Black ★ Rock Shooter - 1/8 - Original Ver. (Good Smile Company)Black ★ Rock Shooter - 1/8 - Original Ver. (Good Smile Company)Review

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Chain, chain, chain! I may have nightmares about the chain, but Black ★ Rock Shooter (hereby known as B★RS) will remain in my dreams forever! ^^

For those interested, read on for more on why!

❖A word of caution: my review is much more image-heavy than those before it.❖

Go! Go! Black ★ Rock Shooter!

Sculpting: (9/10)
Pure pleasure to view. B★RS is just further proof that GSC can make some of the best figures on the planet. There's not a bad edge nor an overuse of PVC anywhere, and on my copy there didn't seem to be any sculpting burrs (the kind that they snap off after injection). My guess is that they just sanded these off or something, or the paint is covering them good. Either way, B★RS is an absolute dream to behold, and one of the best figures in my collection for it. I personally also like the flat chest look, as many out there in anime land know the meme now, which I will not go into. I like this because it's a fresh character design, as opposed to the obsessively large breasts you see on many figures these days. And the way that GSC handles this is superb - the tone of her torso and the curve from the side (as seen in the banner above) is a highlight.

Massive props go to GSC on the rendition of the cannon. This is so cool, and the weight the cannon has seems fit for the figure. The details are spot-on and it feels really nice to hold it in your hand.

Like Dead Master before her, this too has a problem. The chain! This thing just does not stay where the little sheet of paper provided tells you to put it, and neither does it go where they show you in the picture of the prototype. I had to wrap mine around her wrist to get it to stay - and even then it can fall off easily. Hence the lower score, but she's still a brilliant sculpt!

Check out the detail here ▼!
Such a nice tone on the torso - I love that in figures! ^^

Here's the problem chain ▼:
You can't see it, but it's wrapped around the other wrist...

Painting: (10/10)
Again no paint bleed, and again a brilliant paint job on behalf of GSC! There are no flaws whatsoever that I could see, and I looked closely too. Originally when I first saw the prototype of this figure, I was severely taken aback by the stitches on her torso, as the pictures I saw were not very flattering in that area (the paint bleeding and generally just a shoddy job imho). But, I am happy to report that the one I received is just excellent in every way, especially the stitches. You saw above the detail of the torso in that picture, but also the paint job is just well-executed. The intricate little areas of the zipper, the stars and her face (seen below) are just some of the great areas of painting this figure is now known for.

Her pale skin here is also a selling point of how well they applied paint to add life to the character. Not to be outdone is the workmanship of the base's paint job, which will be covered more in that section.

Check out her face here ▼!
Such excellent painting!

Posing: (10/10)
This pose is not unseen before. I know of many that have similar poses and I own a few with this type of pose. But, where this figure excels is the addition of the base and the cannon in the pose. Standing atop a battle-worn floor of checkered tiles and leaning back on her cannon, B★RS is a sight to behold in one of the nicest renditions of this type of pose. The flow of her coat around her hips is a nice touch, and one that really fits her character. Even with the chain being the pain to pose as it is, the end result is what counts: and this is fantastic!

The biggest selling point of the pose is that it is almost exactly like Huke's original picture. Shame I didn't have a background to match said picture, but this does not ruin an otherwise great figure.

A very nice pose indeed!

Base: (10/10)
As stated in the review for Dead Master, this base is a marvelous reason to buy this figure. The battle damage and the way they took just a chunk and used earth for the lower part is very inspired. Once again the back story behind this base and the image it represents is one of the many things I love about this figure, and the whole B★RS franchise. I guess my imagination runs wild at the fact of such a depiction, and I tend to run with it and even let myself get pulled along. But the base is sturdy and almost like a paper-weight in that it's got a sense of weight to it unlike those regular flat bases you get with most figures out there. The pegs in the base for the feet are not the most sturdy-looking part, but neither are the so tight that you'd be afraid to try and pull the figure back out.

On that personal note, I was ever so pleased to be able to put both B★RS and Dead Master together for some real good shots. PICTURE #139171 :)

Check out the base ▼!
What a wonderful base! ^^

Packaging: (8/10)
Perhaps a bit better than Dead Master's box, the box for B★RS is quite sturdy and has the tiled checkered pattern over it with silver chrome lettering for the name. There is a window to show off herself at the front and top, Huke's artwork on the left side, and the figure in the same position as the picture on the right side. The back of the box has various photos of the figure, and the top and bottom have her name emblazoned on them. The box itself is made of double-layered cardboard, and while not as sturdy-seeming as the Dead Master one at first, it is quite a tough box. Once again the funny little three-sided tab for the top lid is present, but unlike Dead Master's box, there are no glowing parts.

The tray has only one part to it. It is basically like any other tray to hold the parts safely, but around B★RS' back leg could be found a tie to hold her in place for safe shipping. All-in-all, a worthy package, just standard like many boxes and trays are...

Not a bad box, really.

Enjoyment: (10/10)
To say that B★RS is not fun to own would be a lie, and I am very grateful to have finally got ahold of a quite popular figure to display. Getting her to work with the chain was fun, if not the kind of fun I was hoping for, anyway. But it's great to own her and Dead Master together, as they compliment each other perfectly. I can truly understand why others love their B★RS so much, and now I can fully agree with them and will enjoy her for years to come!

I can only recommend this figure highly to anyone who has not yet taken part of such a beauty, and I shall be eternally grateful to GSC, Huke and Akeji for their efforts to get B★RS to not only PCs the world over, but now fan's rooms too! From the sculpt, to the paint to the base - all is good in the world of figure collectors, and those who would wish to buy her, then if she's available, go get her before she's gone again! I am very glad that I could get this re-release, and so I shall enjoy her for a long time to come! ^_^

Thank you for reading my review! ^^
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I updated to the site's new standard for making text larger, as my old size=large wasn't working any more. Thanks to those who still come here to check this out. Maybe one day I'd like to review other things, but for now this is it.

Thanks again, my fellow figure nuts! :D
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'Twas a good review with nice photos! Congrats~
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