Nendoroid Pre-order Roundup, September 15th 2020Nendoroid Pre-order Roundup, September 15th 2020Diary

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Bishie Overload folks...

Today's Releases

#1456 Daisuke Kambe - The Millionare Detective


Release Date: March 2021
Price: 4727 yen
More Info: ITEM #1008401

Nega's Thoughts:

This smug bastard's suit immediately gave me Illusive Man vibes. Dammit now I want Mass Effect Nendos :( All around great and unique Nendoroid with some great parts. No complaints here (besides the fact I don't collect males lmao).

#1452 Takato Saijo - Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu


Release date: June 2021
Price: 6000 yen
More info: ITEM #806040

Nega's Thoughts

I can't staaaaand boys love. However, I quite like him. That pantsless part is amazing lmao. Otherwise seems to be that run-of-the-mill bishounen dude that Fujoshis fluster over. Kinda like Touken Ranbu and Idolish7.

And that's it for this article! There's also a casual Goro Akechi but the superior version already exists lmao. Great day if you fluster over anime bishounen. Otherwise welp, Millionare Detective is probs a good anime to keep an eye on at least.


Guys, I'm writing an essay on the history of Nendoroids and why you should buy them over Pops. Already got over 250 words lmao. Will share once I finish. Probably for next week's article. ;)
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Originally I was planning to buy Takato nendo,but it is a bit too pricey...Sigh. I am gonna give up
6 dager siden
Thanks for the updates and wow, I'm looking forward to that nendoroids vs pops article! Seems super interesting haha!
8 dager siden
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