How many items/figures do you get in a month's time?How many items/figures do you get in a month's time?Ask MFC

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari9 dager siden
November has turned into a Loot Month folks.

Been getting new items in every week and I'm still not finished and waiting for a few more items to get in that may be in by early December!


Got in more DVDs this week and more Manga I've enjoyed the Parallel Paradise Manga and the Creature Girls A Hands on Field Journel in Another World Manga. Would love to find more Monster Girl Manga.

The Shadowcast Batman Batwing arrived this week and ITEM #71289 came in too so I have had my fill of Zoids for now and still waiting for a Hasbro Shield Liger to get shipped that will arrive early December.


Currently my collecting focus is shifting towards collecting Batman and next year if all goes well should have the MASSIVE Batman Animated Series Batwing and the huge Batmobile back in the collection since my Brother's moving I can get those back from him next year when they come since I'm not sure they'll be coming at the end of the year due to the Covid Pandemic so I am happy to wait patiently for that set of Batman Vehicles and that will be a major challenge to find where to display the Batwing and I'll probably mount it on the wall.



Got another Poster for the Star Trek Collection the other day and that's been framed and on the wall and that part of the room looks a lot better now with another Starship Poster up.


Still patiently waiting for ITEM #6913 ITEM #346214 and ITEM #647463 to arrive, those will get in early December at this point.

Then the last thing that should be in hand in early December should be ITEM #870690

Running out of space rapidly for new items so that will make it easier for December to be a no spend month.


Right now I'm content to make December a No Spend month after getting so much in this month, I have splurged to the point I'm content with everything that's been picked up and am actually tired of waiting for packages again so once the last Evangelion DVD gets in and the Nadia Part 2 DVD set I'll have my fill of DVDs too but still will be waiting for the Dark Knight Trilogy DVDs to get in and if all goes well may have ITEM #138302 rolling into the collection by the end of the month.


I love the Batman Tumbler and it's one of my favorite Batmobile Designs so looking forward to the 2005 Mattel Batman Tumbler to get in next week.


This makes me wonder how many of you have had months where you constantly got new items into your collection.

What's the most amount of new items you've gotten in a week or month's time?

Focused more on DVDs this month since I wanted to finish up the Anime Series To Get List and should be satisfied with this month's additions to the DVD collection and next month may check out some more Manga series but that can wait till next year.

Been a very busy month for the collection.
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I usually keep it to one scale or 2-3 nendoroids per month. I used to get more, but after covid hit, I had to cut down on spending ;w;
4 dager siden
Usually one or less -- exceptions are convention months where I pretty much buy anything that catches my eye that's within my budget (which hasn't happened in nearly 2 years bc COVID), or when I spot multiple figures I've wanted for a long time going for cheap. Biggest haul I've had in a long while came in last month: 1 scale, 1 prize, 1 GK, 1 Nendoroid, a plush, a CD and a BD. Definitely partaking in No-Spend December, though it will probably be Minimal-Spending Forseeable Future because of COVID and having to take out loans for tuition once I transfer to university whenever COVID dies down. Buying figures when living off loans seems like an exceptionally horrible idea.
6 dager siden
For me, it really just depends on release and shipping schedules. This month has been pretty loot heavy for me, mainly because of shipping schedules finally coming around.

This week ITEM #80469 and ITEM #1011089 arrive, so I'm going to have to figure out some sort of new space arrangement. Other than these two, I have gotten a couple of nendos and the TMR Jeaane/Mordred.
7 dager siden
Depends on the stock market. If i buy low sell high within the month, i tend to have more fun ordering stuff.

I think dollars better explain than count in my case. So around $400 per month and up to a $1000 for very lucky months.
8 dager siden
For figures the only one I got in a month not counting amiibos is Xenoblade 2 KOS-MOS but I didn't fully pay for her yet because I tried the Pay in 4 from PayPal and was not expecting them to ship the item, figured they would ship her until the 4th and final payment goes through. Only reason why I used Pay in 4 was to test it and I used her as a guinea pig. Second payment just went through as of this comment and final payment won't go through until after Xmas. I did get some games, a few Switch games, digital and physical and the elusive Super Mario Game and Watch which I thought would be as hard to get as the RX 6000 series, RTX 3000 series and next gen consoles.
8 dager siden
plasticizer8 dager siden#86908751Whatever 5% of my monthly income gets me.that's a really smart idea, good on you
8 dager siden
BeatlesPkmnFan9 dager siden#86908707Ultimately depends on how many figures get announced by companies that I want that are set to release in each month, but I try to limit myself to three, maybe four depending on what kind of figures they are, like how expensive each one is. Of course delays can then always change that and can end up me having more figures in one month than was initially planned.

I tried to limit myself to at least 3 items this month ITEM #6913 ITEM #346214 and ITEM #647463 but then nostalgia hit HARD and I ended up getting more DVDs than I planned and ended up with a Batmobile and Batwing and that's set off my interest in Batman.

Has me wishing I was as rich as Bruce Wayne with all the cool things to collect out there...if I'm not careful my room is going to become a parking lot filled with Batmobiles....those are pretty expensive these days given how popular Batman is and it makes me wish I could limit myself some months but sometimes I just ride that nostalgia wave till the collecting budget for the month is depleted.
8 dager siden
Too many. I barely have enough space for what I have right now, I keep telling myself to not order so much and save more, but stuff I want keeps getting announced or released.
8 dager siden
plasticizer very mild
Whatever 5% of my monthly income gets me.
8 dager siden
Ultimately depends on how many figures get announced by companies that I want that are set to release in each month, but I try to limit myself to three, maybe four depending on what kind of figures they are, like how expensive each one is. Of course delays can then always change that and can end up me having more figures in one month than was initially planned.
9 dager siden
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