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tamajanitamajani8 år siden
Hi :)

I was looking for a club for male model kits and couldn't find one, so I was thinking it would be nice to open one.
I love male figurines and garage kits so I hope I can find a few crazy people like me ;)

I don't really know yet how this whole club set up works so gimme some time to figure it out xD

If you have links to male GKs or any PVC that is available as GK please post and I will add them to the related items.

If you want to trade male kits with each other feel free to do sp and if you have painted male kits u did do post them too :)
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Kommentarer8 kommentarer

Every one who want him image1.fg-site....
please go to www.big.or.jp/~... and vote for ハセヲ Xthフォーム / .hack//G.U. / 荒川 貴大 / GK position.

1 - go to site
2 - mark haseo product
3 - Press central bottom button. Do not fill the empty string!
4 - enter your nikname and comment in new text form.
5 - send it and that's all.

If you have already voted for another product you need for wait 24 hours and vote for Haseo next day.
6 år siden
Leosach Born this way
Hey just entered now!...!
8 år siden
LumienWow... Nice... Which scale?

1/8 matching withe the Lelouch King Version :)
8 år siden
tamajanihmmmmm :) on pre order yummm

Wow... Nice... Which scale?
8 år siden
hmmmmm :) on pre order yummm
8 år siden
Loveless Ristuka GK
8 år siden
new PVCs that have been confimed to become resinated
nd maybe that version http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/twilightRC/male%20GK%20Lovers/84812.jpg
8 år siden
ok let's do the first entry :)an Update ^^
there will be GKs of following PVCs coming out within the next months.
Yuri Lowell by Altair

Lelouch GEM / Rurouni Kenshin GEM / Emiya *_*

hopefully there will be more yum yum
8 år siden