Kommentarer Lets Crack Some Crime :) -Celia Hasselberg Romando Figure Review

  • I had to look into the game this was from and was surprised it's a FPS that looks quite violent LOL.



    The game is also super cheap at Suru www.suruga-ya.j... if you still have a working PS1.
    20 dager siden
    Loved the review
    11/10 would read again
    25 dager siden
    If someone could survive so much as this plastic did, he will be yellowish and fragile too..))
    28 dager siden
    very cool thank
    28 dager siden
    celia chan and all her official art are very adorable, i wish her all the best in her crime cracking ventures :)
    28 dager siden
    Lil mama straight lookin like Princess Peach in Trunks cosplay.
    28 dager siden
    Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
    m o n k e
    28 dager siden
    very good review
    monkey really stole the show for me
    28 dager siden
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