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We Love Princesses
SagaOtakuSagaOtaku8 år siden
Welcome to the castle where the calm, graceful, polite and highly responsible and often strong little ladies live.
These girls are our princesses and I thought the deserved a club for their loyal subjects.
If you love princesses be that for the fancy dresses and jewels or just fell in love with their endearing personalities and just want to protect, love and serve them feel free to join.

And if you know any princess characters I haven't added, please let me know and I'll add them (this is the first club I start)

here are some lovely princesses for you inspiration.. and cause I feel like it

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I have to join !
1 år siden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Just joined x3!
6 år siden
Enkidulga7 år siden#1345191ITEM #141044
ITEM #141318

Aded them thanks ^^
7 år siden
I've added the stuff. Thank you ^^
7 år siden
Here are some lovely princesses:

ITEM #1010
ITEM #491
ITEM #58542
ITEM #150
ITEM #306
ITEM #54135
ITEM #13123
ITEM #8279
ITEM #13698
ITEM #32228
ITEM #9112
ITEM #831
ITEM #24082
ITEM #22799
ITEM #389
ITEM #20371
ITEM #7757
ITEM #7756
ITEM #3723
ITEM #3561

I don't know if Louise counts, personality-wise, but she is also a princess:

Also, another princess figure is: ITEM #61484. The thing is, she is an original character and doesn't belong to any anime, so I'm not sure if she counts as well...
Sorry if there are any repeats or if any were already added.
7 år siden
Enkidulga8 år siden#1107864
Sorry for the Nia overload..

It's alright I've added everything ^^
8 år siden
Canuleia8 år siden#1107402Oh! I never saw this group before, i absolutely love the idea.

I think it needs adds all the garage kits from petit princess yucie, some euphemia tradings and all the other princess of the crystal's figures.

Please link 'em if I haven't added 'em yet :3 I just added a whole bunch
8 år siden