ever injured yourself handling a figure?ever injured yourself handling a figure?Ask MFC

lyss_lyss_18 dager siden
with how many figures have sharp edges and how heavy some of them are, its pretty easily injure yourself

so i wanted to ask you all this: have you ever injured yourself handling a figure?

this isnt anything thats happened to me almost though, but im curious to hear people stories lol
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Yes, kind of.
I was dusting my figures and sliced my finger on acrylic riser. Those things are sharp as heck. It was pretty deep cut, something you can get from a kitchen knife.
15 dager siden
the narancia ghirga SAS. . . his hair is SO SPIKY and his head was so hard to get on, i ended up scratching my fingers ;u;
15 dager siden
ITEM #197698

A figure that truly earns the title "Mr. Dangerous".
15 dager siden
ITEM #912347 was pretty painful to put together with all the spikes coming off of him. ITEM #463746 also has a really freakin sharp sword that I pricked my finger on. There have also been some figures with super pointy hair that hurts to handle but other than that I think that's it for me.
16 dager siden
I've probably gotten minor papercuts while opening packages or figure boxes, but I've not been injured by a figure itself yet. Hopefully that will remain the case.
16 dager siden
When I first received ITEM #166946 and went to pull out the sword effect from the box, one of the sharp bits actually stabbed through my thumb and then sliced it once I pulled it out (amazed I never got blood all over Link!). First time I was ever injured by a figurine and since then I've learnt to be extra careful aha!
17 dager siden
My husbando ITEM #604018 is full of spikes it's nearly impossible to grab him unless you take him by the base lmao
I ripped my fingers several times but it's fine because looooooove hurts, looooove scars
17 dager siden
Im not sure how to link an item but the FuRyu Albedo figure that I received, all of her pegs (besides her feet) did not fit properly.

I had to sand then down with a dremmel to get them to fit and even then I still had to force the wings in place on her back. Im still not even sure they are in properly. I broke skin on my hands multiple times and it left my thumb red from pressure for a week TT
17 dager siden
PatchworkToxin Dat Yandere
Every time I pick up ITEM #358241, she stabs me. T_T
17 dager siden
I almost cut myself on the sorey kotobukiya’s sword
This one is what I’m referring too:

ITEM #221042

Anyways long story short the sword is sharper then it looks
Sadly the figure broke I forgot how but I think I got rid of it because of that(that it broke)
17 dager siden
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