what is the oldest figure you have?what is the oldest figure you have?Ask MFC

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lyss_lyss_17 dager siden
so this question randomly popped into my head and i thought it would make an interesting discussion: what is the oldest figure in your collection?

not oldest in terms of the first figure you got, the oldest as in the year it was made!

for me i would have to sayyyyyy nendoroid necoarc ITEM #1613
yes, very the first, and one of the rarest nendoroids to ever exist! not only is she one of the rarest things in my collection, she is also the oldest!
ive owned figures since 2012, but started collecting in 2017, so almost all of the figures i have are from the 2010s. the necoarc nendoroid was released in 2006 and was the very figure that started the nendoroid line we all know and love today. she is one of only figures i have that is from the 2000s, i only have a few other figures that are almost as old, thus makes her my oldest figure!

tell me about your oldest figure bellow!
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The oldest figures I own are ITEM #7948 and ITEM #13869 - both were released in June 2000. I purchased the Mai figure in an auction, and the seller ended up including the Kyo figure with it for free since no one had bid on it.
11 dager siden
My collection is pretty small but has quite a feel older figures! Oldest is ITEM #1751 and I feel he holds up pretty well! I hope to complete the Lamento shelf, it's one of my favourite games.
Second place is ITEM #5430. Older Nendos are so dang fiddly... but still very adorable!
14 dager siden
ITEM #332940 which i got as a kid and I still love him very much <333
15 dager siden
ITEM #29681
ITEM #29682
ITEM #29683
All game prize figures released in 1998
15 dager siden
ITEM #20969 and ITEM #122 the second one have so good quality, you cant tell this figure is 17 years old
15 dager siden
ITEM #142 from 2007. I tell the story of the remake a lot, so I'll spare that salty story for this article haha. Still, knowing it's my oldest figure kinda makes it special to me as well. This was when GSC first started making really nice scales I believe.
15 dager siden
ITEM #992146 from ~1998! surprisingly nice quality :-]
15 dager siden
Well it's going to depend entirely on how you define "figure"- something I've always struggled with on this site.

ITEM #4809 is the oldest item in my collection that's not a book, but I hardly think she qualifies as a figure.

Other than that, we have ITEM #28378.

Of course if you really want to get technical, I have the US version of ITEM #47677, or even older, a Cye/Shin from the '95 Playmates Ronin Warriors run, which was a retool of the '88 Takara Samurai Troopers figure (sadly not listed on this site).
15 dager siden
the majority of my collection is from the early 2000s but ITEM #93455 ITEM #720912 ITEM #83118 are all from 1999! :D
16 dager siden
victorviper16 dager siden#95699736Same oldest figure - that Akari is also my oldest figure.
Seeing that Sasami GK, I always hold out hope that Tenchi Muyo might see a resurgence of popularity and some more figures, but it doesn't look like that will happen. FREEing did that Ryoko bunny figure last year, but that's been about it.

I see you're a man of culture as well *nodding*

I actually got the ryoko bunny hoping we'd at least get Ayeka to match but it sure doesn't seem like it at this point :(
16 dager siden
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