Setagawa MasahiroSetagawa Masahiro

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Setagawa Masahiro
Setagawa Masahiro
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勢多川 正広




Maeno Tomoaki - Masuda Toshiki - Matsuoka Yoshitsugu - Tachibana Shinnosuke - Hitorijime My Hero - Hasekura Asaya - Ooshiba Kensuke - Ooshiba Kousuke - Setagawa Masahiro - Album - Character CD - Opening Theme - Hitorijime Song Collection (Avex Pictures)Maeno Tomoaki - Masuda Toshiki - Hitorijime My Hero - Ooshiba Kousuke - Setagawa Masahiro - Character Song - Single - 1 - Only My Hero, Only Your Place (Avex Pictures)

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Masahiro is depicted as a helpless delinquent who runs errands for a small gang of thugs, as he has no one else to go to for help. However, one night he finds a helpless kitten (Sasa) along with his soon-to-be best friend Ooshiba Kensuke. Unknown to Masahiro at the time, his best friend's brother is the Bear Killer who has been taking down the local punks. Upon going to Kensuke's home to take care of the kitten, Kousuke Ohshiba a.k.a. the Bear Killer returns home and meets Masahiro. Masahiro comes to respect the Bear Killer, being given extra assistance from the teacher, and then asking Kousuke if he can be his side-kick which entails cooking, cleaning, and more. Kousuke travels away from home, and returns on Masahiro's first day of high school as the substitute math teacher allowing the two to reunite at a playground while he is being chased by the gang of thugs he was previously affiliated with. Masahiro is eventually asked to retrieve Kousuke a pack of cigarettes where the man realizes teens can't buy cigarettes and follows after him. At this time, he tells Masahiro that he looks at Kousuke with an expression of lust. Freaking out over this, he dwells on if he actually likes Kousuke. However, at this time Toru's gang finds him and he starts hanging with them again and avoiding his friends and Kousuke. While avoiding Kousuke, he eventually shows up at Masahiro's apartment to see what is wrong when Toru's gang shows up shortly after, and a fight ensues due to his status as the Bear Killer. The fight ends with Masahiro being hurt by Yabase, him leaving the gang officially, and confessing his love to Kousuke. Even with this conflict over, Masahiro and Kousuke begin dating which adds building stress for Masahiro who is afraid of getting Kousuke in trouble because the man is his teacher. When the stress becomes too much, he ends up breaking up with the man, only to realize he can't live without Kousuke by his side.
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