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Cat Owners
BloempjeBloempje3 år sidenMisc
Share here your love for your cat(s).
This club is not ment for the plastic cats but for the real ones.

I have 3 cats at home. Snoopy, Mary and Meow. Two where adopted.

Please tell me your cat(s) name(s) and above all, share your pictures. A cute story, a not so good story. And how about your cat(s) reaction to the figures?

Welcome to all (new) members
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Sekhmet Killing Stalking
I added some pics of my Bunny! PICTURE #2124685 & PICTURE #2124686
5 måneder siden
sarious Chino is Life
I highly recommend Flying Witch to all cat lovers. The kitties and other animals are the best part of the show.
6 måneder siden
I have a little silver cat, Sirius! I adopted him so I'm not sure what breed he is exactly, but he has grey fur that has this interesting shine. I've wondered if he's part Russian Blue or Korat something. I call him my little wizard PICTURE #1845371. When I come home from work I pick him up and he puts his arms around my neck, like a hug. When I'm sick he doesn't leave my side. He's the sweetest cat I've ever had! :D
1 år siden
sarious Chino is Life
Unfortunately my cat passed away 3 years ago, but my brother got a cat that I go over to see frequently. My old cat's name was Trixie and my brother's cat's name is Sadie Asuna. Both Trixie and Sadie are orange tabbys. We can't get another since my Mom's too allergic and Trixie just didn't bother her as much. Once I move out I'm sure I'll get an orange tabby myself though :3. Always going to love orange tabbys the best.
2 år siden
Heya! I have 3 cats; a big ginger tom called Sid (who purrs like a motorbike), a chubby black moggy called Ivy (who gets very grumpy but is really sweet), and a fluffy old lady called Mitzi (who is so lovely and soft). Sid often tries to get into my cabinets, Mitzi likes to sleep over everything I own, and Ivy avoids my room entirely (lol). They're all rescue cats, and i love the three of them so much <3
2 år siden
Hey all, Final here. My cat Molly is obsessed with jumping into my RightStuf boxes when I get new anime in. I'm not sure who is more excited by that point, me or her. View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/FinalCataclsym1438400594.jpeg
2 år siden
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Hi there! I have to cats called Nilly View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://jpeghost.net/x-PQaaaa.jpg and Liona View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://jpeghost.net/x-QQaaaa.jpg. Nilly is a Norwegian forest cat mix and Liona was a stray I got from a nearby farm where it seems to be a habit for people to just leave their unwantend cats. ;_;
Anyway she won my heart in a flash since she is so attached to people and was really affectionate from the get-go. Nowadays that's still nice but kind of tiring too since she's high-maintenance totally unlike Nilly who is really calm and lazy. Fortunately both are more interested in their scratchers, my knitting stuff or some of our furniture than in my figures or manga (except for plushies and boxes, which I have to hide). :3
2 år siden
Bloempje Hunting my grails
2 år siden
Hi! I have two cats c: both are Maine Coon mixes, Luna our 9 years old lady who's name was inspired by Sailor moon's cat and Casino our 14 years old ugly grandpa.

Casino's too old to care about my figures tbh, he's as blind as a bat and slow as a turtle. We got him from the SPCA when he was a lil poop, they would've had put him down since no one was buying him, I believe he had a small flue or something, it stopped like 2 days after giving him hypoalergenic food. Poor baby went trough some tough things, a few months (2?) after we got him our house went under a fire because the fuses in the basement explosed and he escaped, we couldnt find him for 2 weeks, he had been hiding uder the balcony. View spoilerHide spoilerhere's Casino being a dum dum in the stairs

Luna is kinda chubby, she's a bit dumb.. she eats everything that's on the floor u_u . kinda gross but View spoilerHide spoilershe once ate a long piece of yarn and pooped it out as is lmao. We rescued her from a really crappy and dirty petshop, pretty sure she didn't get proper nutrition hence why even 9 years after, she eats everything she finds on the floor (by things she finds on the floor I mean dust bunnies .__.;) She doesn't care about my figures neighter. View spoilerHide spoilerLuna with ITEM #78789


Loved reading all the comments! this club is super sweet.
2 år siden
2 år siden
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