Japan Limited Exclusive DARS x Hypnosis Mic Chocolate Bars!Japan Limited Exclusive DARS x Hypnosis Mic Chocolate Bars!Loot

lyss_lyss_19 dager siden

Hello guys, today we have, not a figure, but...chocolate bars?
Yes that's right! Not just any normal chocolate bars, Dars x hypnosis mic chocolate bars! (Feat. All the hypmic nendoroids I have so far lol)

For those of you who dont know, the japanese candy company morinaga had done a special collaboration with king record to form these special made versions of dars chocolate bars featuring the characters of hypnosis mic! However, theres no difference in the chocolate, it's just the box that's different.
These versions are only exclusive to japan, but with the power of proxy shopping, I managed to get my hands on them myself!


I was a bit anxious about them arriving melted, but since it's cold over here and in japan, I also wasnt too worried. however when i opened them, they did melt a little, but i didnt care as long as it didnt affect the boxes.


bad ass temples box unfortunately got dented a little, but they otherwise came in perfect condition! I have ofcourse planned on taking the chocolate out and keeping the boxes. I might display them on my hypmic detolf!


i never heard of this brand before this collaboration, so this was my first time trying these chocolates. i only tried the white chocolate and stawberry so far. the white chocolate i got from the dotsuitare honpo box tasted pretty good, but the strawberry one from the division allstars box wasnt all that great to me. i was pretty disappointed because that was the flavor i was the most intrigued by. i oddly really like the sour taste of strawberries, so i was pretty excited to try it. it tasted more bitter than sour. im not someone who likes bitter foods, so it wasnt for me. it tasted a bit better after a few more bites, but it still wasnt that good.

anyway, lets see what the guys think!


i think they like them if i say so myself( ̄w ̄)

thats it for now, thank you for reading! byeeeee.
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Pity the chocolate melted, I like Dars.

Nice to be able to get some tie ins like this, hard to get outside of Japan.

I saw a Sega cafe collab for something I was interested in, still looking to see if I can get, so a lucky find for you as I don't expect these kinds of collaborations to last very long.
15 dager siden
never knew they did this collab, thanks for sharing! those special nendoroid bases look so cute together
18 dager siden
shame about them melting but they look yummy! that packaging is super cute too, especially that of the strawberry one. thanks for leaving your review!! :3
18 dager siden
Hypmic collabs with pretty much anything huh? haha! I’m glad they didn’t melt too much during transit!! Thanks for sharing your haul ^^
19 dager siden
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