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Hallo, and welcome to another model kit blog of mine!

I’ll be splitting the Desktop Singer Series up into 3 parts for ease of review (and also so I don’t have one giant wall of images and text for y’all to sort through, lol).


Miku: BLOG #46171
Rin: BLOG #46151
Luka: Here!


Fair warning, this is going to be EXTREMELY long and SUPER image heavy (but those of you who remember my Kotori model kit process already figured that, didn’t’cha?).



First Impressions
The Box


I got these gals in a bigger order with a couple of other figures, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect right off the bat when opening my AmiAmi box, but it was a lot smaller than I was anticipating! I’m not gonna lie, I originally thought this was a snap-together type kit and not a full model kit so uhhh. That may have something to do with my expectations there.

Turnaround under the cut!
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/08/06/2490870.jpeg

The black and white outer box seems standard for the Desktop Army line, and it features promo shots of the completed figures on each side. There are tape circles as well, which I’m only mentioning because they were missing from my last model kit. ^^;;;


Opening up the main box, each figure has her own separate box in color, featuring the promo illustrations on the front and sides. These keep all of the different parts for the different figures separate, which is super helpful!


On the back, there’s a little blurb about the Desktop Singer line and D-Phone as well, plus color promo images of the completed figures. All of the boxes are identical to each other.


Tools and Materials

- Nippers
- Utility blade
- Sandpaper (300 grit and a magic eraser)
- Pliers (to hold the tiny parts)

A quick note: people asked me last time what kind of nippers I used, and I’ll be honest, they’re very very old and I’ve had them as long as I can remember! I couldn’t find any branding or anything on them, but any pair that can easily cut through plastic/PVC/ABS should be fine!


Getting Started: Luka
Also the first one I opened

Since all of the boxes are identical, I decided to just open one and go with whoever I opened first. That happened to be Luka! (This is obvious if you read the title, lol.)


All of the parts are separated into little plastic bags to prevent the parts from rubbing up against each other. Included are the instructions sheet and painted main body that’s pre-assembled with her head, torso, arms, and legs. More on that a little later!


The instruction sheet is in black and white, with pictorial instructions for all 3 girls plus the bases (more on that later as well!). I do wish the instructions were a little more clear in certain places, which I’ll mention a little further down too.


Speaker Assembly
The D-Phone that the back is talking about


I actually paid attention to the order of the instructions this time (yay me..?), so I started with the black and pink florals.


I always cut too far from the gate and have to do some sanding, but the shape of these pieces made it a little difficult to get them perfectly smooth, but I got it eventually!


These were fairly easy 3-piece parts to put together, but there isn’t a clear “snap” moment, so you’ll have to gauge how far to actually push them together. There are two of them, one for each side, and they go together pretty quickly, minus the sanding.


The two-piece florals were up next, and were of a similar level of ease to put together.


Next up, we have the backs of the whirly floral portions. These are 3 pieces, two white and one clear. I absolutely cannot stand cutting out clear ABS because it’s so easy to stress the structure and end up with white instead, but these actually weren’t too bad to cut out and sand down.


For the tiny slotted bit, do be careful to sand down the correct sides (I almost sanded the slots instead of the gates!). These portions were mainly where I used the pliers to hold while I sanded.


All that being said, these fit together perfectly! Just like the floral speakers, there are two of each.

Snapping the backs and the fronts together is actually very satisfying if I’m being honest (´∀`*)


Once those were done and set aside, I put together the blue backs as well. These went together exactly like the white ones, which made that step fairly simple.


Unlike the white ones though, the blue pinwheels have another piece to them- some leaves!


Again, it was super simple snapping these together.


After all of the pinwheels were assembled, I snapped them together via a hole that was made in the top of the white portions.


These mega-pinwheels were then snapped into another clear piece, which will later go into Luka’s back.


The ball joints here mean that they can all be easily adjusted for easy posing and reposing later!


Torso Assembly
Onward to Megu-Megurine


Luka’s skirt has an additional flower piece on either side, which are a bit of a pain to sand down, but other than that, go in pretty nicely.


I would give another word of caution here: her skirt pieces are a bit tricky to get cut out and sanded down as well, so do be careful if you happen to put this kit together!


A double ball-and-socket joint piece attaches the two skirt parts together, which will then attach to the back of Luka as well.


Moving on to Luka herself, here we are (finally)! Her face is really cute, and I absolutely love the little stars in her eyes! The manufacturer definitely nailed her face, which is the most important part of a figure for me personally, so full points there.

However, she does have a few paint flaws here and there, mainly on her gloves and torso. Because she’s so small, I can overlook them a little, but I may end up going back to repaint her a little later.

Turnaround under the cut!
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/08/06/2490908.jpeg


Her chest piece is super cute, and snaps in easily at the correct angle.


It’s also worth mentioning that Luka has an alternate chest piece as well, if you prefer the display option without the giant flower. The instructions here say “You can use the alternate chest part.”


For her hair parts, they actually came in their own little bag and I didn’t have to cut anything out (yay!).


They slot into parts that came attached to her head.


After those were set in place, I attached her skirt to her torso.


There is a snap in the back, as well as a snap in the front to keep the pieces together nicely.


While these pieces are supposed to be snug, they don’t completely close on mine, but the pieces do get very close. This is something else I can blame on her small size, and if I’m being honest, isn’t super noticeable in the finished figure.


Attaching the speakers to her back is a fairly simple slot and push.


Luka also has little futuristic-y bits that stick out of her heels because ~fashion~. These were pretty easy to cut, sand, and snap as well, though my warning for clear ABS still applies.


These parts to require a bit of force in at an angle, but again, simple slot and push here as well.


The Stand
Dear lord

So.. I was originally Very Stupid and didn’t see the stand instructions on the side of the instruction sheet, so I went searching on the internet. I couldn’t find them, but I did see a person’s review of another Desktop Army figure, and I saw the stand instructions on the side. Looking back at my sheet and... yeah. There they are.


All that being said, the stand wasn’t easy, particularly because of all of the extra parts! It got a little confusing, and I do wish the instructions were more clear on what parts go where, but I got it all assembled in the end!

Final Touches


Her long hair portions were a pain to snap in, but they did come pre-cut like her hair flowers, so that was nice at least.


All assembled!


And for the back!


Size Comparisons
Sorry for the dark photos, the sun set before I could get nice comparisons ;v;


Size-wise, I was expecting them to be about Nendoroid-sized, but the actual body is just about as wide and a little taller than Nendoroid Petit (Racing Kotori for scale).


Looking at all of her rigging together, Luka’s overall space that she takes up is about the size of a Nendoroid, though her speakers make her quite a bit wider than my Training Ver. Kotori.


Ratings and Reviews

Sculpting | 9/10

Overall, Luka’s sculpting really is very beautiful, and her tiny pieces are very well-sculpted too! I do wish her bangs were a little more well-defined, and there are obvious seams on her hands/arms that I’m a little scared to sand because of the paint. I believe that the hand sculpt is pretty standard across this line, but it’s a little.. strange to me as well.

Saying all that though, Luka is very tiny, so I’m still giving high points for her sculpt.

Casting | 9/10

While the casting of most parts is excellent, quite a few of the gates are a little difficult to cut and sand as far as placement goes. With a little patience, they aren’t much of a problem though!

Painting | 7/10

I’ve already talked a little bit about the paint job, but it’s good in some places (like Luka’s hair flowers) and a little sloppy in others (her gloves, primarily). The triangles on the right side of her skirt are also a little off, but again, they’re super tiny parts and that can be forgiven a bit I’d say.

I’ll see how Miku and Rin measure up and see if I’ll be doing any repainting of her gloves, as I’d like to do all of the paint at once for all three girls if needed.

Ease of Build | 9/10

All in all, this is a decently easy build! There are some tricky tiny pieces and even tinier gates to cut and sand, but there aren’t nearly as many different pieces to put together as other kits for a similar look. From start to finish, Luka took about two hours to complete, and she was easily done in an evening without any super fancy tools.

Ease of Posing | 9/10

Man, she’s so fun to pose!! Her speakers can easily twirl and rotate in their sockets, and her arms and legs aren’t too difficult to get into a nice position either. Occasionally one of the pinwheels will get too loose and fall apart if I’m not careful, but snapping the pieces back together takes about half a second, so I’m not too concerned. She also has her alternate chest plate if you prefer a less floral look, which I wasn’t expecting at all!

Enjoyment | 10/10

While these three kits were more of an impulse preorder born from the want of something cute to go on my work desk, I’m super pleased with how Luka came out! Posing her is a ton of fun, and I love the way she looks on my desk, even without the other two yet!


By now, this article has gone on for WAY too long (as with everything else I write), but I hope you've enjoyed it! If anyone has any questions about this kit (or y'know.. you just want to chat about waifus), feel free to drop a message!

I hope to have Miku and Rin up soon, as Luka was a blast to put together!

Thanks for reading! ♡
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Ease of Build
Ease of Posing


Woah, she's so small~ Nice work! :)
1 måned siden
plasticizer1 måned siden#81429205Wow, that looks adorbs AF. I should get into Desktop Army and make a legion of waifus.
Right?? I had seen other Desktop Army models before, but I’m super partial to Vocaloid, so I couldn’t resist these gals. “Vol. 1” is on the box, so here’s hoping for more Desktop Singers I’m the future!

YarnYotsugi1 måned siden#81429582This is super adorable! I love all the flowers, and the color palette, and the stars in her eyes! I could go on and on about how cute this is! I had no idea Desktop Army were model kits lmao. Thanks for the information!

Absolutely same! Her tiny size just adds to the cuteness imo ;v; At first I thought they were regular figures (like the Bandai minis), then I thought they were pre-cut snap kits... and then I opened the box, LOL. A fun afternoon well-spent nonetheless though!
1 måned siden
This is super adorable! I love all the flowers, and the color palette, and the stars in her eyes! I could go on and on about how cute this is! I had no idea Desktop Army were model kits lmao. Thanks for the information!
1 måned siden
plasticizer very mild
Wow, that looks adorbs AF. I should get into Desktop Army and make a legion of waifus.
1 måned siden