Big Loot! Strike Witches, Resident Evil, Moetan, Chrono CrusadeBig Loot! Strike Witches, Resident Evil, Moetan, Chrono CrusadeLoot

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I'm back with another big loot! This loot was received in the before times, in November 2019. As it's a very varied loot, not everything might be up to everyone's tastes so the below chart can make it easy for you to skip to the subject you want by ctrl+f'ing. There is ecchi material, so the blog is marked NSFW. The only actual nude is put in spoilers.

This package included:
- Gifts for secret santa 2019:
x Futaba Anzu/Idolm@ster
x Gakkou Gurashi! (School-Live!)

- Ordered by others:
x Osomatsu-san

- Items for myself:
x Strike Witches
x Moetan
x ElectromagneticWave/POP
x Chrono Crusade
x Biohazard/Resident Evil 0
x Baccano!

The Box


A very big box had arrived!


And here is the first sneak peek at what is to come!

Gifts for secret santa 2019: Futaba Anzu/Idolm@ster

My giftee for the MFC Secret Santa 2019 turned out to be also a fan from Futaba Anzu, so I took this chance to hunt some Anzu items I did not see listed as 'owned' on their profile!

The hard part about picking gifts from a character you also love, is to be able to not keep them yourself after they have arrived!


First up is this very cute and very sleepy Anzu keychain ITEM #134687 .


I also saw the Candy Island - Happy×2 Days CD ITEM #296199 missing from their collection, so it was a must-buy!




Very cute and pink!


The booklet has some cute screenshots from the Cinderella Girls anime.

Gifts for Secret Santa 2019: Gakkou Gurashi! (School-Live!)

My giftee mentioned being a fan of the character Kurumi ENTRY #87339 and how hard it was to find any merchandise from her...challenge accepted!


I ended up finding this pen ITEM #327599 , which had the double bonus that my giftee said they like stationaries! I hope this pen is being used~


I still plan on watching this anime one day, I hope I will like this character as well!

I combined these last 3 missing items with the rest of my Secret Santa gift, so that I could right away throw it at the post office as I was a couple of days late with the shipping deadline, because I was waiting for this package to arrive. The other items I gave to my giftee in 2019 will show up in one of my Random Buys & Gifts Loots!

Ordered by others: Osomatsu-san

In an older loot blog BLOG #40486 I brought up that every now and then I would help an old friend from an online anime forum with some cool anime toothbrushes. Back then it also garnered some attention, so here we go as well!

All of these toothbrushes are from the Eiga no Osomatsu-san x Degawa Tetsuro no Juuden Sasete Moraemasen ka? ENTRY #183911 set, which combines the cast from Osomatsu-san ENTRY #92101 with Japanese TV show Degawa Tetsuro no Juuden Sasete Moraemasen ka? ENTRY #183908 , also known as Degawa Charging. In Degawa Charging the premise is that a well known comedian travels the country until his electric scooter runs out of power, then asks around until finding someone that will charge it for him. Characteristics from this show are the bright red scooter and watermelon helmet, which the Osomatsu-san characters now wear on these toothbrushes.


First up, Osomatsu ITEM #889564 himself.


Jyushimatsu ITEM #889565 .


Todomatsu ITEM #889563 . I like the 'bubble' effect on these brushes!


We accidentally got a double Choromatsu ITEM #889561 instead of the 5th supposedly be Ichimatsu. The 6th missing one was Karamatsu, I assume he was the most popular, we didn't even see him for sale.

Strike Witches

I really hit a lucky jackpot this time when it comes to rare Strike Witches goods...!


First up, this Charlotte and Lucchini ITEM #889887 shirt! I talked before about acquiring (and quickly falling in love with because of the high quality) this ITEM #770959 shirt. Once I found out there were more made (to be precise, 6 in total with pairs of 2 characters on each), I knew I had to try to find them all!



The high quality fabric and print is here as well! It's a lovely airy shirt in warm weather~ I also can't believe how vibrant the colors are!


Because this one is a bit higher in fan service, I have only worn it in public with zip-up sweaters covering the lower half. Don't want to expose young kids to shimapan, LOL. But when it's possible again to visit conventions, I will wear it proudly in full there!


So about that jackpot? Yes! I found another one! This one with Eila and Sanya ITEM #915205 , now I have half of these t-shirts that got released!




Aaahh the print and color quality~ And the girls look so cute~



Next up, advertised as a blanket, but rather a big towel (that I plan on hanging like a tapestry) from also Charlotte and Lucchini ITEM #398658 !

From a distance, the item looks good. However, some problems come up when you look at it from up close.


The fabric is 'flattened' by the print (for lack of a better word for it). This means that if you were to handle this item a bit more roughly (which you would do if you would use it as blanket or towel), you would heavily damage the print.


Multiple parts of the towel already have this damage right out of the packaging. At multiple folded lines there is missing or misplaced paint. This is an item you really need to handle with care, which feels strange for what is supposed to be a towel. They would have been better off printing this print on a regular wallscroll I suppose... I paid full retail for this item and I definitely feel ripped off for doing so. I don't regret buying the item, but I definitely had higher expectations.



Luckily, the size of the item and the amount of detail covered looks very good. I'll make sure to hang this towel above eye level, so it can be an eye-catcher without someone getting too close to see the smaller defects...


You might have noticed that I spend a lot of money on Strike Witches merchandise...here's Mio's hugging pillow ITEM #37244 .




The pictures from my old camera don't do it justice, the print quality is very nice!





So shiny~ I want to make some better pictures with my new camera from this one soon!


I picked up a few smaller and cheap-ish Moetan items, as I had splurged quite a bit already on the more expensive Strike Witches items in this order.


First up is this very cute clear file ITEM #889882 . The colors are very calming.


I am a bit confused at what the exact set-up/meaning is of this artwork (Ink running a stationary store?), but as I never saw this artwork before and it was cute (cat ears!), I bought this shitajiki ITEM #889585 .



The backside actually has English vocabulary for you to learn!


This shitajiki it's art ITEM #889584 looks like it could be a cute set-up for a collectible figure!


I love all the smaller details in this artwork, such as the items in her bag!

I didn't buy it, but some weird Moetan merchandise that I saw that I just had to share: View spoilerHide spoiler

I don't think 'weird Moetan merchandise' will ever get topped after I found this one:


Moetan canned bread.


I also regularly buy some other ElectromagneticWave/POP artworks next to Moetan.


I picked up the doujinshi 'Flower Garden' ITEM #345486 , which is an art book.


There are a few color pages, but most of the book is black-and-white. It starts off with this very cute artwork from Ink!


There are some unused sketches from POP Wonderland ENTRY #67729 in this book as well!


Ahhh, POP really needs to draw male characters more often! So cute!


There also seems to be some kind of comic diary? Most of it is lost on me, but it seems to be about voice actors, signing events and conventions like Comiket.


There is also some fanart at the back and I was happily surprised to see this Konata!



It has been for ages on my 'to watch'-list, but I still haven't watched Magicalish Ribbon-chan ENTRY #183989 .

Researching this book ITEM #889928 got me stuck fast. The book looks super professional and like any bookstore-book, but it is a self-published doujinshi. Furthermore, this item was released a year before the Magicalish Ribbon-chan TV series, so it might be the actual origin book that inspired the anime?


Summarized, the book basically feels like an 'upgraded' Moetan. The outfits of the girls are more detailed, the story seems to have more depth, but in conclusion most of the plot and purpose seems to be similar. "Learning English" with cute magical girls.



As always the 'most important' English is learned here.


I really like Ribbon-chan her design! It makes the original Pastel Ink outfit look so simple in comparison!


The book ends with the introduction of an antagonist for Ribbon-chan (who already looks very cool in the dark).

For me this item, and in general the whole Ribbon-chan franchise, is a bit mysterious. It's hard to find English language information, but I could find some very below average reviews of the anime. I have no clue if this was meant as a Moetan franchise-addition or that it is a reboot trying to appeal to a new generation that might not know about the original Moetan.

Chrono Crusade


This doujinshi ITEM #228129 is quite a special one. It's self-published by Kuroda Kazuya ENTRY #23686 , the animation director of the Chrono Crusade anime.



There are a lot of pages with sketches of what seems to be drawings that later got cleaned up to actually use as frames for the anime.


Sketches for images that eventually were used as line-art in the ED of the anime:

These images show up starting at 0:58.


Some sketches for promotional images of the anime.

And then two very random and NSFW pages at the end:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/07/12/2474276.jpeg

At first I thought it might be Satella, but I think it's the Vandread girls? Or maybe from another anime Kuroda Kazuya directed?

Biohazard/Resident Evil 0

One of my favorite pairings or, I would like to think of them as a couple is Billy and Rebecca from the game Biohazard/Resident Evil 0. I regularly look for doujinshi with these characters, but most of the times: No luck or I was too late with buying. This time I managed to find two doujinshi in stock! Both of them were a bit mysterious and a gamble though. From the first one, I didn't like the cover art much, so I was hoping for better art on the inside (I've had a lot of doujinshi with surprisingly better contents than covers!). Then for the second one, I had been trying to buy this one for a long time, but...I'm getting ahead of myself, let's go to the pictures!


First up is doujinshi 'second cry' ITEM #889582 by circle CODY-CULP. It was very hard to find any information about this circle and artist, so this might be their only work.


The inside indeed has a lot better artwork, although Billy's arms are still freakishly long.


It's a cute and fluffy story, no porn here guys.


Now for the second one: Biohazard Megaton Punch 02 ITEM #814252 . I fell in love with the cover of this book since the first time I saw it about two years ago. There was no information to be found online about the contents of this book, so I was hoping this was a cute and action-filled story about Billy and Rebecca and looking at the 18+ rating, some ecchi content there as well.


The book has some nice silver-effect going on in the lettering (bit hard to catch on camera).


The backside surprised me with this cute image from Sherry, I was expecting the book to focus on Resident Evil 0.

However, the book was about 1 and 2 and...well...is basically nothing but sex jokes, of which a lot are in bad taste and involve rape. If you want to find out...find some images in the spoiler...you are warned. View spoilerHide spoiler


Chris wants to rape Jill, but Jill has a 'defense mechanism there'. FUNNY RIGHT no it's not


This one is a bit funny I guess, Jill equipping a vibrator.


More 'funny jokes' of male RE characters wanting to rape the female RE characters, but they are saved because of infected condoms biting their manhood off. Well, at least they got punished for trying to rape someone...but how someone can think any of these sexual jokes and scenarios in this book are funny is beyond me. It seems like women unfriendly 80's/90's humor that would not fare today, so it's surprising to find this in an early 2000's book.


There is also this extremely weird and out of place Johnny Quest sidecomic.


As well as some pages with Azumanga Daioh. Although it was nice to see these after the pretty heavy content in the doujinshi itself.

You might have noticed that there are no drawings inside of Billy and Rebecca at all. They just show on the cover I guess as a selling point as the 0 game was just new during the release date and there wasn't enough time to include them on the inside content.

So now I have this doujinshi of which I hate the contents, but love the cover...what should I do with it...? Ugh. I can't believe I worked so long on trying to acquire this...


I have saved (what is for me,) the best item for last! I love that I am still able to dig up super niche official Baccano! goods after so many years of collecting~


It's a double-CD audio drama ITEM #889579 that is also supposed to come with the following extras:
- 152 page novel
- Playing Card deck
- Two-sided poster showing the character relationships

I bought this item for cheap with the description 'damaged and with missing parts'. As the playing cards are heavily searched after by many Baccano! fans, I was expecting that to be missing. Also the poster was only included in the mail-order releases, so my chances of seeing that one included I saw very slim as well.

As I didn't even own the audio drama and I have no other collectible with this artwork, I thought it was worth to buy it and see what I would get.

I really love the cover artwork! It's rare to see Ladd with such an expression and my best boy Jacuzzi is very prominently featured as well~


Just like the front, there is some missing paint and small dents here and there on the packaging. For me, as long as the main image on the front is in decent condition, I can live with the rest.


I opened it up and...3 out of 4 items were included!!! I was blown away by the playing cards ITEM #917908 just...being there! This image PICTURE #2072828 has been the wallpaper of my computer and on many website profiles for years so I never expected to be able to actually own the original item!!

But uh, let's start with the other items first and keep the playing cards for last!


The drama CD comes in a DVD-case and the artwork on the back looks very familiar. Maybe it was also used on one of the anime DVD releases.


The CD's themselves look very neat! As for the contents...I did not listen to them yet, oops! I got these while I was packing up my house for my emigration and have not reached this item yet now that I am busy with unpacking at my new place. The story that is on there should be an expansion and side-story to the happenings on the Flying Pussyfoot. I don't know if it's the choice of the author or the fans (or both), but the Grand Punk Railroad always seems to get the most attention of the whole franchise. It is a very cool part of the story, though!


The included novel has multiple new artworks by Enami Katsumi ENTRY #37546 !




Apparently a big chunk of this story was rewritten and later ended up in the 14th light novel ITEM #358993 , of which the English translation release will come out in a month. I'm doubting if it's worth it to ever attempt to translate this smaller book or that I can read (almost) everything from this story in the 14th book.

And now for the playing cards!


The spades and clubs feature male characters.


The diamonds and hearts feature female characters.

Spade spades their characters are repeated on the clubs, and the diamonds their characters are repeated on the hearts. With such a huge cast of characters, it's a bit unfortunate that not all cards are unique! But hey, considering this is a near-impossible item to get, I am not complaining at all! I love these cards!


I don't dare to actually ever use them as playing cards, but I am thinking of how to incorporate these in my displays. I think I want to make them background sheets in my detolf. I am not sure yet of how to do it though. I want to see all the artwork properly which means I have to put them tiled, but I also like to idea of recreating what has been my background for years. Instead of a detolf background, I could also make it some kind of big poster or use a real playing mat of a casino table and then attach the cards as being used in the game. I got some other ideas floating around in my head as well, but have only one deck and one choice of what to make! So I've decided to add a poll for this at the bottom of the blog, feel free to also add your own ideas!


I was definitely lucky to get these! Also something cute from the set: The characters that are one half of a couple, have their partner on the matching number. Also some are really fitting with their place in the game, Miria and Isaac being the lucky 7's and Claire and Chane being the aces.

And that was it for this biiiig loot!

The complete loot

In every picture I talk about the items from top to bottom, left to right.

- Gifts for secret santa 2019:
x Futaba Anzu/Idolm@ster
ITEM #296199 Candy Island - Happy×2 Days CD
ITEM #134687 Futaba Anzu - Keyholder
x Gakkou Gurashi! (School-Live!)
ITEM #327599 Ebisuzawa Kurumi - Ball Pen

- Order by others:
x Osomatsu-san
ITEM #889564 Osomatsu Toothbrush
ITEM #889565 Jyushimatsu Toothbrush
ITEM #889563 Todomatsu Toothbrush
ITEM #889561 Choromatsu Toothbrush x2

All Strike Witches items:
ITEM #398658 Charlotte & Francesca Blanket/Towel
ITEM #915205 Eila & Sanya T-Shirt
ITEM #889887 Charlotte & Francesca T-Shirt
ITEM #37244 Sakamoto Mio - Dakimakura Cover

All Moetan items:
ITEM #889585 Nijihara Ink - Pencil Board
ITEM #889882 Nijihara Ink - Clear File
ITEM #889584 Pastel Ink - Pencil Board

All ElectromagneticWave/POP items:
ITEM #889928 Magicalish Ribbon-chan doujinshi
ITEM #345486 Flower Garden doujinshi

Loose Chrono Crusade item:
ITEM #228129 Art Book - Doujinshi - Shimahokke 7

Biohazard/Resident Evil 0 items:
ITEM #814252 Biohazard Megaton Punch 02 doujinshi
ITEM #889582 second cry doujinshi

Baccano! item set:
Not allowed in database: 152 page novel Baccano! 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad Forwarding Arc
ITEM #889579 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad 2 disc Drama CD
ITEM #917908 Baccano! - Playing Cards

I hope you enjoyed this loot blog, and as promised, for every new blog, I will fix an earlier one. I decided to fix this loot blog that was referenced here:
Another BIG Loot with mini reviews! Final Fantasy, Baccano!, POP and more: BLOG #40486

All pictures in high resolution can be found here: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this blog

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...

See you at my next blog! Which is probably going to be a food-review again!
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How should I make my Baccano! playing cards display backgrounds?

43%Tiled (all visible) detolf background
29%Scrambled (like the wallpaper) detolf background
14%Casino style playing mat(s)/poster with the cards being used in a game
14%Tiled, mounted in double sided glass frame
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victorviper20 dager siden#80473563You got some interesting items.
The Strike Witches t-shirts were a good find, and I really like the Lucchini/Shirley blanket/towel/tapestry/whatever it is. The illustration is cute with the way Lucchini is using Shirley's chest as a pillow :).
Your experience with ITEM #814252 reminds me why I don't really buy dojinshi, even when it's from a well-known author. You just never really know what the content is going to be, and there may or may not be any correlation between the content and what the cover looks like.

Thank you! :) And yeah I still love the print (and image quality!) of that towel. When looked at from a distance (like the picture that has it fully in frame), it's hard to see any of the defects.

Personally I have 2 'rules' for doujinshi:
1) Buy when it's from Baccano!, POP/Electromagneticwave, Humikane Shimada or Billy/Rebecca paiting. For POP/Electromagneticwave + Humikane, I just know I am into their style and type of content, so it's almost always good. As for Baccano! and Billy/Rebecca it's rather a 'beggars can't be choosers'-thing and it's so rare to find anything from it. As long as it's affordable (<$10 for Billy/Rebecca and <$20 for baccano!), just get it.
2) When I am tempted by something that does not fit rule #1, I try to find it online or at least a big chunk of preview pages before I'll allow myself to buy it. If it can't be found online = I skip.

I've had quite some masterpieces as lucky buys from doujinshi so I feel like it's worth it for the more rare ones that disappoint me. The one from this blog is probably the worst so far.

By the way, did you ever watch or check out something from Ribbon-chan? I thought you might know something about the franchise. :)
19 dager siden
You got some interesting items.

The Strike Witches t-shirts were a good find, and I really like the Lucchini/Shirley blanket/towel/tapestry/whatever it is. The illustration is cute with the way Lucchini is using Shirley's chest as a pillow :).

Your experience with ITEM #814252 reminds me why I don't really buy dojinshi, even when it's from a well-known author. You just never really know what the content is going to be, and there may or may not be any correlation between the content and what the cover looks like.
20 dager siden
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