Hasekura Asaya
Hasekura Asaya
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支倉 麻也




Maeno Tomoaki - Masuda Toshiki - Matsuoka Yoshitsugu - Tachibana Shinnosuke - Hitorijime My Hero - Hasekura Asaya - Ooshiba Kensuke - Ooshiba Kousuke - Setagawa Masahiro - Album - Character CD - Opening Theme - Hitorijime Song Collection (Avex Pictures)Matsuoka Yoshitsugu - Tachibana Shinnosuke - Hitorijime My Hero - Hasekura Asaya - Ooshiba Kensuke - Character Song - Single - 2 - Not Only Friend, But Only Love (Avex Pictures)

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Asaya is rather aloof and indifferent towards others, as well as quiet and reserved except when he is talking to Ooshiba Kensuke, where Asaya shows a more kinder and happier side. As time passes, however, he learns to open up and becomes closer with the other characters.

He often gets irritated or jealous whenever Kensuke talks about Setagawa Masahiro, showing that he has a possessive display for Kensuke, though Asaya cares deeply for his feelings.

He hits a low point after letting his negative feelings pile up, acting carelessly and harshly which results in a misunderstanding that causes Kensuke to break up with him. During their short-lived break up, he acts cold, miserable, and refuses to socialize or take care of himself. When Kensuke realizes he loves Asaya too much to stay apart from him, the two of them talk and get back together, continuing forward with a much healthier, happier romantic and sexual relationship. This has a big impact on Asaya's character overall, making him seem more positive, friendly and willing to socialize. Setagawa describes both Kensuke and Asaya as blissful, seeming disturbed by how much both of them have changed and claiming they've been acting as if they've reached nirvana.
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