I shipped a cold cast with no box...I shipped a cold cast with no box...Diary

setokaibaswifesetokaibaswife1 måned siden
I found ITEM #14612 for sale for only 800 yen! But the catch was that she has no box and she's cold cast.

Cold cast is very delicate, I've seen all kinds of horror stories even when the figure HAS the box. Rei's pose left her limbs looking pretty delicate and exposed... I knew it was risky but sometimes a risk pays off, right? So I decided to take the leap and buy it.

As soon as I bought her, I was told that it would likely break during shipping and I said that's okay. I had plans to try and fix her and honestly for less than $8 (plus pretty cheap shipping costs) I'm willing to risk it.

So I waited nervously for her to arrive and finally she did. To be honest, I expected the worst when I opened her, I thought maybe she will be unfixable.
She was packaged in bubblewrap and then inside the bubblewrap I found her in a plastic bag with some styrofoam peanuts. I think this was actually a pretty genius way to pack her! It gives her lots of padding but it's soft and no pressure is applied.

I took her out and at first I thought her head snapped off so I nervously searched around in the bag to find it, until I searched and found it in a seperate plastic bag.
So surprisingly... she survived unharmed! The only damage is a small bit of damage on the back of her head which was already there when I bought her, so she suffered 0 damage despite being shipped overseas with no box :D

Here is what she looks like! I'm so happy with her, she looks amazing and is pretty big. I love the glossy paint and I'm also a fan of sitting figures especially when they don't need a base.
The effect of cold cast is also really nice! The figure is from 2003 but I think it stands up really well and looks/feels high quality.

Just wanted to share my happy and lucky experience with the community!
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setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Chuckyfreak1 måned siden#100431740That's honestly amazing! I'm so happy she arrived undamaged, it's shocking in all honesty. I read the title and felt fear, but am leaving now quite happy XD
Thank you and I'm glad you were able to leave happy :D I wanted to take the reader on the same rollercoaster of emotions that I experienced.
1 måned siden
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
LavenderRum1 måned siden#100431833She looks so good and I'm glad she arrived in one piece. The seller is a packing genius and I'm actually taking down some notes!
Thank you :D I agree, it's a pretty genius method of packing, I haven't seen it before.

TomTheCat1 måned siden#100470199That's a great seller to tell you up front to expect some damage. And it's nice to see that they really put great care into packing the figure. And it appears that everything went in your favour in this particular case, for even with the most meticulous protection, it is still possible to sustain some damage due to rough handling, or even actual accidents.
Be sure to leave appropriate feedback for the seller, if you have the option. I'm sure they'd appreciate that.

Yup I really appreciated it and thanked them! Definitely had some luck on my side, you never know with fragile materials like this, they can have the best packaging and still damage in shipping.

victorviper1 måned siden#100478945Aizu Project makes some pretty good coldcast figures.
I've had good luck shipping coldcast figures. As long as they are surrounded with cushioning, and they are not rattling around inside the shipping box, I think the risk of breakage is not too great.

Yup it's just down to luck a little bit I think. I have pretty good experiences with polystone too but I know there are many horror stories. Always good to prepare for the worst and hope for the best!
1 måned siden
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
serina1 måned siden#100478973Wow that's a very pretty Rei figure!! :D Im glad she arrived safely :>
She's super pretty and thank you!!

SakuraUchiha1 måned siden#100432308What's a cold cast o: im glad you received your figure safely tho!FakePsychotropic1 måned siden#100432234What is cold cast?
Anyway, in my experience Japanese sellers tend to be meticulous with their packaging of figures w/o original packaging. Sometimes they're better protected than they would've been in the blister.

From the MFC listing for cold cast:
"A form of polymer resin that is engineered for low heat production during the mixing, pouring and curing process.
Low heat means less shrinkage after cooling down, enabling fine details to be kept better than with hot cast resins.
However, due to the emphasis on low heat production, cold cast resins are typically weaker than their hot cast cousins."
It's a pretty delicate material, hard to explain but it feels totally different from PVC. It feels more statue-like.

cocosole1 måned siden#100431985That's honestly a really great way to package loose figures! Gonna keep that in mind if I ever ship out things like this.
Rei looks really good! Love the shine and colors on her, and her pose is really cute too :)

I'm also gonna keep it in mind, and I agree! Very happy with this figure. I don't own many Reis since I focus on Asuka but I love this one.

TrixieTang1 måned siden#100431913She looks pretty solid. When it comes to cold casts they usually break either along a stress point (i.e. the legs will often snap if they're pure cold cast with no metal for support) or they'll break at a thin area (i.e. if the figure has ribbons or swords they'll have a high chance of breaking). This figure doesn't really appear to have either.
Yeah you're right I think the size/bulkyness of this figure helped. Although I've seen horror stories with even less fragile looking cold casts so you never know.
1 måned siden
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
TheCringeMaster1 måned siden#100520756The way that it's packaged is something I'll have to keep in mind if I ever plan to sell ITEM #15293. Her box is huge, takes up at least half a shelve.
garturo621 måned siden#100479320Good thing the seller packaged it so well, peanuts did work lol
It's a really good method! I haven't seen it used before actually but I'll also be keeping it in mind.

ichigosalad1 måned siden#100479111reading this was so nerve-racking but im so glad she arrived safe!!! she’s adorable
I intended for the article to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster since I definitely went on one with this figure myself! I'm super happy with her, and thank you.

RubyOshi1 måned siden#100479066I want to eat those packing peanuts so bad LOL
I understand haha I don't get the feeling for the packing peanuts but I saw some soaps recently that just somehow looked cinnamon flavoured and I really wanted to eat them.
1 måned siden
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
gpanthony1 måned siden#100527027Great story! Glad she got there safe!dumbchihuahua1 måned siden#100519776Grats!pipperpippin1 måned siden#100519499OMG What a great find!! Jealous!! So glad she survived the trip to you :Dyurikumas1 måned siden#100517995Ahhh this Rei is so pretty what a good find! I'm glad she arrived ok ^^Nyanochiix1 måned siden#100490661i'm glad she arrived safely!! o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o
Thanks you guys I'm really glad she got here safe too!!
1 måned siden
Great story! Glad she got there safe!
1 måned siden
The way that it's packaged is something I'll have to keep in mind if I ever plan to sell ITEM #15293. Her box is huge, takes up at least half a shelve.
1 måned siden
1 måned siden
OMG What a great find!! Jealous!! So glad she survived the trip to you :D
1 måned siden
Ahhh this Rei is so pretty what a good find! I'm glad she arrived ok ^^
1 måned siden
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