7 timer siden (7 timer siden)AkizaAkiza
I completely understand. Some Curio have a lot of wood verses glass. Hope you find something you like though what ever you get
7 timer sidenkorzinakorzina
I got it off Craigslist,
unsure of the brand. The shelves are adjustable~ yurirainbowz (7 timer siden) #30902129whats the middle cabinet?? and if you know whats the shelf height?
7 timer sidenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Nysaper! :)

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If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

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7 timer sidenyurirainbowzyurirainbowz
whats the middle cabinet?? and if you know whats the shelf height?
7 timer sidenbellechanbellechan
Great collection! And, wow, I haven't realized that aniplex one is so high! o.o
7 timer sidenButcherButcher ISTP
Lovely figure, really nice design and pose!
7 timer sidenmeketsumeketsu
Hey what's up man, I'm also a fellow anime figure collector and YouTuber so check me out if you have the time youtube.com/technotokyotheatre also quick question. How did you add the video to your about section of the porfile? Been trying to figure it out for hours.
7 timer sidenButcherButcher ISTP
So lovely :) want to sell me the gsc xD? (still trying ;-;)
7 timer sidenButcherButcher ISTP
Very cool room and picture!
7 timer sidenButcherButcher ISTP
That kirby took me longer to notice than it should have xD
7 timer sidenButcherButcher ISTP
This picture is so awesome, i wonder how did you make it look like that :thinking:
7 timer siden (7 timer siden)ButcherButcher ISTP
Very nice Boa figure and picture :)
7 timer siden (7 timer siden)StacycmcStacycmc
sarunamirabu (8 timer siden) #30902090Because GSC only has faith in Jiji to sell so they pick up doing 10 different versions of him to sell as mass-produced figures leaving most of the other characters in the dust lmfaoooo (granted don't get me wrong I am grateful that Kuri got a regular scale figure and a Nendoroid when other characters didn't but Jiji is literally the only one who got so many figure versions compared to every other character lol...though I also get that the Touken scales in general bargain-bin but then if that's an issue then why do they continue the line ahahsdfalsj). :|
I was really hoping that they'd continue the awakening scale line so that I could get this figure but sending emails can only do so much lol...it's extremely unlikely that they'd just jump from doing a Jiji awakening scale to a Kuri one even if the sculpt is conveniently there to pick up....I guess at least I can see it being....a real thing in reality now, even if I can't have it lol....

And by the 'awakening' version, you mean the ones with the more dynamic poses like this one (item #464625) versus the static? If you mean that one ...and yes it definitely kicks ass compared to it's other version....then we can only hope. I don't watch the show or play the game, so dont' care to collect them all. I just find Okuri fascinating....would be F'ing fantastic if they did continue the awakening line however, and they picked up this GK version to do for Okuri's dynamic scale...OMG that'd be awesome.

- This GK would TOTALLY fit in that line....his clothes are even tattered and cut up like the Mikazuki version or whatever (I don't know any of their names btw, so had to look at that ones' listing...no clue who Jiji is either unfortunately...lol, only know this guy (Okuri)).
8 timer sidenjashinsama1jashinsama1
Por cierto una pregunta;Alguien sabe como descombinar una orden Combinada en Amiami? No me sale la opción ,creo que sólo me resta enviar correo al staff de Amiami para hacerlo el dia que me mande el correo de pago.
8 timer siden (8 timer siden)jashinsama1jashinsama1
Yo tambien quiero comprarme una ya,pero cada que ahorro sale una preciosidad de una de mis series favoritas y termino gastando el dinero internetkid (1 måned siden) #29659493Creo que tendre que hacer los mismo. Aunque mandare a hacer una de aluminio.
8 timer sidenChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
ifob8 (18 timer siden) #30901778I feel I could know you for a UdeM reason

No idea what you mean..
8 timer sidenPanchitoMattePanchitoMatte
<3 Eriri so much
8 timer sidenCloud409Cloud409
Wow! I haven't seen One Piece since I was a kid. When did this show get so lewd? Not saying there's a problem with that, lol.

Great pic btw.

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