figures, desktop and workspace building. Those blogs and pictures lured me in to colleting figures and improving my own little corner in that small apartment.
    2 måneder siden
    I had discovered Touhou through the wild randomness of YouTube back in the day, which led to finding Touhou fangames, which led to someone's blog where they showed off their Touhou figures and a link to MFC. I thought Nendoroids were the cutest thing and that became my first figure.
    2 måneder siden
    It was discovering MFC that got me into collection. Prior to finding this site, I rarely had updates on what figures there were on the market. I only bought what I just happened to see at a convention or Amazon randomly. One I joined MFC, I learned about the main shops like AmiAmi, Hobby Search, Tokyo Otaku Mode, ect.

    And that is the story about the start of my wallet being terrorized by waifus.
    2 måneder siden
    I have silent hill, nier, devil may cry, legacy of kain, soul calibur, and megaten video game figs.
    the very first figure I bought was aigis from persona 3. in figma format.
    back in the day there weren't many persona figures. I wish we'd still live in that time.
    it's getting more than overwhelming. plus the fact that mainline smt has almost nothing infuriates me.
    I guess that means I got into figure collecting with video games?
    I was always looking for anime merch but there are exceptions of course.
    A lot of shows I loved back then and now still don't have anything, or just a few statues.
    2 måneder siden
    I think I can say that video games were what got me into collecting...but honestly? It was mostly because of going to Japan. Japan is one cool place and Akihabara is one hell of a figure-addiction drug... I wasn't even interested in the idea of collecting (and I don't think I knew much about the existence of this hobby back then) but walking into all of the hobby shops in Akihabara opened my eyes, and my wallet haha! I remember seeing ITEM #675649 in this shop near the hotel I was staying in and I didn't get him there but it was like he was haunting my dreams every night after that and I was filled with regret for not getting him... so I gave in and bought him at another shop in Japan, as my first figure. However, I didn't continue after that... Fast forward to a few months after, I suddenly stumbled upon the holy collection known as nendoroids and a local seller was selling ITEM #675865, who I really loved in Persona 5, so I knew that I had to get her and so here I am, broke but living the good life of collecting :) I rambled a lot oops but that's how my collection started! As for my collection, it's mostly video game characters but I do have some anime characters too!
    I might have to thank Japan or not? Haha for really fueling my interest in anime and video games and helping me start this awesome hobby! :D
    2 måneder siden
    I only really liked anime at the start of this year. During quarantine, I had more free time with no school and somehow, while surfing the internet or on social media, I came to know about Nendoroids. I don't really remember the first Nendoroid I saw (probably MHA Todoroki but I honestly don't know) but I really liked how it looked and I wanted to own one haha. I never really collected figures before as I used to like music a lot so I used to collect albums and merchandise. Until now, I still don't have any figure but I already pre-ordered the Zenitsu Nendoroid and I am really looking forward to it! I have spend quite an amount recently due to my boredom and love for anime merchandise. I really love acrylic stands and usually search for those. I wish to have a Nendoroid collection in the future of my favorite characters.

    Oh, and I don't really play video games. I was never really into those stuff. I really want a Nintendo Switch for Animal Crossing and other games, but I can't bring myself to spend a large amount of money all at once.
    2 måneder siden
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