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Kotobukiya (Official)
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hello i'm a big fan of kotobukiya pokemon ARTFX SERIES ,but i think many wants to see some legendary pokemon in the series , how good will be mewtwo , zekrom vs reshiram with their trainer please i think that they would sell a lot
4 måneder siden
About ITEM #639509, is it possible to order with the bonus on which of your sites? Japanese, american, european...
Thanks in advance.
4 måneder siden
love that you guys did the gangsta figures thought the fandom was dried up but you pulled it back out of it's grave and for that I am so happy, they look amazing!
1 år siden
darkfader lolicon
Oh hi. I still don't like the exclusive parts. e.g. "High Tension" face for Rory Mercury. But still, I got like 45 Koto figures, so it must be good.
1 år siden
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