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Fabu_FiguresFabu_Figures2 måneder siden
I started collecting back in early 2019, purchasing whatever PreCure and Madoka Magica figures I could find for cheap on AmiAmi. I've cleared out most of them over the years, but the one I've kept longest - and intend to keep for a while longer - is ITEM #140830. Not only is she my favourite Pink Cure, but she's also in like-new condition, and since I found the other three from the series, my shelf would feel empty without her :)

So, which figure have you had the longest? Was it your first ever purchase, or has it simply remained on the shelves longer than others?
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Late to the party, but I'll still answer. My first real figure purchase is also my longest lasting figure: ITEM #42032. If you count dolls, then Tuxedo Mask is my longest lasting as I still have him to this day ITEM #164030. I got him when I was 8, so around '99 instead of his actual release year.
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My first still surviving and legitimate figure seems to be ITEM #64962. I had gotten ITEM #25067 the month prior as a birthday gift, and she was my first figure, but she was sadly bootleg despite the price tag and I eventually threw her out in a move the next year.
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Alice7Sen [retired shinobi]
Oh man...
I got my first figure in 2015 from Amazon. It was a character called Kotone Kusanagi from a franchise? called Keumaya Final. I have no idea what that is even today, it was 30 bucks, pretty cheap quality, but I still remember how fascinated I was with the sculpt and the details. I've seen scales before and always wanted to have one, but the high prices repelled me. But this one changed everything. It's by all means a crappy figure, but I could never bring myself to throw her out because she started it all. I just make sure to put her in a dark corner where no one can see her XD
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ITEM #128174 back in 2014, but I only really started collecting in 2019 :P
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njdrawscomics Webcomic Artist
I think the oldest I have is ITEM #314874 which was the first figure I bought in Japan in 2010.
2 måneder siden
I got ITEM #311699 well over 5 years ago and he's still on my bookshelf. It's not the first figure I bought (the first were a tiny FMA figure that I just lost can't find anymore) but it's the one I had for the longest time.
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I got this ITEM #6072 as a Christmas gift when I was in highschool about ten years ago. I still have him sitting on my bookshelf. I also have a bunch of little pokemon figures from when I was a kid.

When I seriously started collecting, I bought these two ITEM #180481 and ITEM #223037 at the GSC booth at anime expo in 2014. After that my collection just exploded.
2 måneder siden
ITEM #10998 , my very first figure and what got me into this hobby in general =3
2 måneder siden
ITEM #19 and ITEM #388 for 10+ years. Glad to still have both on display.
2 måneder siden
ITEM #56241 - very first figure purchased when I began collecting in 2018

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