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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 måned siden
Another late night blog entry....

What are the tallest figures in your collection?

What figures tower over the rest of your collection?

Found myself once again looking around the room and looking at what items stick out here and there are a few figures that do.


If anything the 1/4th Scale NECA Figures are among the Tallest figures here they are in front of the middle bookshelves and 1/4th Scale figures are pretty cool and these are going to be the only ones in the collection here.


ITEM #117206 is one of the tallest Anime scaled figures in the collection 1/6th Scale figures are among my favorite size for figures and she stands out on the shelf she's on at times but because of her size she's displayed on the lower shelf of the corner bookshelf behind where the Computer is so she's not that easy to spot.


She's a eye catching piece to me and should be moved somewhere I can see her more but she does take up a lot of space due to her sword.

ITEM #3227 and ITEM #6180 both of these stand out in the glass display case and am tempted to move them out of the display case over to the desk again but going to leave these two in the display case for now.


ITEM #124882 is one of the tallest prize figures here, mainly due to Kaworu being on a rock display stand that increases his size and he's a really good looking Prize Figure too.

ITEM #5636 and this is another one of the larger sized Prize Figures here.

The Combined Voltron form made up of
ITEM #94907
ITEM #94914
ITEM #94916
ITEM #94917
ITEM #94915


Just an old photo of the Voltron set next to one of the largest items here the Gi Joe Defiant Launch Complex when it's opened up into Launch Mode.

That is the largest Figure in the collection out of all of the figures listed in the database here.

My favorite Scaled figure size is usually 1/6th scale or 1/7th Scale anything bigger than that is too big for my collection in my view.

The tallest vehicle in the collection at the moment is the old AT-AT Walker from the Power of the Force 90's Star Wars line but Voltron towers over that AT-AT Walker too.

What are the tallest figures in your collection?

What size scale is your favorite?
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Tallest is definitely the 1/4 Bunny Miku ITEM #604596
As for scale size, I like 1/7 the most.
1 måned siden
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Rengoku vs Akaza resin statue standing at about two feet tall. Have to put some kind of case around it and I'm not looking forward to building it lol
1 måned siden
Probably ITEM #440778 Because of the absurd needle on the back. Wish it went straight up and not diagonal tbh it's a bitch to display.
1 måned siden
Malachi1 måned siden#102902454It's definitely not the sex doll I have hidden in my closethorny has been spotted
1 måned siden
My 1/4 Tifa XZ studios resin figure is on the way and she's 22 inches
1 måned siden
When I designed and built my heavy-duty bookshelves this summer I had this exact same dilemma. Plus I wanted all 3 bookshelves the exact same dimensions. With $300 worth of wood I couldn't just put something together just to discover "oh no my toys don't fit!"

The vertical space is 15.5" per shelf although the clearance is 14" per shelf. (If that makes sense) the question was how many figures do I have over 14"? Anything taller would automatically be top shelf. Surprisingly few!

All my 1:3 statues are flirting with 30 inches, I have three and three more on preorder. I also have Weta Workshop's epic Lara croft show stopper on preorder. www.wetanz.com/.... That masterpiece is 31.5" high. ^_^
1 måned siden
ITEM #809416 This big boy Guts is 956mm (37.2 inches) tall. He's monstrously huge, I have other Prime 1 and large statues and he towers over them by a good amount.
1 måned siden
My tallest would be ITEM #2385 and ITEM #123656
1 måned siden
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Just got her! ITEM #1088549
1 måned siden
It's definitely not the sex doll I have hidden in my closet
1 måned siden
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