1 minutt sidenhoratiohoratio
Well-taken pic; very good setup.
2 minutter sidenborn_of_lilithborn_of_lilith
HatReady (16 timer siden) #22595157Can't wait for my Slan to come in!
Collection looks great :)

She looks and feels amazing in hand.
Conrad is a lil underwhelming, but Slan more than makes up for it.
4 minutter sidenhoratiohoratio
"Look guys, it's Tony the stoner dog."
4 minutter sidenhoratiohoratio
Best to just let sleeping dogs lie Umaru.
4 minutter sidenGowcaizerGowcaizer
I just picked her up today and she is great! So happy with this version. The red paint on the armor pops. she is very eye catching. Super happy to have her in my collection. A+ did a great job on these Walkure Romanze figures.
5 minutter sidenhoratiohoratio
AH HAHAHAHA!!! Bokuto just discovered the secret to Hinata's volleyball skills.
7 minutter sidenZerkWolfZerkWolf
Damn I really don't know if I want this one or not...
7 minutter sidenhoratiohoratio
Nice combo of Nendo parts and the colours are amazing.
8 minutter sidenhoratiohoratio
Dude, this is a really cute pic. But I gotta say, your dog Tony, he looks kinda stoned lolol.
11 minutter sidendarkfaderdarkfader
Congratulations and thank you! Omedetou to otsukaresama deshita!
11 minutter sidenHEEDLESSHEEDLESS Sebastian~♡
Sakarii (4 timer siden) #22614980tfw you realize you're such a weeb that this type of art doesn't appeal to you because it's not in anime style.
They do look real nice, though. Like something out Square Enix itself... only better.

12 minutter siden (12 minutter siden)horatiohoratio
I can't believe how darn good Aoba looks in Nipako's sailor fuku.
13 minutter sidenYankeeAllStarsYankeeAllStars
Lilie (3 timer siden) #22618515In your post many of your opinions were just inaccurate and wrong. I wanted to correct some of them, that was all. There's a difference between criticizing figma's with facts to just hating on them with your gut feeling opinions.
"No one cares if your little feelings were hurt because figmas have been criticized often lately by many people."
I WISH people were criticising figma's, but most of the time it's just ignorant hate on them with no good arguments.
For example i could say: "Figmas suck nowadays, because they have gotten too expensive and that one of figma's original charm was that they were reasonably priced."
This is a valid argument since one of the figma's original selling point was their low prices while still getting nicely articulated figure.
Then someone could make a counter-argument: "It's true that figma prices have gotten higher, but so have the prices of all other figure lines aswell. Here's a source for the price data".
And then the discussion would continue from that.

So you love figmas, I don't like figmas, end of story. Still not sure why you came in with hostility calling people's comments stupid. You're a pretty vile person to be honest.
14 minutter sidenhoratiohoratio
The blind date was going pretty well until Branwen accidentally mentioned "X-Men: The Last Stand"...
16 minutter sidencarbatoniccarbatonic
I'm so disappointed in this figure T-T

I was happy when it arrived, because the characters themselves are cute and very accurate to the manga cover. However, when I opened it, I discovered that the bike, while again sculpted nicely, is SUPER lightweight hollow plastic. I snapped a piece off just trying to put it on the stand, and I am careful with my stuff.

The figures have large grooves in their posteriors so you can insert the motorcycle seat into them, making them weird looking and useless separate from the motorcycle. So I wish MH had just attached them to the thing, because I can NOT get them situated on there properly. No matter what I do, ChiChi hovers off the seat, showing off her unnatural butt groove. And I can't try forcing her down for fear of breaking the cheap motorcycle.

I would actually consider putting them back in the box, but the box is mammoth. Ugh.
20 minutter sidenZerkWolfZerkWolf
Ugh... missed all preorders :'( Does anybody know any places where he is still available?
23 minutter siden (22 minutter siden)threeaw1threeaw1
Selling used Urd Terzetto ver. Trading Figure. $7.99 free ship US. PM for info.
item #5854

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/threeaw11498434788.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/threeaw11498434790.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/threeaw11498434792.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/threeaw11498434794.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/threeaw11498434796.jpeg
24 minutter sidenDiteDite
Selling an unopened 2011 release with all the lowest-tier goodies, including the trophy. $90 shipped in the US: sale #131050
24 minutter sidenthreeaw1threeaw1
Selling used $7.99 free ship US. PM me if interested.

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