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Figures and Animals~
ZaffiraZaffira10 år siden
Just a little club for one who like photos mixing animals with figure because it's so cute or other ^o^
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not sure if theres a better way of doing this but i have picture/2745325... my cat with a miku nendoroid :>
1 måned siden
OMG best club ever !!! My cutie kitty doesn't want approach my figures for now but I want sooo much take a picture with one of mine fig with her hihi
2 år siden
I used to search pics with anime figs and cats, but now im in paradise! hahaha
Also, I have 2 pics of my cat and Rei, I wonder if any admin can link it to the club? thanks!

4 år siden
shot my first photo with a cat! cat does not like :)
Great club! animals are perfect for photoshoot :)
5 år siden
Best club ever :p
6 år siden
lesbian CEO of obsessive merch buying
Oh my gosh I just found this club...can we bring this back because animals + anything are my favorite.
6 år siden
my cat oreo photo bombed my latest figure shoot farm4.staticfli... picture/794765&...
8 år siden
Bloempje8 år siden#1618358I have a picture with my friends bearded dragon :D PICTURE #540495

Sorry it took too long! Btw, what a nice bearded dragon you have, really beautiful!
8 år siden
Bloempje Hunting my grails
I have a picture with my friends bearded dragon :D PICTURE #540495
8 år siden
i have some contributions! <3:
8 år siden
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