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So for the last little while I have been contemplating selling my collection. Of course the pandemic has kept my thoughts far away from that as I have seen the pricing for shipping in the past few years just soared out of control. I did decide not to long ago to place a comment of a few figurines that I was willing to sell. Some of these are well known and well sought after in the community.

How I was not prepared for the messages and just what it actually takes to sell a figurine. You see I am a front line worker, have been for the last 13 years or so. Now with Covid you would think that we are very busy and I can assure you that we are very very busy. Why am I telling you this well you see with the amount of messages I received and tried to get back to I found myself in a very tuff spot. Most of us in the front lines will tell you that we are running on fumes. When we can get some shut eye we tend to do that more than even eat or do leisurely things. A few weeks ago if I got 37 hours sleep out of 150 possible hours then that was a great. Most will tell you as well that we are at a mental state that is not conducive to being social all that much.
So a buyer got in touch with me about Sallya, a few actually some did not want to pay what I was asking which is fine.


The one buyer that has communicated with me the most has been very patient and I have kept in touch with them and they understand the circumstances of the job I do. I am very appreciative of that. It’s been at least 3 weeks since we started to communicate and not once have they lost their patients with me. Today is the day I will finally get to go to the post office box and get the person a shipping quote. But before that I want to make a blog about just what I find is the perfect way to package a figurine to be shipped out.

A few things I thought that were needed when considering just how fragile these figurines can be. The few pictures that follow will depict what I went and bought of found to help with the process of packing and shipping out a figurine. For me first and foremost it’s the original box.


The next 2 are bubble wrap that I bought locally so I could protect the original box and of course the outer box and some shipping brown paper wrap to make everything nice and clean



Now I only need to pack up the figurine and then off to the post office I go.

On a side note to those that have sent me messages about other figurines I have shown interest in selling please be patient I am doing as best as I can at the moment. What this selling process has shown me as well is if you are planning on selling a large chunk of your collection like I am then make sure that you have the time to take care of the people writing to you. Make sure once a deal is finalized that you ship out the figurine within a timely manner. Well as timely as possible. There is no use in getting a bad comment on your profile if a buyer is not willing to understand where you are coming from.

I have put a guide line in how to deal with me if you wish to buy any figurines from my collection. Certain ones I am planning on keeping. So please scroll down on my profile and look at my How to deal with me. If you are one of those that are impatient and will leave me a bad or negative review don’t bother asking for a figurine or price. At my age I have a tendency to trust people to do the right thing. As mentioned above Ia m a front line worker and I have limited time on my hands and will do everything possible to facilitate the purchase from me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Here are a few picks of me putting the figurine back in the plastic and then in the box and getting the bob double bubble wrapped and packed.





If you wish to comment please do so I look forward to reading comments.

= )
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I always get thin bubble wrap to put around the figure inside since I think the original soft plastic is hard to wrap again
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hamfox ham
I’m so excited to get Sallya <3 but I don’t mind waiting at all! I appreciate you taking the time to pack her properly and get a proper shipping quote so much. Thank you Tia!
1 år siden
Thank you for this, I'm planning on selling off some figures and a lot of merch, and honestly the idea of going through with it is giving me anxiety. I have a spreadsheet that is almost finalized with what I will be selling, but I keep putting it off. My job keeps me busy but my main concern is making the process as smooth as possible for myself and whoever decides to buy from me. I get worried I'll ship something out and it will get lost or damaged, and I now have to eat the cost of shipping and lose out on a bit of money.

I suppose I can wait until I reach a period where I'm not as busy to ensure nothing can go wrong, and if it does, I have prepared some form of insurance at least.
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