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4Arnd4Arnd8 år siden
Hello everyone, I have created this club in the hope of providing a common platform for all things commission related after seeing a couple of posts around mfc. Be it the assembling and painting of a Garage Kit or simple drawings and of course feedbacks.


GK Commissions - club/793/discus...
Illustration - club/793/discus...


GK Commissions - club/793/discus...
Illustrations - club/793/discus...

Feedback - club/793/discus...

If anyone would like to help out with a suitable icon picture, background and banner, this would be greatly appreciated.

This club lets users advertise commissions they wish to sell or buy. MyFigureCollection.net owners do not receive any commission and they cannot be held responsible for your actions. In other words, it is not our business! Use this feature at your own risk. /!\ Several scam cases happened before in sales corner! Please report any suspicious behavior. Find users banished from sales here
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Hi I just joined

Can i commission anyone to make me a custom figure
1 måned siden
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Open garage kit commissions. I offer high-quality finish for you most special GK, internationally.

If you have a dream garage kit, contact me with kit details and your references for commission details and maybe I'll be the one to make your dream come true :3
2 år siden
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
I'm looking for someone to build/paint this GK for me! Preferably within Australia but I'm not too fussed pbs.twimg.com/m...
3 år siden
Redliger I paint GKs
I'm not sure if anyone uses this club anymore, but as time permits I will paint others kits for basicly nothing. Just pay for shipping and cost of paint.

Just wanting to help out those who wish they could have that one kit painted but don't think it would turn out well if they built it themselves.
3 år siden
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Looking for someone to commission for this GK ITEM #34786 Preferably within the US East Coast. I can provide the kit, just need the painting done. Thank you^^
5 år siden
Anyone from the US willing to commission this kit?
ITEM #140185

I'm not particularly picky but I'd like for her face to look as accurate as possible

Please pm me if you would be interested in picking this kit up, and we can discuss pricing as well
Thank you!
5 år siden
amy616 Let's DANCE
Hello! Is anyone doing a GK commission?
I found this item ITEM #233345 and since I have absolutely zero skill I wanted to find someone who was skilled.
5 år siden
I do Garage Kit Commissions worldwide,let me know if your interested.For reference take a look at my Pictures here or visit my Blog: creativeoverkill.com
5 år siden
croquinox ミ( ❀ ^ㅅ^ )彡
I'm open for art commissions :) club/793/discus...
5 år siden
v Hello, I'm opened for illustration commissions link below v
5 år siden
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!




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