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RKasaRKasa8 år siden
Cheap Ass Gamer
…is a great site collecting video game deals from all over the internet (CAG's deal focus is mostly for the US, but there's a fair number of international deals, too). This club is for members of the CAG community* who also happen to be collectors of Japanese figures, goods, and/or media.

Useful Threads on CAG:
- Japanese Video Game Figure Thread - maintained by CANTISAMA
- Japanese Niche Games Deals Thread
- The unOFFICIAL Art Book Pre-Order Thread
- The Video Game Soundtrack Deals Thread - maintained by RKASA
- Lots of general info threads about Japanese games, started by Cao Cao

MFC Links Relevant to CAGs:
- Bargains/Sales/Coupons
- Figure shop and site review
- Local Shopping Guides
- Group Orders! - very handy if you collect blind-box figures, but don't like paying a premium to get the ones you want

Other stuff:
- dv8CAG - the CAG community's favorite proxy!

*commonly referred to as "CAGs". Please don't ever call us "Caggers" D:
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Hi All, I made a club just for dv8CAG. Please join if you have or plan to use the service to get something from Japan. Thanks!
CLUB #1690
5 år siden
So much loot (nothing gaming though unless you count the Bakemonogatari PSP game): BLOG #13489

It looks like RAH Link finally has a release date, March 29! I ordered a year ago and he's been delayed a few times. I'm glad yen -> dollar rate is good right now :)
8 år siden
Hi everyone. Super cool to see a CAG club here. I don't frequent the CAG boards much, but have been a long time listener of the podcast.
8 år siden
Hey fellow CAGs! Nice to have this group here.
8 år siden
Hi all, this is lilman from CAG. Anyone else excited for RAH Link ITEM #149372 coming out (hopefully) this month?
8 år siden
Hey this is Kotomine (surprise, surprise) from CAG.
8 år siden
Seconded on dv8. He and his wife are both awesome. Anytime I need something from that side of the globe, they're the first ones I think of.

Also, woo CAG club!
8 år siden
Everyone loves dv8 because he's actually a community member and he's gone out of his way to help the community numerous times, plus he kind of started the whole lowball thing and ran a lot of awesome ones. He's helped me numerous times, and when I nearly died he sent me a nice little box of stuff to cheer me up when I got out of the hospital. He's just a great person, and using his site helps him make a bit on the side to support his family, and they need it.
8 år siden
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
georox8 år siden#2024359Hey everyone! Geo from CAG here. I mostly collect Kotobukiya Bishoujo stuff and a bit of Sideshow. Not huge into the anime things, even though wasabi has turned me into a Miku addict.

Miku is deadly in her addictiveness...

WindsorSeven8 år siden#2024553Any reason why everyone prefers that proxy?
He's one of us ;) There's a little bit of backstory about his proxy service here; basically, it grew out of his helping fellow CAGs get stuff from Japan.
8 år siden
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I had no idea there was an artbook thread on CAG. And it's actually active! Woo.
Any reason why everyone prefers that proxy?
8 år siden
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!