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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari6 dager siden
Are you collecting any figures/items from the older Anime series?

My collecting focus has shifted towards collecting more of the older Anime/Cartoons that were released in the 2000's and the 90's and I don't have an interest in the newer series figures since they don't really hold my interest like the older figures do.

Nostalgia recently has been driving a lot of these purchases and it makes me think of when the Hobby was at it's peak and the 2005-2015 time period is when it peaked for me since there were many things to look up and collect at that time.

The latest additions to the collection have been from older series this recent round of new additions picked up a few Zoids kits and the more I look at them the more appealing that old series is to me and it makes me wish that newer figures could be as interesting as the older ones are.


Collecting the older Anime series has helped me to enjoy this collecting hobby more and finding that the more one looks at the older series the hunt for the older figures from those series is a bit more fun to me.

Recent additions to the collection:

ITEM #19166
ITEM #19171
ITEM #8599
ITEM #48418
ITEM #112717
ITEM #870129
ITEM #467
ITEM #3985
ITEM #137254
ITEM #21947
ITEM #156998
ITEM #156999

While the Robot Spirits Gelgoog is the only recently released item in the latest additions almost everything else is from 2000-2010.

Still waiting for 2 other figures ITEM #117663 ITEM #19170 and the more I look at the older figures the 2008-2015 time period had a lot of excellent figures plus that was an excellent time to hunt for older figures since there were a lot of great deals to be found then.

The 2000's were a great time for collecting Anime in my opinion with so many ongoing series and new Mecha series putting out a lot of great figures it was very easy to find a lot of neat figures for the collection and the recently added Mospeada Legioss/Alphas were released in the 2000's and it's nice to see that they were an updated version of the Legioss fighters released recently and it's nice to see that Kotobukiya has been putting out Zoids Kits recently too so it's a good thing to me to see some old series getting new items released and it makes me wish that more of the older 2000's series that I liked would put out some newer figures.

During the 2000's there were a lot of excellent Anime Games released plus a lot of DVD sets put out for older series and some of those have been fun to hunt up but the ones that are rare and out of print are very hard to find, got lucky finding the IGPX DVD set and the Zoids set was a Region 0 Set since the Zoids DVDs are impossible to find at decent prices now so had to settle for an import set of the New Century Zero series.

Would love to check out some other Anime games for the PS2 but I have most of those that were released and still need to look into getting the old .Hack game Trilogy for that series.

Are you collecting figures from older Anime series?

If you are an older collector like me when was your best year for collecting Anime?
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I ordered myself ITEM #1668 after finally getting around to watching the show. I'm really into Poyoyon Rock's art style so series where that style played a big key really draw me, especially the older stuff.

I want to get some Komugi and Koyori stuff from the OG Nurse Witch OVAs too. I guess they're not super old but they're older than my current interests LOL...
3 dager siden
Great theme for article.
I've found collecting figures from 1996-2010 has been very rewarding not only whats around but also in price. For some time now I've been intentionally focusing on collecting from that time. It was a great period for anime.
A definite favourite of mine is Ayumu Kasuga from Azumanga Daioh.
ITEM #15302
5 dager siden
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
I would definitely do so if they were more available/newer ones were made with the same quality today's figures have. I still love some older anime as much as I do newer ones. If they were available, I'd buy any non bunny girl or fanservice figures of these series: Magic Knight Rayearth (characters only), Tenchi Muyo (only characters such as Ryoko, Washu, or Sasami though, as I never liked Ayeka), any newer Oh My Goddess figures of Belldandy or Skuld, Slayers, Nadesico figures of Ruri or maybe Megumi (as I remember I liked her), Fushigi Yuugi, Kobato, or Kanon. I do own or have ordered some figures from these series (ITEM #287728, ITEM #287715, ITEM #693386, ITEM #287721, ITEM #604438, and I have ordered ITEM #937361), but other than that, they don't exist, are low quality, or are a bit hard to come by. And when I do find them, I don't have the money (which is the worst D:).
For example, I've been kind of looking for this: ITEM #11, and I'd like to one day get these: ITEM #70, ITEM #13796, ITEM #18355, but the last three are either really expensive or unavailable. At least, when I look. And the first one hasn't popped up once in two months (:/).

I just wish figure companies would go backwards once in awhile. I think OMG and Chobits have lasting popularity, and people would still buy figures of them if companies would just make them. It sucks that they think all that will sell is flavor of the moment stuff.
5 dager siden
I'm definitely trying my best to collect stuff related to ENTRY #2780, Dr. Black Jack. I absolutely fell in love with him last year when I picked up the manga out of nowhere, and now I'm slowly hunting for anything related to him. It's been really exciting when I can actually find something for an affordable price :')
5 dager siden
Most definitely!
Have been watching and subbing since hardsubs and TL notes were still things (15+ years)

Some examples off the top of my head
ITEM #6413
ITEM #5762
ITEM #132
ITEM #70
ITEM #118010
ITEM #693386
ITEM #304
ITEM #1508
ITEM #13796
ITEM #298
ITEM #29664
ITEM #29665
5 dager siden
I do. I watch older anime as well as the new seasonal stuff, so I discover older series all the time. If they have figures, all the better. Same with games and VNs.
Galaxy Angel and Yoake Mae yori Ruri-iro na are prime targets of mine (Feena in her dress is still a most wanted of mine) and recently I finished watching Genshiken and now I want Kujin's class president ITEM #13338 Ritsuko since I found out she actually got a figure.
5 dager siden
I do collect items from some old series because when I was a kid I couldn't, and my love for those series is still going strong.

Most recently I pre-ordered a re-release of Kaiba ITEM #91371 from Yu-Gi-Oh! which is a series I followed religiously as a kid in the '90s. I also actively collect figures and items about Kaito Kid from Detective Conan. Conan started in mid '90s but Kaito Kid has been around since '87.

Even though I'm older, my best years of collecting is RIGHT NOW. I love the merch and figures I've been getting lately, whether from old or new series.

Those Zoids look really really cool although I'm not too familiar with them. As a kid I would have loved them, and as an adult I'll happily admire others collections of such items.
5 dager siden
At least based on what i have on MFC, ITEM #87806 is from 1993
Was not collecting then
I have some old eva figures and tenchi Muyo as well as Haruhi, which i am still looking for some more figures from.
Got things like Comic Party and Genshiken which i think i could still watch
Saw the Lina Inverse 30th anniversary figure ITEM #937361 come up and i am very tempted, is the show that old, I still have some old DVD's for the shows lying around.

I am interested in figures from old shows as well as new ones, just they can be a bit harder to track down.
6 dager siden
I don't have any nostalgia for animes, mainly because I didn't get into animes & mangas till about 1,5-2 years ago. I tried giving some of the classics a chance, but in my opinion the most of them didn't age very well. I got a sweet spot for oldschool horror movies & cartoons though. I thought about getting more figures from the Spider-Man & X-Men animated series, because I loved watching them when I was growing up. I already got plans for my current cabinets though, so I definitely have to think about a solution first. I'm usually not the type of collector that keeps things in it's original packaging, but with those figures it could be a good solution, since the most of them still are pretty affordable and I could just hang 'em on one of my walls instead of getting an extra shelf for it. I also love the artwork on the cards from the 90s, so I'm sure that even a boxed collection can look pretty cool. I'm also thinking about getting more horror collectibles, but it's hard to find some high quality collectibles for a decent price. I thought about getting one of those lifesize Gremlins by Neca, but I passed on the last run, because they're made out of latex and it's a pain in the ass to take care of it. I'd love to have one of the Kaiyodo Mohawk Gremlins one day, but I don't think I'll ever be able to afford it.
6 dager siden
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
This is one of my favourite articles you've ever written and I loved seeing all the names I'd barely heard in years on the boxes! Not much to say, just got kind of emotional, but anime collecting is actually p much all about nostalgia for me these days, and my childhood was in the late 90s/00s/ended in about 2011. I had dial-up so I'd rent anime DVDs from the local Blockbuster and I'd wait patiently for new manga volumes to be at the game store. If I had more money I'd collect even more older series, there was a big wave of nostalgia figure making that coincided badly with my wallet but I'd love to get my hands on Utena, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, etc. figs
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