1 minutt sidenDuckHelmetDuckHelmet
Darkdman00 (17 timer siden) #24807173Not for sure if any are different, but the one I have is blue, if that helps. =3

Cool, thanks for the reply. :)
10 minutter sidenjzdavidjzdavid
Hainiryuun (3 dager siden) #24716496It's Phat and the first delay was 2 months. I'd be SHOCKED if there wasn't another delay.

well ...
10 minutter sidenKelseydelallaveKelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
I bought 4 plastic tubs filled them with my boxes and store them in the garage
12 minutter sidenohmygoditsjrodohmygoditsjrod
Ordered the Light Version since I'll get the full Amakuni one. Used $45 points on TOM. Brought her to $100 shipped and $30 points back.

Pretty happy with that. She ended up looking good.
15 minutter sidenUmaru-chanUmaru-chan
A few hours ago...
Pre-Ordered! ❤


My Aoba is waiting for her.

I am so happy that Sojiro comes with her.

15 minutter sidenMarihMarih
Deathbat (3 timer siden) #24822655
Eu não sei sobre os saquinhos, mas eu coloco em várias áreas, inclusive dentro do expositor, aqueles potes anti mofo que vendem no supermercado.
Eu moro num lugar com muita umidade e necessito deles onde fica a coleção (preciso troca-los todos mês).
Então imagino que esses saquinhos também sejam uma boa :3
21 minutter sidenDoboyDoboy Animated Chicks FTW
lumpyhead (7 timer siden) #24816511I ended up getting the rinko mousepad. Saw your comment on it just now and see you're not too happy about it. In person it's really coolNice! Yeah, it is neat for sure. I just can't see myself ever buying one with current price tag. I could potentially cave one day and buy one, but it would take one of my absolute favorite characters to get me there. lol. Congratz on yours though :) #Give_Oboro_a_chance
23 minutter siden (21 minutter siden)KazeNoBlastKazeNoBlast
AkibaMelon (9 timer siden) #24814997I certainly agree about the price surge within the hobby, but I'd also like to point out that - at least imho - figures have also improved in quality at the same time. There are obviously still enormous differences in quality among the different companies and one can argue if the price increases are worth it, but I do believe that there's generally a lot more quality and detail in a lot of figures released these days :)
Sure, I know the argument about quality improvement, probably true for some cases, but I'm not completely convinced. When I look at my 3-4 years (maybe more) old Alter's figures (Luke, Lloyd, Dizzy, first version of the Durarara trio...), I would not say the quality difference worth the nowadays prices. Take the second and the third release of Gwendolyn for example, price is 3000 yens highter but I don't see the differences to explain this.

There's many figures I would have preordered right away if price level was quite the same as 4 years ago, but now I just take a look at bargains and pick up the figures I would have preordered, like I just did for Leonardo (Yatta! =^D). Now I'll be more selective than ever to choose which figures I'll preorder full price. As far as I can, I will not give them reason to pursue this price increasing.
26 minutter sidenheather84heather84
Sending you a pm :) milkiato (1 måned siden) #23378294Selling him for $35, like new! Free shipping in the US.
sale #132412
26 minutter sidenheather84heather84
Sending you a pm. :) Aurora08 (1 måned siden) #23143117I updated his price= $25 only see sale for details
30 minutter sidenaurybqaurybq
Nice set up! Really liking the Haikyuu section.
30 minutter sidenJess-chanJess-chan
Hey there! Finally my Yuri nendo arrived! He's so cute in person and worth the wait :D
36 minutter sidenGokuGoku
Selling mine for $300 sealed, brand new in box. PM me!
42 minutter sidenAmorphousAmorphous
42 minutter siden (42 minutter siden)gpanthonygpanthony
BrenoSarkis (9 dager siden) #24455609I see. Thanks for the input.
The seller offered me the chance to return the figure if I wanted. Problem is, the bootlegs images are not clear enough for me to be able to judge without unboxing it. I believe the hair looks horrible on the fakes, but I can't see everything from inside the blister.
Tough call I guess. Paid a very high price for it.

Got a box without a sticker as well, but quality was too good to be a bootleg and was aware that UTC didn't have the stickers. Also, there was copyright info for Shueisha on the base, and from my past history with them, bootlegs tend to not have copyright info either on the figure or the base, unless that's changed over the past few years...
46 minutter sidenwilly156willy156
loved the battle net work games on the game boy advance when I was a kid, so this is definitely a must cop
46 minutter sidenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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Enjoy your stay! ^^
47 minutter sidenOnibankOnibank
hey, i hate to do this, but i got fired from my job two days ago, so i'm gonna have to cancel on buying those. I'm very sorry.

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