Ami-Ami Pre-Owned B/B Review - Alter's Sasasegawa SasamiAmi-Ami Pre-Owned B/B Review - Alter's Sasasegawa SasamiReview

hipozaurushipozaurus7 år siden
Little Busters! is a light novel game done by well-known Key, which is currently being adapted into anime. I haven't seen anime yet, because I decided to try the game first (I'm one of the people who generally like original more than it's adaptations).

Either way, while looking through Ami Ami's pre-owned offers, I found this little gem for 4890 yen! It's rather decent price for her, she's more hard to find, than pricey. Sasami was stated a B for figure and B for box. I was a little hesitant, because I haven't purchased anything before from Ami Ami's pre-owned section, but yen's rate was so good I gave it a go. And I definitely don't regret it :3


When I opened the shipping box and took her out of it I saw, that her box is in rather good condition except for the plastic window. It's a bit torn near the bending part of cover.
Also when I opened it the blister was super-oily... O_o Don't know why, but it happily didn't affect Sasami herself.
Otherwise the box is in rather good condition, especially as for B rate:


It has standard, rectangular windows. Nothing special, but I like the simplicity ;) On the low left you can see Ami Ami's item's/box' rating sticker~

Now taking a look at Sasami herself...
accidental pantyshot xD

She looks pretty good, right? I was very nicely surprised! I though she'll have some, rather easy to seen, small paint transfers or paint chips, but she doesn't! The only things I found is small black spot on her right knee (which is really hardly noticable):
and a bit scraped part of her panties, but since she's sitting it can't be seen.http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2013/02/03/624645.png

Next up is her base...

It's simple, but not boring. I like it very much, because it doesn't draw the attention off Sasami herself too much. And it's in white-purple stripes (purple it my favorite color <3).
It's also it new-like state for me. It has some places that are scrapped a bit, but it can be seen only under the light (as on second photo here, a bit above 'Little Busters!' sign).

Summing up, I'm very happy I decided to purchase her, since the character itself hits the right points (I've got a thing for long and purple hair *w* cat ears, checked skirts, zettai ryouki and flat chests), so she drew my attention immediately~ Her eyes are also stunning and they have unique shape.

I'd recommend her even for people, who don't know the character, since the figure herself is beautiful and worth adding to collection (even despite her being rather simple). Definitely the next plus is that the maker is Alter, which is known for very high quality and awesome sculpts as well as painting. What to add more? ;3

and an extra:

I was my first blog post, I hope it was interesting and helpful for people, who also want to purchase something from Ami Ami's pre-owned section, but are hesitating.

Thank You for reading! *^.^*
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I see the prices of her and Kud are rising again ... ~4 months ago you could get A quality for the same price :/
7 år siden
hipozaurus is trying her best!
replieshide@Itikio: Thank you! *^.^*

@gilesaquil: Thank you, hehe ^^ I can do a review of my nendos, but just give me an example of whom I can do first, since I have -few- nendos and don't know how to start xD Yep, she's really nice, so happy I get her. I wish you luck with your pre-owned figure from amiami! :3

@blamon123: Thank you <33 The eyes were a bit of work, but I like how the photo came out :3

@MoeAddict: Yeah, I agree they're really good and mark everything sincerely (at least they try their best, I saw someone here got other figure than they ordered, but it was because of wrong item statement).

@silverangel: I was also very happy to see my Sasami was rather in new-like condition, she was definitely displayed, but I haven't even saw stains over her, lol. I also ordered Erio for my friend some time ago, she was A/B, if I remember correctly... You know, what? She had ONLY a bit bent box, near the cover' end and the edges lost their colors (it wasn't that noticable anyway), she wasn't even opened! In my country I bet someone will sold her as a new one xD

@WindsorSeven: Yesss, I was waiting for something like this! xD It also amaze me how Rin manage to run into Sasami every single day, lol.
7 år siden
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Sasasegawa Sasami!!!!
7 år siden
I once ordered ITEM #38854 in b state from amiami it was pretty perfect only there were some stains but luckily i managed to get them all of with some facecleaning stuff xDD. Nice figure though! I'm planning on buying her myself too c:
7 år siden
Most of my collection is from Amiami and half of those are either preordered or preowned. They do such a good job packing the item that it is in great shape when I get it.
7 år siden
that last picture looks amazing, love the blue eyes. great review
7 år siden
Good review! You could do for your Nendos as well hehe. :)

There's not many Sasami figures, and this one by Alter is definitely the best one. Nice to see your Sasami in good condition; I have an incoming order from Amiami as well (also B/B) and anxious to see if it's not damaged... *crosses fingers*
7 år siden
Your desk looks super cute. And she's adorable, too! > w <
7 år siden