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persocomsanpersocomsan11 år siden
This is a club for all players and/or collectors of figures from the MMO fantasy golf simulation game Pangya. For more info on Pangya: pangya.ntreev.n...

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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Anyone alive here?

I just ordered my first pangya figure <3 hopefully mandarake confirms her ^^ only 3k for the limited midnight lagoon lucia

Next up is arin <3 then i got the 2 figs i like
ITEM #192
5 år siden
just added the Yujin SD keychains in the Goods section ^^
10 år siden
i don't remember the last time i've played this game but it was really fun.
10 år siden
Hello. I played a good bit back on JP before the IP block and then a bit more before they decided to block VPNs. lol

Right now, I'm playing casually with friends on the NA servers. Enjoying the changes Ntreev has made from the old OGplanet version. lol
10 år siden
Pangya is awesome, managed to find GSC Arin <3!!
10 år siden
Drego Neko fanboy
Hey, i'm not playing Pangya anymore but i played for a looooong time ... :D

So now they are at season 4 ? Oo ... Damn it was 2 when i stopped !
10 år siden
looking forward to the new Kooh figure: figure/26806_ko...
10 år siden
Don't really know the game but I really love the figures : Kooh (repainted version), Arin (GSC) and Erika are in my collection ^^

I need Lucia :love:
11 år siden
thanks keulade ^^ and yay for season 4 coming soon to Pangya US!
11 år siden
That's my fault :P
11 år siden