Kommentarer The best way to hang wall scrolls?

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    @escapey: Your Kurobas multi cloth looks awesome ;3;

    I'll definitely iron mine before hanging, don't want to see creases everywhere xD

    sadly I don't have any holes in my walls (I'll maybe take a photo, so it'll be easier to give more precise advices) and additionally that wall isn't straight.
    But thank you very much for advice <3
    6 år siden
    I have the Kurobas one PICTURE #788147

    For mine I used poster hanger(s) encrypted-tbn3.... because I have this small hole between the ceiling and wall. I just placed the hanger there instead of hanging the cloth with the hangers in any way on the wall. For the sides and bottom corners I used tiny pieces of double-sided tape.

    Maybe you could use poster hangers as well, in some way? Double-sided tape will work too 'cause the cloth is not very heavy.

    P.S. I suggest to iron your cloth before hanging it as well. It will take so much time 'cause you have to use a low temperature etc. but it will be worth it!
    6 år siden
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