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Wow, this is beautifully composed and shot. Lovely choice of setting, and the feathery effect makes it perfect. Thank you for sharing!

(Also, nice job on the outfit, I had a miniature heart attack and had to go check the nendo o_o)
5 timer sidenkyuulinkkyuulink
it' been 11 months now come on GSC pls paint this one T_T
5 timer sidenTsumikiriaTsumikiria
chunnin33 (21 timer siden) #30901690I feel like you're just cursed in regards to the T2 Series :(
I suppose yes, but I hope not. Though I didn't know I love Tony's arts this much until I got into this hobby. Now I want every one of his rare figures. May luck be on my side from now on.
5 timer sidenroasted_toastroasted_toast
roasted_toast (14 dager siden) #30835673Looking to purchase for a reasonable price. Seller needs to be willing to ship it internationally to UK/EU. PM me! =)
Prefer to be sealed with bonus but I can be flexible on it

Still looking!
5 timer siden (5 timer siden)TsumikiriaTsumikiria
kyoshinhei (23 timer siden) #30901665View spoilerHide spoilerWell, if you bring the matter before Amazon, you probably have a good chance of getting your money back.
You may have missed the return window but that is for when you are dissatisfied with a product. Here we are not talking satisfaction but fraudulent sale which is likely against Amazon Marketplace's terms of use and that puts the seller in hot waters and you in the clear.
In these cases I expect that Amazon would refund you right away to preserve their image and without the need to send back the item (as it is something that cannot be sold and must be destroyed) then they'll turn against the seller to make sure this never happens again.

Thanks. I got refunded by the seller the next day, but I'm not so sure about the part where Amazon will "turn against the seller to make sure this never happens again.", since the customer supports I got gave me the feeling that they will recognize the seller's "insufficient inspection' explaination...
5 timer sidenshinhawkshinhawk
Figure companies need to put photographers like you on their payroll because you've convinced me to buy this figure!
5 timer sidenyennieyennie
yurirainbowz (6 timer siden) #30902176that profile pic though :3

Oh yeah lol! I like yours too!
5 timer sideneviljackspicereviljackspicer
What do I see when I load up this website?

Two enormous......tracks of land.

God I love this site LOLOLOL
6 timer sidenFriendlySamuraiFriendlySamurai
Avolion (15 dager siden) #30795566Arcadia has a cult popularity at best, has sold poorly and hasn't had a sequel to date. Won't happen.

She’s got over 400 votes, another hundred and she’s got a good chance. Money has already been spent. Design and sculpt is already finished. Just needs to see production.
6 timer siden (5 timer siden)TsumikiriaTsumikiria
skylinedo (23 timer siden) #30901650View spoilerHide spoilerI've always been afraid of this especially in my earlier collecting days. Its 2am PST and I've woken up just to check amiami preowned for rares like what you seek and I do remember seeing their listings so I suggest sticking to reputable sellers that check authenticity. The furthest I would venture out is Mandarake and I use an expensive Proxy (Rinkya) that has my back and warns me of sellers' negative feedback, item conditions, etc before finalizing a purchase. They'll even confront sellers on my behalf if there's any problems. Tenso wouldn't do the same?
Best of luck.

Thanks. I chose Amazon.co.jp to hunt for rares because they have better availability than Mandarake and are always cheaper than sites like Doujinrepublic. Guess thatavailability and price does come at a cost. The reason I use Tenso.com rather than a proxy servce is that I don't like proxy fees or the hassle of contacting people. Then again, Tenso overcharges you, like they increase SAL price to almost EMS price while removing insurance option on SAL to lure you into choosing EMS all the time, with service fee for a prepainted being usually ¥1500. I'm thinking about switching to Blackship, but I never tried so IDK if they are trustable.

2 months new into the hobby and already hunting for rares. I'm I being recklessly ambitious or naive?
6 timer sidenifob8ifob8
Chloe-tsundere (8 timer siden) #30902107No idea what you mean..

Forget it, I think I got the wrong Chloe. Lol sorry
6 timer sidenyurirainbowzyurirainbowz
yennie (6 timer siden) #30902173-.

that profile pic though :3
6 timer sidenAureaLucretiaAureaLucretia
I know you posted this a bit ago, but I'm glad you managed to get the kuji set!!!! And your set up for your collection is so cute too!!!
6 timer sidenyennieyennie
Before I buy a figure, I usually think about where the money will come from first. If its safe then I’ll preorder it. I only really buy figures I really want to have. My main wishlist isnt long but I have a “not so priority” wishlist where maybe ill get them sometime in the future, who knows. The key is you gotta know what you want and be sorta cheap unless you have no choice because you really really want it.
6 timer sidenNegaNega
ilasja (6 timer siden) #30902169Probably gonna end up the same as Amiibo, Skylanders, and Disney Infinity, the most popular characters will be snatched up while the less popular ones will sit on the shelves forever once the novelty wears off. I swear we've had the same Amiibo and Skylanders figures in the store I work for at least a year, if not more, no one ever touches them.

Compared to Infinity and Skylanders they're still making Amiibo. :P
6 timer siden (6 timer siden)DoboyDoboy Animated Chicks FTW
^_^ thumbs up.
6 timer sidenilasjailasja
Probably gonna end up the same as Amiibo, Skylanders, and Disney Infinity, the most popular characters will be snatched up while the less popular ones will sit on the shelves forever once the novelty wears off. I swear we've had the same Amiibo and Skylanders figures in the store I work for at least a year, if not more, no one ever touches them.
6 timer sidenNegaNega
tharglet (7 timer siden) #30902145Hm, I see from the internet, they have just been announced. Maybe by April they will turn up in the UK...
Atm, there just seems to be promo shots, so personally likely to hold off until reviews pop up or I see them in a store. Super interested in the Wipeout one, if it is any good.
If I were to PO one, it'd be somewhere where I could return the item, if unsatisfied. I could probably tell if I wanted to keep it without opening the box. Should imagine Think Geek will produce a good number, so less worried about shortage.
Wonder what the UK RRP will be... Looks like US RRP is $10, and USD equivalent of yours is $16. If UK gets a similar price I may get one or two, if more, gonna wait for clearance or skip them. Though with that price point, forwarding from the US may become viable, if they decide to gouge here.

Australia is $20. That's 16 USD so about 7 USD extra.

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