Kommentarer What are your thoughts on figure box condition? [Poll]

  • brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
    Woah I'm part of the minority.. OCD please go away! :D
    5 år siden
    VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
    Boxes are usually pretty sturdy and I've had few problems with mine. A lil damage is no biggie, a box is there mainly to protect the figure. BUT I'd like to bring up the trend of the full plastic see-through boxes. I thought they were novel at first but now owning a few I hope it doesn't become a standard. Sturdy cardboard > plastic that can crack easily and is a dust magnet.
    5 år siden
    It will depend on the figure.
    If it's a new release then yes I expect to receive a pristine box.
    If the figure has been out for a couple of years then minor damage is acceptable.
    5 år siden
    I like my boxes to be in okay condition. They will always have wear after some period of time. I prefer them in an okay condition because it also shows you that it has been cared for which means that the figure will mostlikely be in somewhat the same condition when bought second hand.

    When receiving new figures I do want it to be in perfect condition but after I put them out for display I don't mind it to be damaged a bit as long as it's not just a piece of paper that's left (if you catch my wave :D)
    5 år siden
    As long as it's structurally sound, and can still protect the figure then I don't mind box condition! Of course, nicer is always preferable (since some boxes really do look amazing) but it's the content more than anything. All my boxes are stored away in my wardrobe so it's not like I'm looking at them all that often.
    5 år siden
    BlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
    I hate to see a box outright demolished, but I'm not nearly as picky as I once was, back when I was mostly collecting American action figures. Even if it is ideal to keep something in good condition, I'm way past the idea that I'm buying these things as an investment. The figure itself is the important part.
    5 år siden
    I don't mind too much regarding box damage that it came with; that doesn't matter to me in the slightest. However, I hate causing damage to a box. I recently got a Megahouse scale, and the box was incredibly cheap, to the point where the top layer of the cardboard ripped like paper when I was undoing the tape (I'm new to scale figures so I haven't quite gotten down box opening techniques unfortunately). It really made me wince, even though I wouldn't care if it had come like that.
    5 år siden
    Stalking Loli hunter
    I agree with StephieHerbert, as long as the box is OK I don't mind.
    I can't be picky; nowadays I rarely get a PRISTINE box from the mail since I can only get them via boat (3 months on their way), so I always get a little damage. It's never been fatal though :P
    5 år siden
    When shopping, "severe box damage" is like a holy find to me. It means a significant price drop and the figure is still fine. I keep my boxes, but mostly only for moving purposes. I especially like to find the damaged boxes for figures I really really want because I know then I'll never want to resell so the box really doesn't matter to me at all.
    5 år siden
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