Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
Ooshiba Kousuke
Ooshiba Kousuke
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大柴 康介




Maeno Tomoaki - Masuda Toshiki - Matsuoka Yoshitsugu - Tachibana Shinnosuke - Hitorijime My Hero - Hasekura Asaya - Ooshiba Kensuke - Ooshiba Kousuke - Setagawa Masahiro - Album - Character CD - Opening Theme - Hitorijime Song Collection (Avex Pictures)Maeno Tomoaki - Masuda Toshiki - Hitorijime My Hero - Ooshiba Kousuke - Setagawa Masahiro - Character Song - Single - 1 - Only My Hero, Only Your Place (Avex Pictures)

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After meeting Masahiro, Kousuke takes him in as his underling, or 'sidekick', and thus began to look after him and help him with his troubles. A few years later Masahiro and Kensuke, Kousuke's little brother, begin high school and Kousuke ends up being their homeroom math teacher.

Later on, Kousuke begins to see that Masahiro has feelings for him. Kousuke explains to Masahiro that he cannot return his feelings, leaving behind a shocked Masahiro.

When Kousuke sees that Masahiro is clearly trying to avoid him, Kousuke confronts him which ends up with the two of them kissing. And tells Masahiro to "Hurry up and find a girlfriend."

After their kiss, things are very strained between Kousuke and Masahiro as Masahiro begins to not only avoiding him and his friends, but also goes back to running errands for Toru's gang. Soon after discovering this, Kousuke pays a visit to Masahiro's apartment and confronts him about what he has been doing.

The confrontation has Kousuke reveal his feelings for Masahiro and explain why he rejected him, saying that he panicked, believing Masahiro wouldn't have accepted his feelings for him. When Toru's gang comes by to collect Masahiro, Kousuke defends Masahiro by fighting them.
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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