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    Jenthehen Otaku at Law
    Ok I have some super noob questions considering I’ve been collecting for over 9 years, lol ... I’ve just never been that into Nendoroods until recently.

    I found a Nendo Jibril ITEM #591628 at a con and it seemed so suspect that I didn’t buy it. No authenticity sticker and the plastic seemed cloudy and the quality of the figure I could see through the box was not great. I posted a pic of a similar looking one from eBay (although that seller claims authenticity...)


    There isn’t a known bootleg of her, so maybe I’m just being paranoid?

    I ordered her secondhand with the goodsmile bonus and she looks great so far through the box, but no authenticity sticker! Pics -


    Seller was in the US and guaranteed authenticity and it does include the bonus, which wouldn't make sense without it being authentic, right?

    Then also, I just ordered Emilia ITEM #549360 from Crunchyroll and I was like OH MAN she doesn't have a sticker either! So this one is obviously legit since it's from Crunchyroll (and it looks great), but I've definitely seen boxes with the sticker on the front!


    So am I just an idiot who didn't realize sometimes nendos DON'T always have a sticker? I just always though GoodSmile used them all the time.

    Is it that the versions sold by US retailers don't use/need them since there isn't a licensing issue with the show in another country?

    Teach me about Nendos ... suddenly I feel like a nerve-wracked noob about these bootlegs since nendo ones are SO prevalent. I'm an expert on scales / non-scale models, but just never was bitten by the nendo bug until a few have recently caught my eye!

    Thanks, all!
    19 dager siden
    would someone be able to help me legit check a miku figure? :)
    1 måned siden
    My two cents on this matter is that you:
    - don't buy from Wish
    - don't buy from AliExpress
    - don't buy from eBay sellers that don't have a good rating or a high amount of successful sales.
    - always read reviews and check this site if there's a bootleg version of it (some bootleg versions are not listed which is a shame); check YouTube also for figure reviews, they can be helpful.
    - figures prior to 2005 are usually legit if you're inclined to buy 'vintage', the figure market didn't explode yet.
    - if there's a nendoroid, there's usually a bootleg of it.
    - if you have the chance, check ALL the details and information in the packaging; Bootlegs usually have poor printing (blurred pictures, blurred text) or missing brands (needless to say stickers). Compare them to original packaging from official photos/ reviews; some Bootlegs don't have the inside detail of the box (specially Bandai, it has a diorama printed that you can take out, same as some figma).
    - already been noted but shiny plastic is a no-brainer when the original piece has a matte finish.

    The rest has already been said but for me usually packaging tells you a lot about where the figure is.
    1 måned siden
    Shamelessotaku (9 måneder siden) #29291509Is Amazon ok to purchase nendoroids?

    I personally have had good experiences with the few Nendoroids I bought on Amazon, however it is always a buyer beware. Ask plenty of questions to the seller and ask for pictures. I personally had a bootleg experience with a non nendoroid figure from Amazon. In the end I was fully refunded and reported to Amazon that it was a scam, the seller has since deleted his account.
    2 måneder siden
    apparantly there appears to be a kill la kill figma bootleg now too? : o
    kinda curious to see what it looks like...maybe I'll order one.


    Nvm my order on thr bootleg got cancelled ._____. Ah well
    4 måneder siden
    Hentai_Son Cool Guy(tm)

    Advice? I keep looking at refrence pictures but I dont really know still : ^ ) She is a bid item so she is crazy low but they usually get super high but I dont wanna throw hard cash and wind up with soemthing aweful. I was just curious? Maybe its lighting? Everyhting lines up right and such : ( ( (
    7 måneder siden
    WolfiePie (9 måneder siden) #29993507Amazon is slightly better than eBay, but still sketchy at best imo. Unless you know for a fact the figure hasn't been bootlegged.Shamelessotaku (9 måneder siden) #29291509Is Amazon ok to purchase nendoroids?

    I think it safe as long if the amazon.com it self is selling on their site. but id be careful of their packing though. it is not as great as official figure sellers but i have not gotten broken figure. when i had to buy from amazon I have brought figures only from the official amazon.com not third party seller or sellers covered by amazon affiliate.
    7 måneder siden
    Shamelessotaku (9 måneder siden) #29291509Is Amazon ok to purchase nendoroids?
    Amazon is slightly better than eBay, but still sketchy at best imo. Unless you know for a fact the figure hasn't been bootlegged.
    9 måneder siden
    Is Amazon ok to purchase nendoroids?
    9 måneder siden
    rivalappears (10 måneder siden) #28750228I'd ask them for pictures of the actual item. As a general rule with ebay, if you can't see the actual item you're buying, don't buy it.
    Aside from that, people here are selling her for much cheaper than that auction anyway classified.php?...

    Guess I'll buy my stuff of this site from now on. I checked out sites like AmiAmi or Hobby Link and the item is either sold out or really expensive. Thats why I started looking on ebay but I guess I wont have to resort to that.

    Thanks for the help and have a great day!
    10 måneder siden
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