January - August 2021 loot (❀ •̀ᴗ•́ )January - August 2021 loot (❀ •̀ᴗ•́ )Loot

nadsnads4 måneder siden
Hello fellow collectors,

its currently 2 AM and I think I fucked up my sleeping schedule so what better to do than write an overly long blog entry for MFC?

I've been meaning to do a haul post of all the figures/merchandise I got in the first half of year back in June but ... well, life (and video games) said no. I'll do it now though and then probably in December. This will obviously be very picture-heavy and as I like to ramble also very text-heavy. Although my collection doesn't grow as rapidly as others, I'm still very happy with it and hope you find joy ... in my joy. Or something like that.

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● First figures of the year and a long-awaited one among them, too!



So happy Joker (ITEM #524814) got re-released because he's probably one of not my favorite Joker figures. The base has so much style and the pose is just so reminiscent to his in-game poses. Perfection! And he goes so well with ITEM #919611.

Lio (ITEM #872745) & Galo (ITEM #872743) were a rather spontaneous buy as I had previously ordered Kotobukiya's scale figure of Lio (ITEM #846005) but felt like they would never release a fitting Galo. So I decided to get the PUPs instead. I did a review on them (BLOG #47491) and I still stand by my opinion that they're really great figures - except for the hideous PUP bases of course. Sailor Mars (ITEM #230302) brought me one Senshi closer to having the full Inner Senshis, but we'll get to that later.

● Next up is Toga (ITEM #860762) and boy, I do love her. I'm really in love with her sculpting and the pose, it makes her look quite dynamic. I got the extra faceplace as well, which makes her look a bit more ... derpy. Honorable mention for this haul are ITEM #845060 and ITEM #1004219 that I got from a friend as well as that Death Note shirt. Sure brings back memories to one of my first manga.


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● Not much this month except for two Nendoroids but they are a catch! First we got the Hinata (ITEM #248117) re-release and a pre-owned Asirpa (ITEM #248117) I snatched from AmiAmi. Man, I was so happy I got her because I've been looking for her for a decent price for ages. Unfortunately her box was a little banged up but it still looks mostly fine from the side, which I display Nendo boxes from.



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● I'm not gonna show you guys all of my German/smaller manga hauls but I'll show you this one. Got a few German mangas, a big batch of the Golden Kamuy mangas I was still missing but most importantly the Jujutsu Kaisen Fan Book (ITEM #1114422), the One Piece Novel about Law (ITEM #959061) and the Haikyuu art book (ITEM #1057381). While I love all of these, the Haikyuu artbook was by far the best part of this haul. The illustrations are so beautiful and having them all at my disposal like this is just one of my favorite things. I just LOVE looking through art books. So fun and relaxing.


● Next up we got we got a few more mangas and my probably favorite figure I pre-ordered this year. Warriors Alliance Law (ITEM #926658) is just gorgeous and I could just melt whenever I look at him. That little bit of leg/thigh and chest peak you get ... thank you MegaHouse for giving us this much male fanservice. I wrote a review about him too if you are interested, right here: BLOG #48184.


● Further on in March I got Kaiba (ITEM #91371)! He looks so good and while I saw a lot of people moaning about Kotobukiya only doing re-releases, I'm glad they do. Also snatched a pre-owned Luffy (ITEM #72244) and Chopper (ITEM #72247) from MegaHouse off of AmiAmi. A few Kuroo goodies (ITEM #950654 & a magnet not in the database) and a Golden Kamuy manga fit into the package too.


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● Another catch from AmiAmi's pre-owned section was this Law scale (ITEM #189854). He was in a near-mint condition and I'm incredibly happy about that. Got that Gudetama plush off of eBay, pre-owned but was still sealed and it's super cute and super soft. If anyone knows which MFC entry it is, I'd appreciate a link!


● Second batch of the Yu-Gi-Oh! crew came in too, Joey (ITEM #119375) and Marik (ITEM #119377)! With that I have all of them except for Bakura who I ... unfortunately don't care enough about. They look super good too. Unfortunately Joey's duel disc was broken but nothing a little super glue couldn't fix in about 5 minutes.


● The Kageyama Nendoroid (ITEM #248135) also finally joined Hinata. I didn't take a picture of his box but I took this picture instead because man, they are adorable! I still can't believe I didn't like Nendoroids at all about a year ago but then again the Haikyuu ones are probably the cutest of them all.


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● At the start of June I finally got a figure I've been waiting for for a long LONG LOONG time. After getting delayed about 500 times, I finally held Soulwing's Joker (ITEM #740309) in my hands. He's incredibly pretty, so well sculpted and his kind of sultry look just above his glasses is just so fantastic and in-character. Totally worth all the delays and so happy I pre-ordered him. Really hope we will get more Persona 5 figures of them in their school or casual uniforms. Or any male Persona 5 figures at all tbh.



● Middle of June I got an order with a few doujinshi because ... I can ┌( ಠ‿ಠ )┘!


I've had my eyes on the two doujinshi on the side for quite a long time and finally bit the bullet and tried zenmarket to get them. It worked very well, will definitely use it again! The Golden Kamuy doujinshi in the middle was a little extra because I can't resist Ogata and the artist's style is one of my favorites. And that keychain (ITEM #867634)? Let's just say I can't resist those either.

● Next up is another non-figure haul from the Japanese district in Düsseldorf. Mainly food but also another Golden Kamuy manga (the newest release back then) and two CHONKER Jumps. Mainly bought the left one because it had that clear file of Bakugou in it. He looks super handsome on it, what a looker. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)




● A few more clear files (ITEM #1125543, the Golden Kamuy one isn't in the database afaik), a sticker (ITEM #950656), an acrylic stand (ITEM #1149151) and Golden Kamuy coasters (that aren't in the database either and that I haven't even unpacked) are next up. Along with it came another lil' man joining the Haikyuu crew, namely Nishinoya's Nendo (ITEM #296454)! Another super cute addition that I couldn't miss.


● Last but not least in June was Hijikata (ITEM #106890) from Gintama which I got from AmiAmi pre-owned once again. His box was in a rough state but the figure itself doesn't have any damage so I'll gladly take it considering how hard and pricey the Gintama GEM figures can be ... now the only one I'm actively hunting for is Kagura (ITEM #207030) but she seems to be impossible to find for under 200 € ...


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● Starting of July are two items that are actually not of anime-origin but I love them enough to include them here. First up is a very detailed Garrus figure from the Mass Effect store. He's by far my favorite Mass Effect character and was complete surprise birthday present. He looks gorgeous and his little details and sculpting are so good. One of my favorite birthday presents ever! Aside from him I also got the big ass collector's edition that came out in honor of the game's trilogy remaster. The CE actually released a few weeks after Garrus but I just wanted to put them together. The CE is huge and having it just feels super special as it comes with a little "letter" from Anderson and a couple of other things that make my Mass Effect heart beat faster.




● Back to the anime purchases! A wonderful shipment from AmiAmi arrived, bearing a guy with 3 swords and .. 2 cats!?



Bad jokes aside, Zoro (ITEM #72246) was another purchase from AmiAmi's wonderful pre-owned section. His sword sheaths are a little roughed up on the inside, but you don't see them anyway. Other than that he's in mint condition and a welcome addition to my One Piece MegaHouse collection.

Joining him is the Kuroo Nendoroid (ITEM #460233). I am so incredibly thankful that he got chosen to get a re-release because he's my absolute Haikyuu favorite by far but I wasn't actively collecting when he first got released. Kuroo has a special little shelf next to my Haikyuu mangas because I love him that much and having his Nendoroid in the middle of it .. is just aesthetics.

Despite that, he isn't my most anticipated Nendoroid this year. That's actually Ogata (ITEM #904675)! Ogata is probably my favorite male character of all time (only rivaled by Trafalgar Law) so having GSC release a Nendoroid of him was an absolute no-brainer to me. I'm so happy he turned out so well. The blank stare, the stupid hair, the scars. Hawww, so happy I could add him to my collection!

● ANYWAY ... another absolute highlight came right after. Marnie (ITEM #1072374)! I love her so much, her face turned out so well and Morpeko is such an absolute cutie. I ordered her from Nin-Nin-Games and they even drew me a little Morpeko with a heart that says "thanks", which I found absolutely adorable.


● I received the female trainer of Sword/Shield (ITEM #1002154) right after her and while they're from different companies, I think they still look great next to each other and fit perfectly scale-wise. Can't wait for more figures from Sword & Shield!


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● August was a rather slow month, life- and figure-wise. As for pre-orders I "only" received three which were Rena (ITEM #1042538), the Bayonetta Nendoroid (ITEM #872607) and Tsukishima (ITEM #391982).


I was gonna cancel Tsukishima actually but then felt a little sad about the thought. He's not one of my big favorites but I still liked him enough to pre-order so ... I should not abandon him now! I'm glad I didn't as he looks just as adorable as his teammates.

The Rena scale turned out great too, quite big as well. I really hope we get more Higurashi figures, maybe even with more creative bases since the blank black base is the only thing that makes me a bit meh about her.

The Bayonetta Nendoroid was my absolute favorite of this haul though. Her box is incredibly pretty and so is she! A lot of great ways to pose her, too. I'm really hoping we are gonna get a Jeanne to go along with her at some point.

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● A figure series I really wanted to get done this year are MegaHouse's Sailing Again figures of the Strawhats.

I'll probably get all of them by the end of the year - except for Franky (ITEM #93862). Unfortunately his after market price is an insane 600-1000 € and while I could afford it, I'm just not willing to pay that much for a figure that used to be 130 €. Nevertheless, I also added these three to my One Piece POP figures over the past months: a smol Nami (ITEM #2783), Nico Robin (ITEM #93856) and Sanji (ITEM #89943).


So now I'm only missing Ussopp and Brook but I might have them in my sights already, hehe.

● Aside from the Strawhats, I also wanted to get most of Law's MegaHouse figures and Eustass Kid's POP Maximum. I absolutely adore both characters and them working together during the Wano Arc again really stirred my craving for their figures on.

You guys saw earlier that I snatched ITEM #189854 but I also managed to get the pre-time skip Law (ITEM #54742) and more importantly SOC Law (ITEM #442014) for a banging 160 € in perfect condition with a A-grade box. I felt like crying when the girl on eBay agreed to the price because man, that figure of Law is going for some insane prices too which is fair because he is hot as fuck. To put a cherry on top I found the Kid Maximum (ITEM #109863) a month or so ago for 160 € as well! Bless eBay Kleinanzeigen, a smaller German version of eBay! Unfortunately his box is quite banged up and he smelt like a whole bunch of smoke but eh, nothing a careful wash couldn't fix.


And now all three of these beauties are mine! (⋟﹏⋞)

● Last but not least, I wanted to at least get the Inner Sailor Senshis from the Girls Memories series. After getting Mars in January I slowly but certainly got the rest of the bunch, namely Moon (ITEM #199550), Mercury (ITEM #217440) and Venus (ITEM #230304).


I know they are not hard to get or expensive/impressive figures but they still mean A LOT to me as Sailor Moon was my first anime and holds such big nostalgia to me. I love looking at them and just remembering how it all started over 20 years ago.

Either way, if you read all of this - are you bored?
Bad jokes aside once more, thanks a lot for reading or even just looking at pictures and I hope you enjoyed my little loot post!

If ya'll are interested I might do a flat tour in the future.
For now I'm off to sleep though! ( ᵕᴗᵕ)*・☪︎
Hope you guys have a nice weekend and happy collecting ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚
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ArianeEva4 måneder siden#101414445Great haul! Yes I'm bored, and to make myself jealous, telling myself I can't afford this xdThanks ... you too can have these hauls if you relinquish your mortal needs such as food ...

Nurarihyon4 måneder siden#101453810I love all the photos! Everything looks so good. I especially loved your yaoi doujinshi haul!Hah, I don't order yaois often but when I do it's kinda exciting, even with just three. Thanks!
4 måneder siden
AcePlatinum4 måneder siden#101366685What a haul! Loving the GK rep! So much awesome merch that I did not know existed. That doujin looks fire though, who is the artist/title?The GK rep can never be strong enough. Hah, the doujinshi is by MICROMACRO and the title is 泡沫, which translates to ... foam.

lululumpia4 måneder siden#101366806soo jealous of that garrus figure! the prices people are reselling him at are so evil :(Oh damn, really? Didn't think so. I didn't even know about it, my partner just surprised me with it for my birthday since Garrus is my absolute ME favorite.

setokaibaswife4 måneder siden#101367094Very nice haul!! I particularly like the Toga figure and of course the Yugioh ones. It's nice to see a haul that's so male figure heavy too, they deserve appreciation!Thank you and totally see your, point, there's unfortunately way too little male figures and hauls with them in the majority ):
4 måneder siden
M4DAO4 måneder siden#101366552omg,so nice.u just tempting me badly.
pics? no,all i see is money!
I think I would cry if all I see was money when looking at my figures ...

cocosole4 måneder siden#101366608What an amazing haul you have! I have to agree, Joker from Soulwing is a beauty, he'll stay in the box for now since I'm clearing up space.
Thank you for providing pcitures, all the figures and food looks great!
Thank you so much! And yeah, Soulwing Joker definitely takes up quite some space but he's worth it.
4 måneder siden
I love all the photos! Everything looks so good. I especially loved your yaoi doujinshi haul!
4 måneder siden
Great haul! Yes I'm bored, and to make myself jealous, telling myself I can't afford this xd
4 måneder siden
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Very nice haul!! I particularly like the Toga figure and of course the Yugioh ones. It's nice to see a haul that's so male figure heavy too, they deserve appreciation!
4 måneder siden
soo jealous of that garrus figure! the prices people are reselling him at are so evil :(
4 måneder siden
What a haul! Loving the GK rep! So much awesome merch that I did not know existed. That doujin looks fire though, who is the artist/title?
4 måneder siden
What an amazing haul you have! I have to agree, Joker from Soulwing is a beauty, he'll stay in the box for now since I'm clearing up space.
Thank you for providing pcitures, all the figures and food looks great!
4 måneder siden
omg,so nice.u just tempting me badly.
pics? no,all i see is money!
4 måneder siden
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