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(this is a repost from my tumblr, but i thought it might be fun to finally post an article on here and what better way to start than with my favorite figures/story!)
i love old & obscure figures and the history of them, so occasionally i will buy old figure magazines to look thru and find cool new figs!! sometimes when i’m looking thru i’ll send pics to my mostly figure focused discord chat
i found some blurry pic of monkey girl figures and fell in love and was instantly trying to learn more about them! i had my bf help me translate some of the japanese on the page and i was able to find high quality pictures on what i believe is the sculptors official site
old/obscure garage kits can be impossible to find, i can only rarely find certain ones occasionally searching thru japanese sites if i’m lucky. i was so surprised to see this message the next day after posting monkey girls
this was the ebay description (which left me a little confused cause the official site says they’re from 2004, but i’m guessing the seller just misremembered)
and then i… went monkey
i bought them for the price of 150 usd which is the most i’ve ever spent on figures in my life, but it was so worth it to me considering i doubt i’ll ever even find the unpainted/unassembled version of this kit for sale. and two hand painted rare garage kits that are most likely the prototypes/official ones used for display was just something i could not pass up TT_TT (even if theyre not, theyre still really cool to me)
they are my most prized figures and i love them so much, & everyone that has made drawings of them has warmed my heart!!! here's more of the awesome official pics
the monkey girls are also supposed to come with exchangeable parts for if you want their arms/legs to be covered or exposed like the pics above. the ones i bought didn’t come with any additional parts unfortunately but theyre super cute the way they are
i also did speak briefly with a garage kit painter/expert and former mod on mfc muntoe, who also seemed to also think theyre the display ones!
that is pretty much all of the info on these monkies i have, but i love them with all of my heart ;__; i hope to find out more about them still!! i want to see a better pic of this box as well
ALSO! someone on here was able to find an unpainted kit so here is some pics of that as well!
thats pretty much it, i really love these monkies! if anyone has any more info i'd be happy to add it to this as well!! ^-^
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do u have a list of websites/ blogs u use 2 find older figs ? a 'database' of obscure fig sources wuld b super cool i am trying 2 compile a list myself :o
6 måneder siden
Holy shit! That's an amazing find! They do look remarkably like the prototypes.
These and the Neo Fukuoka girl too, you have incredible luck.

If your discord server is open, I wonder if I could join too? I really enjoy finding and identifying old kits and would love to share that with likeminded folk <3
6 måneder siden
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
That is so awesome!! Very lucky find, I think they were worth the price for sure
6 måneder siden
Aww so cute!! What an adventure! And congrats on finding the monkey girls, they are so cute ;u;
6 måneder siden
This was such a fun read, congrats on this awesome find! They're super cute! ;o;
6 måneder siden
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
They are so cute! They're definitely not monkeying around XD Congratulations on getting such rare and adorable items :)
6 måneder siden
jumpluff6 måneder siden#85072190I absolutely loved reading this, thank you so much! I wish I could have known what the hobby community was like back in the day. Out of curiosity, what kind of hobby magazines do you get old copies of? I know there is/was the Figure Japan magazine that Hobby Japan puts out, are there any others? It'd be super interesting to learn about what kind of information gets in them, I guess I could be unlazy and get ahold of some myself xDthank you!!! i'm not sure the exact one i was reading for the pics of the monkey girls (and i cant check cuz theyre currently packed away) but i tend to buy old model graphix magazines! usually 2000-2005 ish. i also wish i knew a bit more about old collecting as i only started about 2 or 3 ish years ago but i love all things from the older days ;u; collecting old magazines and stumbling upon old figure blogs is the light of my life :D
6 måneder siden
Bah-Roo6 måneder siden#85066420Cuties! I’m glad you could buy them and that they make you happy :) they’re very sweet.chocolatpanty6 måneder siden#85071861oh my godddd these are gorgeous!! they're such cute figures to have and I'm super happy for you!THANK YOU!!! it means so much, i'm really glad others like to hear about my silly monkey story, i really really adore them T_T <3 !!
6 måneder siden
Neurotikitten6 måneder siden#85071440I might be wrong, but looking at the picture of the box you're interested in (above the unpainted kit picture, right?) It looks like it's the same box as in the unpainted kit picture, just with super intense light on it, like the flash of an old camera. In the background, you see the top of the box with the engraved monkey girl, same as in the picture of the unpainted kit. So, if yours came with the box - it may be the same as in the magazine.
It seems like you actually have all the pieces that exist to this puzzle, and that's exceptional. Some things are just simply meant for certain people. I love stories like this.
i actually wasnt the one who bought the unpainted kit but yes it definitely looks like the same box!! i hope to see a picture of it closer someday, perhaps if they buyer feels like sharing ^^ and thank you so much! ur comment touched my heart TToTT
6 måneder siden
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
I absolutely loved reading this, thank you so much! I wish I could have known what the hobby community was like back in the day. Out of curiosity, what kind of hobby magazines do you get old copies of? I know there is/was the Figure Japan magazine that Hobby Japan puts out, are there any others? It'd be super interesting to learn about what kind of information gets in them, I guess I could be unlazy and get ahold of some myself xD
6 måneder siden
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