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Shakugan no Shana - Shana - Nendoroid - Enpatsu Shakugan Ver. -Shakugan no Shana - Shana - Nendoroid - Enpatsu Shakugan Ver. -

For my next review, we will be dissecting our beloved Shana Nendoroid.

I only received her last week, but I was glad to finally get the legitimate version and not the bootleg I have been holding onto for the last seven or more months (more on that later).

So, on to the in-depth review to a great figure!

[size=large]Sculpting: (10/10)

As per usual, the sculpt on this figure is outstanding, with no unnecessary bulges or excess PVC. The individual areas of this figure are so expertly crafted and the usual attention to detail inherit in 99% of GSC figures is evident in the hair, face and clothing of Shana here. The fit of the sword in particular into her hand is something to take exception to, since it's a perfect fit and makes you smile when you get it into the hand without a problem. She sits nicely in the base and all parts (head, arms, legs, sword, Cotycus and cloak) all fit without need to grit your teeth trying to pull out, or to hurt yourself trying to put back in.

For those not savvy with the extra detail, you can also take out the little cowlick on top of her head! ^^

[size=large]Painting: (10/10)

The details again notwithstanding, this is an excellent job! Stellar paint work with brilliant application of the right amount of gloss and the decals are placed just so, making Shana a delight to behold. I am happy to say that my version of Shana looks just like the prototype shown there, complete with the fine detail on buttons and clothing. Facial paint is nigh close to perfection, with there being no bleed on the legs or clothing. Cotycus is wonderful also, unlike many Christmas decorations that have excessive bleed on such semi-transparent baubles...

[size=large]Posing: (9/10)

This is not as brilliant as the last reviewed figure Saber Super Movable Edition, but as stated in that review: "Most Nendos have an articulation that is great to pose with." I still believe in that statement. Shana here is excellent to pose with; though not "super-movable", she still is a pleasure to pose and play around with. Having stiff bangs to each side of the face hinders the arms, but it is a small hindrance - this should not by any means slow down your little tsundere! ^^;

Also, the selection of arms and faces gives a great range of poses to try out and mix with the other Shana (yet to be reviewed by me). Having two of them gives us way more options to play with, even though the exclusive Shana has black eyebrows - not red! :P

The joints are able to hold fine, and the biggest plus is that they aren't as stuck in there as later Nendos. This allows you to place them in various positions to enable your Shana to perform great feats of daring and malicious intent! I was glad of this, as some Nendoroids are a pain to fix for this problem, but this one had no problems in this department.

[size=large]Base: (8/10)

Standard affair with the usual utilitarian flair. This base will never win awards, but the high point of said base is the fact that Shana is allowed to sit so well, and sturdy is the best description to be applied to her. If you receive a copy like mine, then be assured that when you put her firmly into her base, you can pick her up by her head and she'll remain in the base - it's that sturdy.

The lower score is from how plain the base is, but it still remains high for the facts listed above.

[size=large]Packaging: (9/10)

This is the standard style of box that all earlier Nendoroids received. Cute poses and faces abound, and the colour scheme is excellent. The lower score is based on the fact that it's not as good as the newer boxes, which have a better tab system and tray. But what it has going for it is worth the chance to have even just the box. I am proud to have it on the shelf.

The tray is still the type with the tabbed edges to hold the indented parts together, thus keeping the accessories in place. This was a nice touch they had added from somewhere in the #30's until around the #90's I believe - it adds to the score, either way.

[size=large]Enjoyment: (9/10)

As stated above a few paragraphs, Shana is fun to play with, to add together with Dengeki Daioh Shana is pure fun, and something that adds to the score. Less enjoyment due to the fact that the new, 'super-movable' Nendoroids are showing up, but she's still great fun! Actually, she wasn't that bad to pose with old "Smelly" (see the last section below)! ^_^


In conclusion, Shana was worth waiting for. She adds much to my collection, even after having 72 Nendoroids, and I am grateful that I could get her sealed for only 4,000 yen. Adding her exclusive colour version together is fun, and I am not surprised she is one of the harder Nendos to get. It is also unsurprising that she has a lot of bootlegs - she is cute, fun and a wonderful tsundere addition to the team! You will not regret buying the legitimate version of her if you like her character - I guarantee it! ^_~

[size=large]Special Addendum:

As the page for Shana #47a attests, she has a bootleg. I was perhaps (?) unfortunate to buy one of these some many months ago from eBootleg, but held onto her for the sole purpose of showing her together with the legit Shana, as I took the photo of them here. As you can see, the bootleg Shana is not nice at all - she has a terrible paint job, weak joints that don't sit right, and the face is 'sun-burned' of all things. Her clothing isn't sculpted right, and the joints are full of extra bits not scraped off the edges.

The paint stinks, which is why I coined her "Smelly". And it's far too glossy, as all bootlegs seem to be. They seem to have used wood paint for the figure, and the face's decals (these are the eyes, in case you were wondering what I meant by 'decals') are a poor rendition of what we really get with the legitimate figure. Her Cotycus is ridiculous; the wire loops through the jewel rather than coming out of it, and the ends of the wire are badly hooked together (and easily come apart), unlike the loop that is created in the legit one.

All-in-all, a despicable figure.

I tell you all this about the fake in this review, only because it heightens the near-perfection of the legitimate version of said figure that much more believably. Comparing the two makes the real one that much more special, as the fake shows us how much better the real can be in anything. Bootlegs are just a waste of precious PVC and money, and buying the real one gives much more credence to the original sculptor and the company who produced it. And so I am glad that I could have the fake, if only to show off the beauty of the real in it's glory.

Thank you for reading my review! ^^
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Tarkana2Nice review. I was eyeing her up at the last con I was at, but all the seller's products turned out to be bootlegs.
Thanks. Glad it was good for you. Sad to say that the bootleg out-numbers the legitimate one, but one day it could happen! Took me two years! ^^
8 år siden
Nice review. I was eyeing her up at the last con I was at, but all the seller's products turned out to be bootlegs.
8 år siden
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