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New collector here can't wait to start my journey in figure collecting with this wonderfull community [url=]tenor.com/2U6j....[/url]
3 dager siden
What happens if you report a blocked person? Would they still make a comment on your report, even if they were blocked?
5 dager siden
Looking at ordering my first figure. The thing is that it is a pre order and from Bandai Spirits. Does anyone have good or bad experiences with that?
The figure i want.
ITEM #1150227
9 dager siden
I tried to make a club and it said i couldn't view the make a club page. I tried to make an article and it said i cant view the make an article page. Tell me what happened.

Edit: It was a glitch I can do it now.
18 dager siden
xpunksnotdeadx27 dager siden#953822023 Figures I made entries for just got taken down with no notification or given reason as to why. Can I get some help on this, or why this happened?
The most common reason why a figure gets removed is because the origin or manufacturer are not Japanese. (For example, Western franchises like Marvel or Star Wars are only allowed on here because they are produced by Japanese manufacturers such as Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, etc.)

And if you added a garage kit, they need proof of sales in order to be in the database.
25 dager siden
3 Figures I made entries for just got taken down with no notification or given reason as to why. Can I get some help on this, or why this happened?
27 dager siden
How do I delete my account
1 måned siden
2 måneder siden
njdrawscomics Webcomic Artist
TomTheCat2 måneder siden#93088233It probably is one of the following:

Thanks for taking the time though I did manage to get it working late last night just hadn't gotten to editing my post lol. It had reset itself as you said. It shows up normally now, thanks again!
2 måneder siden
njdrawscomics2 måneder siden#93021771A little unsure of where to ask this, please point me in the right direction if I am in the wrong place.
Recently my Notifications have not been working, noticed it starting yesterday. It'll say I have new notifications (over 40 atm) but when I go to load them they say there is nothing there, yet the number of notifications I have keeps increasing. I know most are related to a recent article I posted and I have been able to keep up with the conversation by just checking in but worried I might be missing stuff. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance for any help!
It probably is one of the following:
- You need to simply click on the "Others" tab, to the right of the "Subscriptions", or
- take care that "Items", "Pictures", "Articles", etc. (below the Others and Subscriptions tabs) are not stricken. Apparently, this does reset randomly on occasion. (You want to keep the "Read" category stricken though, unless you want to re-view every single notification you ever got...) You strike/unstrike them by simply clicking on them. See the screenshot below for reference

2 måneder siden
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!




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