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Hello everyone!

This is a review about the figure of Ryuuguu Rena from the Higurashi series. This figure shows her in the Angel Mort uniform and is sculpted by Banpresto.

First, let's look at the box:









The box is very big, but it looks very nice. The pictures of this figure, and especially the picture on the top of the box with both Rena and Mion is very nice. The box could have more windows, since there is only one at the front. Still...everything looks nice and detailed. Nothing to complain about.

Packaging 8/10

Taking her out of the box, let's take a good look at her:





Immediatley after taking her out, I noticed a lot of positive and negative points.


- Her face.
Look at that cute smile! How can you resist that???

- Her legs/socks.
Her shoes and legs are nicely shaped and detailed.

- The details
There were a lot of details I didn't expect, like the fact that you can see her belly button and her stomach through the uniform.
Also, I didn't expected her to have such a detailed...ehm...shape there.

I really like her uniform, but it isn't as detailed at every place.


- Her back
It is quite detailed and nice...but way to pink! There is too much paint on her back! It doesn't fit her skin-color on her face or legs!

- Her hand
Look at the shape of it! What went wrong? Who broke her hand?! You can't move your hand like that wthout feeling any pain! Also, there is way to much paint on her hand, making it too pink.

- Legs to the base.
As you can see, it doesn't fit very well.

Her sculpting is at much points very nice, but she also has many flaws.

Sculpting 7/10

Well, she is nicely painted, no leftovers or strange spots with the paint...BUT her back and her hand are way to pink!!!

Painting 7/10

The posing is very cute, it is also very Rena-like. The only reason I'm giving this 9/10 and not 10/10 is because the main point you should look at (her hand) is strangely shaped.

Posing 9/10

Her base...ugh. The base itself is black, no logo's or anything special on it. It is very big and her legs don't perfectly fit.

Base 4/10

My overall enjoyment is still very high, that's because I really liked Higurashi and love the Angel Mort-uniforms. Also, if you have the Mion of the same set, you can make nice pictures of them together and when you display them, you immediatley see that they are a set.

Enjoyment 8/10

People that are interested in buying this figure: Don't get her without Mion. They aren't complete without each other. Also think about the huge bases both the girls have, so make room to display them! Rena has some flaws, so don't pay more than $30 for her, she isn't worth that much in my opinion (I bought her for 18 euros). Still, it is a very cute figure, especially if you're fan of the Angel Mort uniforms.

And to end this review...here are some pictures of her:

Creepy Takano.

The pose I display them on (notice the HUGE bases!).

Rena can hold the camera herself!

I hope you think my review of Rena was useful! Leave a comment about what you think!

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StalkingI was (actually, AM) thinking of getting both her and Mio to go with my 1/8 Hanyuu from AmiAmiZero, which is on her way home <3

Now that you reviewed Rena, I think it's worth it! I'll be paying attention to mandarake and such in order to get her ^_^

On a side note, avoid using such blurry pictures, it's really hard to appreciate de details! Still, nice review! (+helpful)

Hm...I saw a lot of pictures of Hanyuu too, and I'm afraid that she's of a much higher quality than Rena and Mion, so that those will look bad next to it. (That's why I'm not getting her, oh and the fact I have a lot of pre-orders to pay for first.)

Yeah, sorry about the pictures, I have a really old camera, so close-ups are impossible. (I make pictures from far away and than edit them so they look zoomed in! >.<)

Thank you, I hope to make more reviews soon.
9 år siden
Stalking Loli hunter
I was (actually, AM) thinking of getting both her and Mio to go with my 1/8 Hanyuu from AmiAmiZero, which is on her way home <3

Now that you reviewed Rena, I think it's worth it! I'll be paying attention to mandarake and such in order to get her ^_^

On a side note, avoid using such blurry pictures, it's really hard to appreciate de details! Still, nice review! (+helpful)
9 år siden
Atikalthis review really helps! I'm thinking about getting the Rena and Mion Angel Morte figure myself. Have you done a Mion review? :)

Thank you very much! :)

No I haven't done a review about her, but maybe I will make one soon.

The Mion-figure doesn't have such a special pose like Rena, but she has less flaws (not too much paint everywhere for example).
9 år siden
this review really helps! I'm thinking about getting the Rena and Mion Angel Morte figure myself. Have you done a Mion review? :)
9 år siden
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