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Bonjournorino everyone! Honestly, I was not expecting to have a haul this month. Thankfully one of my preorders shipped! I may even have loot to show next month due to AmiAmi's current DHL discounts. Despite the modest size, this haul will have plenty of photos per usual.


First up are some impulse buys from Amazon.


While browsing for a different purchase, I ran across some official merch for Yurie Sekiya's PeroPero Sparkles mascots. I've loved these cute mascots for many years and the totes + keychain were very reasonably priced.


I picked out the group keychain but there are also individual character keychains available. These are sold by Clever Idiots Inc; they also have small plushes of the characters.


Personally, I'm not too interested in these plushes - I like the bigger PeroPero designs more. Also, I limit my plush collection to only squishy/mochi styles. Speaking of which...


While browsing twitter last week, one of the Animal Crossing news accounts I follow linked preorders for these cute Tom Nook and Isabelle pillow plushes. I instantly added Tom Nook to cart and it arrived just 2 days later.


It's a nice medium 15-inch size which is perfect for using as a pillow. (Switch game featured for size comparison.) It's also super soft and squishy hence the product line "Club Mocchi Mocchi".


I ordered Tom Nook over Isabelle because the Isabelle one is a little too boxy looking to me. Tom Nook is a long time favorite of mine; he deserves more love don't ya think? Club Mocchi Mocchi on Amazon is still offering these medium size plushes along with small 6-inch Nook, Isabelle, Leaf, and Apple plushes. So check them out if you're interested.


The next Amazon pick-up was this cute Nana Abe EXQ prize ITEM #774925. I wanted to have a little companion on my desk and she's a good fit. Nana is not my top Idolmaster girl (Kaede is best girl!) but she's definitely a cute 29-year-old eternally 17-year-old idol!


As I expect from EXQ figures, Nana's sculpt and quality is pretty nice for a prize figure. There are some paint transfers and I admit her face is slightly meh from different angles. But overall I'm satisfied for just $20. (Not sure if she will take up permanent residence on my desk though.)

Click for obligatory NSFW!Too Lewd!https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/08/05/2489849.png


Nana also came with some adorable tear droplet stickers! They're meant to be applied to enhance her expression. What a cute detail! No example of the stickers application as I forgot whoops.

Following Nana is the absolute star of this haul: ITEM #805863. Couldn't wait to open this box!


Just a week after I posted my preorder article, Crunchyroll sent out a shipment notice. After that email, it shipped quickly and safely so no complaints here! I originally wanted to comment on Crunchyroll's figure shipping when I ordered in November. However due to the current state of everything, I don't think I can give a proper opinion at this time. In other words, I'm gonna give them another chance at some point.

Now onto this glorious beauty!


Just from first impressions this lovely box, with its soft colors and detail shots on the sides, won me over immediately. The setting featured behind Mai on the box's detail shots is a reference to the Bunny Girl Senpai movie I believe. It looks reminiscent of the wedding venue Sakuta and Shoko visit.


Even behind the plastic, this figure is too lovely!


Such a lovely figure! Aniplex and Wing really did Mai justice! I really appreciate the subtle yet sturdy transparent blue base. I couldn't stop gasping in awe while taking these pictures! Probably was feeling figure-unboxing deprived. haha


So many lovely details! I love the effect of a dual layered dress to emulate layers of tulle. Her confident smile, the photogenic placement of her left hand and her leg - as expected from a professional model!!


The smaller accouterment like her flower barrettes, her little gold earrings, and the belt/sash on her dress are lovely as well. The two-tone cream and off-white of her dress look more drastic in pictures; I think it looks less striking in person.

Overall, I give her 5 "kimi"s out of 5 "sei"s. Stupid joke sorry.


Here are the two girls together. This was a pretty satisfying haul! It may be due to my figure drought, but getting to unbox these cuties was very thrilling.


As for next month, I am ultimately planning on switching my orders to DHL if it's cost-effective. Was stubborn before about it but I won't look a gift discount in the mouth.

Other than figures, I have an obscene amount of manga preordered for the rest of the year so I guess I will include that in hauls too. I also ordered ITEM #872645 last minute while she was still in stock on Hobby Search. Picked the Surface Parcel shipping so I should expect her in... 1-3 months. Which is fine with me! haha

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed another round of my extraneous expenditures and gush-fest pictures.

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AgentDrafire1 måned siden#81338182Nice haul! The Tom Nook plush is so cute! Awww... And the Mail figure looks really beautiful! I haven't watched Bunny Girl Senpai before but now I'm even more motivated to!
Thank you!!
I recommend it! Bunny Girl Senpai is a good drama series with not too complicated sci-fi elements. It's like a lite version of Monogatari mixed with Haruhi elements and less overt fan service.
1 måned siden
Nice haul! The Tom Nook plush is so cute! Awww... And the Mail figure looks really beautiful! I haven't watched Bunny Girl Senpai before but now I'm even more motivated to!
1 måned siden
galablue1 måned siden#81337465Just wondering, did your figure from CR get a lot of delays? They're not very good at custom service when it comes to delayed figures, I've noticed, but ship really quick when stuff is in stock.Edit: Sorry, I re-read your question. I only received one actual notified delay. The original release month was June. I received a delay email on 5/30 with a link to their delay page. At the time, I do remember the page not being updated with the new date for a couple of days/a week; but it was later updated to July. July comes and no updates on the page about the exact date and the last week of July (literally just a few days ago) they finally notified me about the shipment.

Not a major deal because it was not delayed again but honestly I was fully prepared for more delays. I did not make an account when I ordered so all I had for proof of purchase was a saved confirmation webpage and receipt so I was a little frazzled since I couldn't access the order directly. (That's probably the bulk of my troubles/complaints because I couldn't see the account/order updates. So take that with a grain of salt.)

And to clarify "poor oversight", the messy delay page/forum thing was addressed. I think they learned that they need to be clear about delays because now their page is a lot simpler and easier to use: CR delay page. But at the beginning, the forum page was not as clear (it had a lot of old figures on it) and it didn't seem to be updated frequently.

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They shipped it before I got a chance to contact them. If I had to guess, it was just the manufacturer delay and they were waiting for the none-JPN editions to be shipped to them. A day or two before I recieved the shipped email, I did notice that people on reddit said a small quality of Mai were back up for order. So they may have got the shipment in, sold the non-preorders, and shipped the whole batch together.

From the beginning (back in March-April), I noticed that their "delayed figures" list was in this messy public forum post from years ago. A couple of months later, they finally made a proper non-forum page just for delayed figures.

I'm willing to give them another shot since I really think this was a moment of poor oversight and understandable stress. But I hope they will be more organized from here on out. This level of disorganization might prevent them from being my primary US-based figure source, but I won't write them off for now.

1 måned siden
Just wondering, did your figure from CR get a lot of delays? They're not very good at custom service when it comes to delayed figures, I've noticed, but ship really quick when stuff is in stock.
1 måned siden