Kommentarer Figmas VS Nendoroids: Which One Do You Like Better? (And Why)

  • my nendo-to-figma ratio is pretty even, and i suppose that's because i like both a lot!! which is especially good if a favorite character only happens to appear as one or the other!

    for figmas, i really like how much more mobile they are, and i generally prefer more to-scale figures, which gives them a little edge
    nendos on the other hand are very good price-wise! and some are just irresistibly cute, despite limited capabilities. it's easier to mix and match them as well
    in the end, they each have their own charms, but i'd probably pick figmas if i really was pressed to!
    1 år siden
    For me, the whole chibi style with big heads isnt cute (IMO)(dislike funko also) and most likely will never own one (change my mind)

    I have a few figmas and find them easy to pose, but i usually just do one pose maybe take a pic for the gram and leave it alone for a while till i like something new. aha

    but always keep being beautiful and collect what you love!
    1 år siden
    Chibi Rules!!! Nendo for Life!!!
    1 år siden
    Definitely figmas for me coz they're very posable and easy to handle. Nendos are cute and I do buy them from time to time if I fall in love with design, colors and accessories but they have to be something I find extremely special and thus worth the trouble of posing and balancing. I usually give them as many accessories as I can and put them on a shelf, no playing, no changing parts, it's too annoying.
    1 år siden
    You can probably tell from my collection, but I am definitely more of a nendoroid fan... I have 28 of them, with one more on order for next year. (I'll have to do something really special once I hit 30, haha... provided I don't try to weed my collection a little before then!) For me, I like the simplicity of nendoroids, plus the fact that they're just so cute! Looking at them all lined up on my desk never fails to brighten my day.

    For comparison, I have seven figma, and while I do think they're neat, I don't think I'll be buying any more of them. I'm always afraid of breaking them, and it can be hard to come up with different poses. (With nendoroids, the limited parts actually make it easier for me to decide what pose to display them with...). When it comes down to it, I get more enjoyment out of nendos than figmas, so I've decided to focus mostly on those for now.
    1 år siden
    I would say niether is superior to the other as a product, but my personal preference is very strongly for Nendoroids. I love the cute aesthetic, the chibi proportions, and the ease of part-swapping and customization. Their small size means less storage space required for all the furniture I make/buy for mine.

    Speaking of furniture, both are a little tricky to shop for - not quite 1:12 or 1:16, but somewhere close. Nendoroids' cute style is a little more forgiving of too-big furniture than Figmas.
    1 år siden
    Nendoroid is the clear winner.
    Look at number of Nendoroid produced vs figma and you will see demand of Nendoroids far exceeds figma.

    And nendoroids are so cute looking.
    1 år siden
    I preffer Figmas, they both have the same number of accessories but Nendoroids are just around 1500 yen off, while figmas well they are taller, articuated and look more like the character, I dont like Nendos that much
    1 år siden
    Well I wrote a whole article on the subject.

    Now I like both. I like both a lot (just look at my collection). The one thing that makes me like Nendoroids more is character selection. Figmas are great action figures (baring the current QC issues, price hikes, accessories OK shut up), they can do all sort of flips and tricks and shit. Nendoroids can’t. Their basic articulation is like the old Power of the Force 2 figures from the 1990s. But Nendoroids have so, so much more characters to pick from and unlike Figma actually complete the main character lineup (sometimes. When they can get around to it. OK shut up). Another thing Nendoroids have going is that they all fit in. Figmas are usually made in-style of the show they’re from. Nendoroids are designed like, well, Nendoroids. So you can have the Lynne Nendoroid standing next to Luke and neither looks out of place despite one being from an anime and another a live-action movie.

    All said and done, I like Nendoroids more due to character selection and because they all don’t look out of place. This said, I still love Figmas. I still want to see more new Figmas and add more to my collection but as for now it’s mainly just Fate Figmas as that’s the ones they seem to do no wrong on.
    1 år siden
    Zephon1 år siden#65341571I don’t really find Figmas appealing because of the joints destroying the design of the figure. :/
    1 år siden
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