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MiskuitMiskuit4 måneder siden
NATIONAL DRESS - the traditional clothing of a countryhttps://i.postimg.cc/ZY22Xy00/anime-girl-kimono-snow-field-35-4k.jpg
This club celebrates the diversity of the national dress around the world.Here, we appreciate the figures featuring all sorts of ethnic garments.
National dress may be (and are not limited to) kimonos, hanboks, cheongsams and sarees.
Figures wearing clothes thematic to a particular country are also accepted.
https://i.postimg.cc/7Yzd4YT9/Eq-Ubkq-QVo-AAXj1z.jpgLet's all get along and enjoy the clothing that each nation brings!
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3 måneder siden
tomura shigaraki ♡
Would ITEM #1471585 be eligible? I added her recently she's wearing traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai!
3 måneder siden
I like to join!
3 måneder siden