Black ★ Rock Shooter - Nendoroid - 106 (Good Smile Company)Black ★ Rock Shooter - Nendoroid - 106 (Good Smile Company)Review

ILoveWammyILoveWammy10 år siden
Hello, this is ILoveWammy with another figure review! Today, we will be reviewing nendoroid 106, Black Rock Shooter!

Sculpting: Really smooth sculpt, and the parts fit nice together. Also, very detailed.

Painting: The painting is good. It runs abit on the bikini top, and the belt, but everything else is pretty good. I especially love the eyes and the scars. The jacket is really shiny, and it looks really adorable. The star on the front of her jacket is also really cute. :D

Posing: It's really great. Her ponytail on the right(The bigger one) is posable. The stomach/waist-thingy has a ball joint in it. She's alittle stiff-ish at first, but if you pose her for abit, the joints/posablity loosens up. She comes with an extra hair piece that you put inside of the hair to get rid of her eye flame, and you do the same to put the eye flame back.

Base: I really don't exactly love the base. It's really cute, it has a little star on it, and there's a checkerboard pattern on the bottom. But it doesn't look amazingly great. I can't even figure it out completely. I just really find it annoying.

Packaging: The opening is different then most nendoroids. The top flap or opening of the box opens in the middle instead of the front. The color scheme is checkerboard, and there's a sticker on the window that has some japanese characters and says "DVD 50min". With some pictures on the back with her in different poses.

Extras: There is a paper case with a DVD of Black Rock Shooter inside the box, and there's a CHANXCO pose picture printed on the DVD. The paper case is blue checkerboard, and it says some japanese characters, I'm guessing "Black Rock Shooter", and then "ORIGINAL ANIMATION DVD/50min". She also has an instruction page that shows you some things about posing.

Enjoyment: I love this nendoroid. While she has afew flaws, she's still adorable as ever. I really reccomend getting her. Especially if you love Black Rock Shooter.

Thanks for reading ^_^
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