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Clothed Girls Club

Clothed Girls Club
Lex_LinnLex_Linn3 år sidenMisc
This club exists for all beautiful clothed girls and women.
They need our love too!

Long skirts, dresses, trousers, sweaters, shirts, uniforms, traditional costumes, heavy and light armor, some kinds of plugsuits (not supertight) - more beatiful clothes on impressive girls!

Than more clothes on girl than better;
All types (PVC, Action figure etc.) of figures are allowed;

No: pantsu-shots, deep cleavage, zettai ryouiki, "2 balloons" boob plate type, skin-like slim clothes;

Long skirts/dresses/shorts with tights are welcome;
Uniforms/armor/traditional costumes are welcome!

(Rules can update)

Feel free to comment/PM me if some figures/ladies in lists are not suitable for club rules, even if it's a subject of opinion, I can make mistakes + appreciate all help you can provide.

Important: Details of recent figures/characters updates are in comments left by admin.

Last list update: 17/01/18
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Love this club! Thank you for all the effort you put into the list upkeep, now I can look at all these gorgeous figures in one place! <3 The outfit is in my opinion one of the best reasons to even buy a figure!
4 dager siden
Added Emeraldas, Maetel and their figures in list:
ENTRY #5422
ENTRY #5139
+bunch of missed figures from ladies I already listed here.
5 dager siden
Added ladies from wonderful Long-Long collection:ENTRY #7748
Added ladies from Maria-sama ga Miteru:ENTRY #599
25 dager siden
Added a big bunch of kimono ladies from various titles, including Fate series.
1 måned siden
Added a bunch of Persona ladies and their figures in list: Aegis, Labrys, Elizabeth, Margaret, Amagi Yukiko etc.
Metis was questionable, but imho she doesn't possess suggestive or provocative marks despite of bright chest accent so I think she can be here.
1 måned siden
Added several mecha and mahou girls (from various Gundams, Type-Moon titles and Rozen Maiden) + entries from suggestions.
Thanks for your patience.
1 måned siden
Voxa (2 måneder siden) #28313799-snip-
Added into list. Thank you!
2 måneder siden
Added missing nendoroid girls (mostly Type-Moon related) and couple of figures from Infinite Stratos.
3 måneder siden
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