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ZeroParadigmZeroParadigm7 år siden
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Episode 4 is out! We start off the show with a couple Figurawrs announcements, including the Mascot Naming Contest Poll, but then get to talking about the newest figures from “The Seven Deadly Sins”, Momo Belia Deviluke from Max Factory, and Native’s Misugi Ran (among other things). This episode has a decidedly lewd tone overall, I think.

00:00 - Opening, Figurawrs announcements
02:20 - What's up this week?
07:43 - Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins (Orchid Seed) - ITEM #97005
11:54 - Satan - The Seven Deadly Sins (Orchid Seed) - ITEM #97003
15:11 - Faris-tan Nendoroid - Steins;Gate (Good Smile Company) - ITEM #78789
18:13 - Hakurei Reimu - Touhou Project (MegaHouse) - ITEM #153056
23:03 - Momo Belia Deviluke - To LOVEru Darkness (Max Factory) - ITEM #144400
26:39 - Caster EXTRA - Fate/Extra CCC (Phat Company) - ITEM #144275
33:25 - Hatsune Miku (Shinkai Shoujo ver.) (Good Smile Company) - ITEM #143923
39:06 - Saber (Swimsuit ver.) - Fate/Hollow Ataraxia (Alter) - ITEM #144297
47:20 - Misugi Ran - Original Character (Native) - ITEM #144481
55:22 - Sign-off

In regards to the podcast announcement we made, would you find that at all interesting if we did a livestream for the scans at the end of the month? There are sooo many figures that get announced or updated so we want to make sure there's some interest before we go for it.

Featuring the voices of OhnoRaptors, ZeroParadigm, and TwilliK
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