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Hi I started this club so that people could discuss the shops and sites they use to buy figures. Please add a new discussion for the shop/site you want to talk about since it will make it easier for other people to find information on this shop/site in the future.

Please leave appropriate feedback for stores here:

MFC Shops Feedback & Rating Pages
This club is dedicated to web based anime/figure ...ect shops for physical ("brick and mortar") stores please visit Local Shopping Guides

Update: We are updating/editing all first posts on threads to provide more uniform/detailed information on each entry featured and removing the poll section as feedback can now be left for each shop in our MFC shop section. shop
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Well, unsure if this is the correct place for this, but I will find out when this is locked/moved/deleted, I guess.
So, recently a Japanese proxy site has partnered with Mercari JP, Buyee. Now, I never used or attempted a Japanese proxy site before, but there was a specific good that literally is unobtainable reasonably in the US, from literally a vast variety of shops and offer routes, from MFC approved partners to literally eBay and even the seemingly good repped seconds options. Pretty much I tried every route for this item, the official Ten Count dakimakura cover. So, it was for a special event, girlsfest, so it's not really mass produced, but even so, the prices given offered to US consumers was always $500+. I never saw below that. Ever. Even shady bootlegs. Even Otaku Republic had one offer used for $800. Then another for used $1000.
So I put a comment on the items page and a lovely user sent me a private message with a link to an offer for one that was literally not the price of all my scales combined. It was a Mercari JP listing, but through a new proxy service, Buyee. It's a bit tricky to browse the listings if you do not know Japanese, so keep that in mind.
So the offer I found was about $140 or so, so I placed it. Straight up Buyee informs you that since this is Mercari, sometimes things sell but the ad isn't removed, so to ensure there isn't the take money and run when the item comes up sold, they will take payment to place the offer for the item, but will only proceed further when the item is physically in their hands in their Warehouse in promised condition. And for me, the offer had sold, so my money was returned in full and not held by either ends no problem. So I went hunting again and found another listing. Now, I am an American and I learned that sometimes people are wicked with their listings and deceitful. I found an offer for one for $80. I do know Japanese personally, but I still triple checked the seller's post description of why they considered it damaged. Turns out, they opened the packaging to confirm the contents, but it's unable to be resealed, so they sold it as damaged despite the actual good was literally creaseless and spotless, with it's authenticity tag from Rihito-sensei herself inside the plastic. But the shipping wouldn't be given up front due to the many factors for it, so I feared the worst with the scam of high shipping. (It took 2 days in my country for it to get to the warehouse), but I got this far, so. The shipping turned out to be $20 roughly give or take. So in all, although a literal lucky steal, they answered my newbie questions courteously and promptly and I got my item, the entire process literally a day or two under a week, from placing the offer to it in my hands. They also have partnered with other Japanese shops, such as Amazon and eBay, and more.
Again, this was an extremely pleasant first experience for me due to the disappointing high prices here making me skeptical of this all together. I legit have found so much quality goods offered on Mercari alone, like Hamtaro goods, which are almost non-existent in the US. If anyone has more experience with proxy shopping, I'd like to hear more on if this is of any significance.
Hope this actually helps~
4 dager siden
FoolishConnor (4 år siden) #2920196I really want to order some anime from Right Stuf, but would rather not want to pay full price for it. I found out about the site towards the end of last year, when they were having a huge winter sale, when nearly everything was 50% off. I was wondering if there are any other major sales, like maybe one for the summer? If not, do they have a huge sale every winter, and will I just have to wait for that?
Also, I posted a question under the From Japan proxy forum, and even though it seemed like there was recent activity on it a few days ago, I doubt it'll get seen anytime soon, so I'd appreciate it if someone could give it a look and maybe offer a suggestion.

Hello and good afternoon, Right Stuf Anime has a Holiday Sale that runs in December as well as a Birthday Sale that runs in July. You can find anime, manga, figures and more all at discounted prices! Please let me know if there are any further questions! Have a lovely day!
3 måneder siden
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Does anyone know anything about the web shop hmm.tokyo? They’ve been down for over a week now and you can’t access their site at all.
3 måneder siden

One of the feet of the figure "Queen's Blade - Melona - Revoltech - QB-005 - 1/12" has been lost to me.

Will someone have a second figure who can sell me? Or the feet?


8 måneder siden
How to add a new discussion?
9 måneder siden
Hi there. I had a question on a particular web shop. Namely: Senseitoy.com. Also called OnePiece Collectible Figure.

I'm trying to buy the Green Leaf Studio Claire statue and he told me it's genuine and they don't sell recasts or bootlegs.

Just want to make sure I'm safe.

9 måneder siden
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Can someone tell me how to set my yahoo auctions account to alert me as soon as an item gets listed under my saved search? I thought I had done so but it’s been twice now that I missed out on an item because of the early finish option by the time I got the email about it.
10 måneder siden
I hope I'm posting this in the right place.
I had a parcel returned to Mandarake's Complex store. Over the last 2 weeks, I've been trying to contact them about a refund. I even had Sahra relay a message to them, which they did. I recently messaged them about changing a payment method on my order to which they followed through on.
They really don't want to give me my 5000jpy back, I really don't to launch a PayPal case. What do I do? The item was returned to them in November.
10 måneder siden
Can anyone recommend a reliable Chinese proxy? I have a couple of acrylic stands I really want on Amazon China but they don't ship internationally :(
10 måneder siden
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Well I don’t recommend anyone using hoyoyo. They are useless. I sent them something to buy from mercari and paid. After five days I heard nothing. Sent them a message, which apparently you can only do through Facebook. Ok so done. Meanwhile I check the comments of the mercari item page and I see where they asked to buy. Well a few days had passed and they didn’t pay so then I see someone else commented asking to buy and that person got the item. And I see where hoyoyo commented after that asking if it was too late to buy, and of course it was. So then I get an email saying the item was cancelled, and no reason was given. Shitty service and shitty proxy. Do not use.
11 måneder siden
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