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Komuro Takashi
The story's protagonist and second year high school student. He was one of the first to notice something going wrong.

Miyamoto Rei
She's in the same class as Takeshi and also a second year. Childhood friend of Takashi and skilled in soujutsu.

Busujima Saeko
Third year student and also president of the kendo club.

Takagi Saya
A second year and self-proclaimed genius. Her quick thinking has helped the group many times.

Kouta Hirano
A second year gun otaku. His name and likeness were based on the real-life mangaka, Kouta Hirano, who is known for Hellsing.

Shizuka Marikawa
The well-endowed school nurse who has a driver's license (shock!)

by Kishida Kyoudan (岸田教団) & The Akeboshi Rockets (The明星ロケッツ).


Instead of having a set ED, each episode has a unique one sung by Kurosaki Maon (黒崎真音). (Changed to links instead of embedded videos, otherwise the page would get really long after a few weeks)

[size=large]ED1 Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi 君と太陽が死んだ日

[size=large]ED2 color me dark

[size=large]ED3 Return to Destiny

[size=large]ED4 cold bullet blues

Also, READ the manga! Has a stronger visual impact for the character's emotions. It's currently on hiatus though.
As for the anime, it's only scheduled for twelve episodes, but here's hoping to more.
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Instead of a release I ask for new and better quality ones :P

I never undestood why HOTD got so few merchandise?
7 år siden
Come on! re-release the figures plz :3
7 år siden
Really liked this series and looking forward to series 2. Had to own Saeko and Rei figure!
7 år siden
MrTCJ22 ZeroFigure22
Hey guys just to let you know that the manga is finally going to be resume, doesn't say when but it's going to status by ANN www.animenewsne...
7 år siden
Manga is now also in the DB: search.php?sort...
8 år siden
alamarcoAnyone watch the OVA? it's pretty awesome. :D

yeah, was really awesome, the ending was hilarious :D
9 år siden
Anyone watch the OVA? it's pretty awesome. :D
9 år siden
Drego Neko fanboy
Insta-joined-club ! :D
9 år siden
I ordered all four. I have the first two, second two are in the process of being shipped. I would love to get the figure, but don't think it'll be possible. Almost wish I didn't see it as now that I know about it it's quite depressing. :P
9 år siden