Do you display your entire collection?Do you display your entire collection?Ask MFC

marrieletsgomarrieletsgo3 måneder siden
Recently I’ve been quite unhappy with my display (due to lack of space) and have begun to only display the figures I really like, and decided to put the rest away in boxes, do you like to display every figure you own?, or would you rather just display the items you really like?
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The only figures I have packed away are Christmas, Halloween and Easter seasonal figures which I'll bring out during their seasons. If I don't want to display a figure anymore then I don't really need it in my collection so I either sell it or give it away.
2 måneder siden
I do. I paid money (sometimes more) for them so why should they be laying boxed somewhere?
3 måneder siden
I do not display the entire collection. A lot of my (older) prize figures are packed away. This is due to them either being pretty old (so a lot of them look a little iffy compared to even modern prizes) and some of them I got for really-low prices due to dirt/damage so now as I've elevated my collection with mostly scales, I don't want to display those figures that aren't quite 'up to snuff'.
3 måneder siden
PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
Space and organization are a real concern on mine, so I currently do not display all of my owned items. I have a section of my room for gaming, a section for stereo equipment, and a section for my figure collection. For the most part, I won't blur any of those lines. I think a lot of collectors are this way: they tend to keep collection grouped together, not just place them on any flat/empty surface in their room. Someday, when I have my own place, I will have everything on display!
3 måneder siden
Oh, I try to like make room or create room for everything
3 måneder siden
I have all my figures out of box and on display
3 måneder siden
I don't have many figures, so I'm able to fit them all on my shelves, occasionally switching out and selling ones I no longer love as much. I do put some of the One Piece ones to the back, such as ITEM #91361 and ITEM #989873, as they're my most mature figs, but otherwise I'll only buy if I know I can display, as I don't have room to keep them in boxes.
3 måneder siden
There are very few figures I don't display and I should probably sell or give them away. But 95% of my collection is out of box. When I had less room to display them all, I used to rotate figures so each one had a chance to shine. I'd probably do that again if I ever had to downsize my living space.
3 måneder siden
I used to do that and then my closet space was getting way too cluttered for my liking.

I have a rule of thumb for my collection - which is if I can't find a spot to display it, I probably don't need it. And if I really want it - I gotta give up something for that spot. This way I'm really making sure to purchase only the things that I really want instead of anything or everything I find cute.
3 måneder siden
I display them all, I don't really understand not displaying figures you have unless space is an issue. If you don't wanna display it then what's the point? I have over 300 now so space is becoming an issue, they're pretty much everywhere in my room lol but I like living in a weeb den sooo
3 måneder siden
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