Kommentarer Part l: Realistic Twists To Figures & Unique Lighting Figures

  • Lighting certainly makes all the difference in some of the pictures of figurines I've seen posted on this website. There is a "connection" on a more relateable level when you see them portrayed in more realistic scenarios as you are describing.

    I think figures with shading to fit a certain theme would definitely give them more of a personalized style. The only drawback I could see from something like this, is that they would be difficult to display under different lighting conditions. For example, if the Saber Alter figure were shaded in such a way that she was meant to be displayed in a dimly-lit environment, she may not be as suitable for display or pictures in a more brightened atmosphere. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as figures are created with certain themes and styles in mind all the time. The theme of the corrupted Fate servants is definitely that of a darker tone in general. Better shading to accentuate that idea couldn't hurt. I'm not very artistic or full of imagination myself, so I stink at taking good pictures, lol.

    I envy a lot of the people on this site that create such beautiful backgrounds and pictures of their figurines. The abstract design of different anime styles is a very timeless feel in my opinion. I never get tired of appreciating figurines of the many different characters the medium brings us.
    1 år siden
    This article really deserves an "interesting" vote. It's a unique and interesting idea. It feels like you truly love figures. It also kind of reminded me of this recent Galko photo: PICTURE #2254523
    1 år siden
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